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No Wacken, Yes Graspop

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 10 2007 · 78 views
I won't be going to Wacken Open Air in October. The costs of traveling there exceeds the price of the concert/camping ticket.

So we'll go to Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium instead, which will be held a week after Fields of Rock.

GMM's lineup is great too. Will post that later.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

As of last Wednesday, BoA has her own weblog. All of her entries are in Japanese though... Will post the translations when I'll find them. The pictures she took are cute. ^^

[----- ----- ----- -----]

It seems X Japan will come out with a new single after all. I'll be waiting for it.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I'll have a better rant up later. ^^;


Obsession? Nah.

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 04 2007 · 159 views
Oh, for the love of..

Ugh, so frustrationing....

Yes, I'm talking about some recent posts about me being obsessed or something. Let me make this very clear... I am not obsessed with BoA. I hate it when people assume I am obsessed because they don't know the whole story about why I love her.

I know my limits and boundaries and I don't plan to cross them.


Just....get off my back about it, okay?


We Are X!

Posted by Angel Beat , May 31 2007 · 143 views
Well, it seems that a new revolution is coming in December.

A couple of months ago, the following was posted on one of Yoshiki's sites.

Possible reunion of X-Japan

According to Toshi's official site, the manager from X-Japan approached him and they talked about a possible reunion. He appears to be in contact with Yoshiki and would agree to join them (previous plans always shattered, because Toshi had no interest). While there are no plans for an album or new music, there might be a valid chance for a short reunion tour. This would be a once in the lifetime chance to see X-Japan one again perform live for the fans. However, there's no official statement from Yoshiki out there, yet.

In March, Toshi and Yoshiki met for the first time in years. They worked on a song for their friend hide, who passed away nine years ago.

Toshi talks about meeting Yoshiki

Toshi posted a message on his [...] account, saying that he met up with an old friend (Yoshiki) in march. They worked together on the song which Yoshiki wrote after hide passed away. You can read the wonderful message here.

(Alternate link.)

And very recently, the following was posted on Yoshiki's site.

X Japan reformation in December 2007

Toshi stated that the reformation of X Japan is scheduled to happen in December 2007.

That's right, it seems that X JAPAN will be back! biggrin.gif



Posted by Angel Beat , May 30 2007 · 95 views
I eagerly await the first appearance of the new Japanese supergