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~ Canterlot's Sparkling Jewel ~


Spring Cleanup

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 05 2007 · 101 views
As ye can see, I did a little 'cleaning' in my Blog. Thought the previous setup was a bit too busy. tongue.gif

All the pictures have something to do with this year's Arena Tour of BoA.


4 Years

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 02 2007 · 89 views
Rahaga Norik's head is mine, ya hear me? tongue.gif


Wait And See

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 01 2007 · 27 views
I finally watched B0A the LIVE -Ura BoA...Kikase Kei yesterday and it's one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

It was also different from any of the older concerts. Most of the songs had different instruments than their album and single counterparts.
Like the song Soundscape, which was originally an RnB-styled song. For the concert, the song was turned into a beautiful and subtle ballad.
Over -Across the Time- was changed into a short interlude, which was a shame.
At first I didn't recognise the songs Listen to My Heart and Valenti. That's how deep the melodic changes went. They sounded great though.
Do the Motion was still great, it was even more jazzy than the original.
Make a Secret was just cute and had an extended bridge.
One of my favourites was Moon & Sunrise, which BoA sang slowly and she was accompanied by nothing more than a piano. Beautiful and pure.
Winter Love was amazing and emotional. One of the highlights.
BoA also sang a cover of the song Ain't no Sunshine and she sang it like it was the end of the world. Gorgeous.

All the other songs were great too.

I'll recommend this concert to anyone who is interested. Heck, I'll recommend it to anyone. B0A the LIVE is a must-see.


Well, the mp3 and music video of BoA's new single Sweet Impact can be found online. It's a very cute and refreshing song. The music video is great as well. biggrin.gif


I have an idea for a new MOC. I'll name it Sara and it's going to be a white Rahi. wub.gif
Anyone care to guess where I got the name and idea from? tongue.gif I might enter it in the BBC contest.


Too bad COT is unavailable right now. I felt like posting around over there. :/ Oh well..... We'll see what happens tomorrow.

ID; Peace B out,


IPB Image

Until we see each other again, my love... ^^


Embracing The Sunshine

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 28 2007 · 11 views
Didn't go to work today, took some time to go to take a stroll along the seashore and hike along one of the local docking peers. You know, to clear my mind of negative and traumatic stuff. And it worked, kinda. I always find it relaxing to take a walk along the shore. The sound of the waves breaking onto the beach... The seagulls who are looking for food (and who try to s-bomb you on occasion)...

It's also one of the best looking places in my hometown. We get a view of 3 out of the 5 islands which are lined up in the northern part of the Netherlands. Been to two of them in times long forgotten.

I took some pics while sitting on the peer, looking out over the sea. I had forgotten how beautiful everything looked, since the last time I was there during daytime was a couple of years ago.

I should do that more often and see if I can meditate the next time I'm there.

I wonder what was on board that ship...
The Sea....with a ship.
The dike that hopefully protects my hometown for possible springtides.
Reflection of the Sun on the water.
The Sun itself.
Our 'beach' with an old monument.

[Seasons come and seasons go...]

It seems that IXI won't return to BZP, since he discovered a site that's dedicated to the upcoming game Infinity. You and your witty comments will be missed around here man...
I guess he won't be writing any .Space stories anymore... *sigh*

[...But our Love will last forever.]

I'm pretty far with Knights of the Old Republic II. I'm back on Telos - Citadel Station. I love the plot twists in the later part of the game. When I saw them, I was like "whoa frack..." It's so awesome.

I like games with good stories...

That reminds me, I gotta get my hands on the PC versions of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. Completed the demo of the latter, which was awesome. The attacks looked shmooth.

IPB Image

I've seen a lot of good times with you, it feels so right...


Velvet Revolver & Hinder To Attend Fields Of Rock.

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 22 2007 · 47 views
It was announced today that Velvet Revolver and Hinder will be playing on Fields of Rock this year.

Hinder will perform on Saturday (my day) and Velver Revolver will be performing on Sunday.

So wheeeee...excl.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Music Downloads Are Back.

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 20 2007 · 50 views
That's right, the music downloads are back! you can find them on the right. biggrin.gif


Jumping The Rocket.

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 18 2007 · 16 views
I feel like crud right now. Throat hurts a lot and other stuff. I think I'll go to bed when I finish up this entry.


Went to see IXI/The Driver today for the first time in a month-ish. We had a bunch of fun. He showed me the prototype version of the game Infinity and it looks awesome. He then showed me the C&C3 demo. Grace Park looked goood in it. rolleyes.gif

We then played us some Burnout Revenge. Wherever we drove, there were explosions. 't Was fun. And last, but not least, we played some Slayer in Halo 2. I never had that much fun with a rocker launcher in my life before....

And IX also got me back into Need for Speed: High Stakes. I forgot how much fun it was. Hopefully IXI and I can square off online some time.


It appears my BBC entry isn't doing all too great either. 7th in its poll, I believe. (Poll C) So vote vote vote! biggrin.gif Its name is Scorpio.

Or not, it's your choice basically. happy.gif


The ablum Secret and the DVD BoA the Live have arrived. Secret is an awesome album by Ayumi Hamasaki. When you have the chance, go and listen to it. I haven't had the time or the energy to watch BoA the Live yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Will rant about it later. biggrin.gif


I'll bring the downloads section back up soon. I just need to upload some stuff first tomorrow.


The BoA fanclub goods should arrive in the next few weeks/months. According to the benefits page on the website, it could be the following things:

- Fanclub membership ID card.
- Fanclub magazine.
- Invitation for the fanclub opening party with BoA. (Too bad I don't have enough money for transport to South Korea. wink.gif)
- More special goods.


Fields of Rock: Slayer, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Buckcherry and Aiden will perform on Fields of Rock. Aiden, Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies on Saturday and Megadeth and Buckcherry on Sunday.

I hoped for Slayer on Sunday and Megadeth on Saturday, since I've already seen Slayer in concert. wink.gif


Recently, I wrote my sixth letter to BoA. I'm not certain if or when I will post it. We'll see.


IPB Image

Everyday, every night. Baby, love is in my heart. I'm waiting for you...


My First Topic...

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 14 2007 · 35 views
lookaround.gif Heh, this link...


Between Words And Silence

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 13 2007 · 34 views
Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi thinks of BoA as a really cute hoobae.

"Even when she was little, she was the best in music. Since her debut, she would study Japanese. I know this because I knew her then. When we're talking on the phone, she would be polite."

"Since her debut, she would travel between Japan and Korea. I always thought 'that BoA is an amazing kid.' That little kid traveled by plane alone and trained sometimes until she got sick because she was so tired. Now, her Japanese is perfect and she's #1 on the charts. And some more stuff."

-Jiyoon (He's G-Dragon from the boy-group called "Big Bang")
When Jiyoon and BoA were both around 13 or 14, he had a small crush on BoA...cuuuutttee!! 8-)
"I've joined several people's fan cafes. I did it sometimes because I was curious, and other times because I was a fan. In the past I've joined Boa's and Ivy's fan cafes. I joined Ivy's fan cafe because I was a fan from the first performance of hers I saw and I wanted to see her pictures. But because I couldn't pay the dues I had to withdraw. It is the same with BoA"

-Edison Chen
"BoA was very beautiful and charming. When I first met her, I was surprised that she was fluent in three languages. If I have the opportunity, I would like to co-star in a movie with her."

-Mark Feehily of Westlife (Westlife sang the song "Flying Without Wings" with BoA)
"Oh! BoA! I remember her as a very charismatic and brilliant singer. After our collaboration, I heard that she became Asia's finest singer. Back then, we collaborated very enjoyably."

-Kian Egan of Westlife[/b]
"Although we met her for a short while in London, she was a friend of many talents: singing, dancing, and speaking English. If we met again, wouldn't she, presenting herself in a slim figure, count the wrinkles on our face?"

-TAKU of M-Flo
"I was amazed at your concentration. No matter how tired you were, you felt it in your body a duty to make each performance enjoyable because you understood extremely well that that moment was the moment of success or failure and because you loved that rush of feeling. I think that that is your gift."

-Verbal of M-Flo
"I was very happy that you participated in our album. You let us collaborate in an extremely nice place. Because you are a person who is respected by others, please continue to inspire dreams and bring happiness to people."

"BoA has a sharp sense and a strong personality. She's actually an ordinary girl when you meet her on a non-business matter. However, the moment she begins working, her concentration is very impressive. When I see that kind of concentration, I realize she's a true professional."

"When I see her singing live and dancing at the same time at such a young age, I realize she's extremely talented. Honestly, I get a thrill from watching her."

-Sung Hyun Ah
"A little while ago, when I was on the same show program with BoA, I became very surprised when I saw her perform right in front of me. I was surprised because of the immense energy that came out of such a small physique."

-Jang Geun Suk
"As a brother, I watched over Joanne and Haneul because they were younger than me. Contrarily, I received a lot of help from BoA as we worked together. Although she was only one year older than me, she was very professional and mature."

-Jang Nara
"I watched her since I was little. Although we practiced together since BoA was thirteen... I think I was jealous. BoA stood out from the rest because she was a bit abnormal in doing well under stress (BoA says, "Me?") and always tried so hard to be the best when someone was only a little bit beter than her. I was sometimes spiteful... BoA, I love seeing you do your best... Although you are the best right now, I hope that you'll become even more more more greater."

-Shim Jae Won of Black Beat
"I saw BoA for the very first time when a Japanese dancer named Kazu came to teach an extremely difficult choreogrpahy, which required technique and a sense of rhythm. I wondered how that small child was going to learn this. Although I doubted her in the beginning, right after practice ended, I thought, "Where the heck from a small physique come such power, in addition to the brilliant sense of rhythm, the ability to register dance moves, and her inner four-beat rhythm?" She was hiding all these talents. Also, BoA had a solo dance in the song ID:Peace B. That part was painfully hard. I taught her by showing each step like one-two-three-four... and she soaked all of it. As I thought, "Hmm... Look at that... She dances pretty well..." she went right in front of the mirror and practiced day and night until the right feeling came. I was moved by that effort. I was also surprised..."

-Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa
"I'm going to keep BoA as my adopted child. Even in my cellphone, she is registed as my daughter. She is a friend who has had a hard past... and I'm glad everything is working out for her. I think that BoA's goals and her greediness in trying to accomplish many things were what got her up to where she is right now."

-Brian of Fly to the Sky
"Before debut or now, not only that she works hard, but the fact that she works until the end to achieve what she wants... because of that... I also become strengthened."

-Park Mi Kyung
"It is extremely impressive how such charisma and eye spark can come from the stage."

"I had an extreme case of stage fright. During my first album activities, I didn't have any confidence and couldn't even stand on the stage. It was then when a young girl named BoA told me, "A song that is sung without confidence can never be felt by the audience." After that, I began to find confidence little by little. Normally, when you see a singer, you think, "If I try hard enough, I can become like them..." But I feel like no matter how hard I try, I can never catch up to BoA. She is a friend of impressive talent. It must be hard to express such charisma and dance at a young age, but she is very exceptional. The fact that such great talent can come from one person is to be respected."

-Yoo Hee Yul
"I don't say this because she’s succeeded in Japan or because of anything else, but because she really does sing well. The many composers and producers I know who have collaborated with her all praise her after working with her. No matter what type of song it is, if Boa sings it the song becomes alive and lights up."

-Mondo Grosso
"BoA sings well, and because she has a pure image unlike other Japanese singers I wanted to collaborate with her. I met her for the first time when we worked together. She was a type who was both very intelligent and passionate. The request for a remix came from her side first, but I too wanted to make one more and more as I listened to her English songs. Her voice has a quality that makes it different from anyone else’s."

-boasesang (for the original Korean quotes)
-Soompi (for the translations)
-BoAjjang (for posting the topic)

As you can see, other artists think very highly of BoA and I don't blame them. She is a great entertainer. All the more reason to love her. happy.gif


Finally, an update from the official BoA fanclub "Jumping BoA". It seems they'll be shipping out the fanclub merchandise very soon. It's about time, since most of the members applied in April and May last year. I don't know what the goods are exactly, but I'm sure they'll be intersting.


As you all might know, I've entered BBC #41. You can view my entry here. It's my most complicated MOC to date, so be sure to leave a reply. wink.gif


So it seems the Arrow Rock Festival won't be happening for me and my mother, since we both need a new bike. And I think I have one in my sights.... Just need to wait for my money to roll in at the end of the month.
(Codename: The Driver)


And the second part of this week and/or the entirety of next week will mark the arrival of the first of my last 2 orders for a while.

It'll the arrival of the album Secret and the DVD B0A the LIVE. Me ish excited. biggrin.gif

Well, I guess that concludes today's entry.

Take care of yourself and each other. smile.gif

IPB Image

~Baby, will you dance, take a chance?~


A Matter Of Personal Preference

Posted by Angel Beat , Mar 05 2007 · 18 views
At 12 pm, the big air raid alarm siren pole thing went off. Scared the living crud out of me, even though it was just the monthly test. Thing is, the darned thing is standing right next to our house, so everytime it goes off, it scares our cat so much, she gets under one of the sofas.

I feel bad for the little witty kitty.


I have to leave for work in 20-ish minutes (at the time of writing). Gotta start on my cottage bench. Funky little thing, I think I'll buy it for myself. Could use one right about now.


So, my mother found out about my sword. Good for her. And me. happy.gif She was absolutely fine with me having one, which was weird, since she absolutely hates weapons in the house. Although I believe she's fine with it because the sword isn't sharpened. I don't think the sword can hold an edge really well anyway.


Okay guys, quit with the 'nuff said stuff. tongue.gif A couple of times is fun, but it gets kinda annoying when you start to see it in a lot of posts. wink.gif Same thing with people typing in a very bright colour. It kinda gets hard on the eyes, especially if that post happens to have some useful (or useless, depends on how you look at it) information.


Guess what? Without a Voice by HeavensDust is out and it's already on its way to my home. It should arrive in a couple of days. biggrin.gif I already know some songs off the album, and they're all awesome.

That reminds me, should I bring back the Downloads? Would like an answer for this one.


There's a big rumour that Megadeth will join the other bands on Fields of Rock. If they do, I can only hope they'll perform on Saturday. And Motörhead is performing on Sunday instead of Saturday, which is lame. :/

Another event in June is the Arrow Rock festival, which I'll be attending with my mother. As the name might suggest, there'll be a lot of older rock bands performing on ARF.

The confirmed names are Aerosmith, Scorpions, INXS, Toto, Thin Lizzy, Europe, Steve Vai and Outlaws. I have a feeling it's going to be fun. colgate.gif


Next time I'll be posting what other artists think of BoA.

IPB Image

You are my everything....My love...


Out Of The Blue

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 28 2007 · 25 views
It's been a while since I had a real blog entry. Where to start...

At the beginning, I guess...


The last ten days were pretty good music wise. Bought some albums and got one in the mail. I also ordered some more stuffs. colgate.gif

Bought & received:

A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars.
Odyssey by Delerium.
Made in Twenty (CD + DVD) (Overseas Version with post cards) by BoA.

Ordered items:

Scream (Single + DVD) (Hong Kong Version) by Glay & Exile.
Sweet Impact (Single + DVD) (Japanese Version) by BoA.
Complete Clips 2004-2006 (DVD) (Japanese Version) by BoA.
Secret (Album) (Korean Version) by Ayumi Hamasaki.
B0A the LIVE - Ura BoA Kikase Kei (Japanese Version) by.....BoA.

It seems Without a Voice, HeavensDust's new album, will be out in a couple of weeks. Couldn't ask for a better timing. tongue.gif

HeavensDust also has a new member, Kazuha "Kazha" Oda, who does the female lead vocals on Without a Voice. Before joining HeavensDust, Kazha already released some J-Pop singles of her own.

Good luck in finding them though. wink.gif


Hmm, I could use some replies in a new arty topic of mine over in COT... I spent 3 hours working on the thing.


Not much stuff has happened in life... Except for an emotional breakdown a couple of weeks ago, but I'm almost over it.


Some recommended songs I recently (re)discovered:

The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars.
ResuRection by PPK.
Space Melody by PPK.
Dakishimete by Kazuha Oda.
The Hunted by Kodo.
Pictureframes by A Fallacy. [You'll find it under Linkin Park.]
4 Just 1 Day bi Kai Tracid.

Look 'em up, you won't be disappointed. tongue.gif

IPB Image

Feelin', feelin' the sound of love...


Three Little Gifs...

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 26 2007 · 40 views
Three gifs have been added. Can you see them? tongue.gif

And can you guess which one was made by me? wink.gif


Fields Of Rock, Third Part.

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 22 2007 · 60 views
8 more names have been confirmed for Fields of Rock. They are:

- Dream Theater
- Machine Head
- Heaven and [heck]
- Ill Niño
- Delain
- Devildriver
- Type O Negative
- Dragonforce

Others will be confirmed soon.

Also, here is a list of who's playing on which day.

Saturday, June 16.

- HEAVEN & [heck]

Sunday, June 17.


My friend got tickets for Saturday, because he knows I like Iron Maiden. colgate.gif


~ Ma Cherie ~

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 18 2007 · 31 views
*gasp* I'm unable to watch my DVDs for at least a couple of weeks. ohmy.gif Sent my Region free DVD player away for some repairs.
I miss it already. sad.gif *sits in a corner and crys*


I wanted to create some extra .gifs for my sidebar, but Windows Movie Maker decided to crash on me agayn. It's making me feel....ugh. Will have to find another program.

The .mpg problem I had a while ago seems to have solved itself. But now I can't see some .avi videos. Annoying... Contacted the company who built my pc for some software updates and I still have yet to receive word from them.


I reordered Made in Twenty a while ago and it got sent to me 2 weeks ago. I still have yet to receive it. It's a limited edition with post cards, which might be signed by BoA.

Things are going so slow these days...

Also, I ordered Ayumi Hamasaki's album Secret, which is a cool album. It'll be sent to me next month, together with the DVD of BoA the Live.



Random fact: Did you know that BoA is shy in nature?


You guys know what I did for Valentines Day? (I guess you do. tongue.gif)

Yup, I wrote a new letter to my sweet BoA. happy.gif

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

Signing off,

Valenti Stryker: Grammaton Toa.

You are the Key to my Heart...



Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 15 2007 · 38 views
Let's see, there are different kinds of music videos. Cool ones, cute ones, trashy ones, pointless ones...

And of course the kind of clips where people (nearly) die in the music videos.

I'll list some Korean music videos soon which have "casualties", along with (hopefully) an explanation.

Don't ask me why I'm posting them though... I don't know it myself. Might have something to do with my fascination for these kinds of music videos. tongue.gif

I don't know many though...

Lee Soo Young - Never Again
Today - When My Eyes Open
TRAX - First Rain/Cold Rain
BoA - Key of Heart (Korean Version)
Jang Ri In & Xiah Junsu - Timeless
Fin.K.L - You Wouldn't Know
Fin.K.L - Youngwon (Forever)

Never Again: It's hard to explain this one... Just watch it. tongue.gif

When My Eyes Open: A man's young daughter takes a lot of pills, nearly killing herself. The man hears that the only way to save her is some sort of transplant. So they undergo the procedure and the father doesn't survive, but his daughter does.

First Rain: Three friends get involved in a clash between the mafia and a street gang, I believe. None of them survive.

Key of Heart: BoA plays a successful singer who has a secret admirer (DongHae), but she doesn't recognise him as her old boyfriend. DongHae had a near-fatal accident in the past so his entire skin had to be replaced. He saves her from a falling stage light. Boa then notices a pendant DongHae had with him on his camera. She then recognizes him and she wants to go to him, but she gets stopped by her bodyguards.

Timeless: This one is hard to explain as well. Just watch it if you can find it. smile.gif There are 2 music videos for this song.

You Wouldn't Know: All members of Fin.K.L each play a part in a different movie. One of the movies is the thriller Shiri. Those who watched Shiri know what happens in the end. wink.gif

Youngwon: The Fin.K.L members all play people with some kind of deficiency. One is very ill, one lost a finger during a boxing match, the third one....I don't remember and the last one is an alcoholic. One of them commits suicide in the end.

All of them are some of many favourite music videos of mine.


After some random looking around, I stumbled on a lot of new BoA pictures. It turns out they're all from BoA's latest Olympus (digital camera brand) photoshoot.

Needless to say, they look amazing. One of them is my sig right now. biggrin.gif

IPB Image

Our love will last forever~

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---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


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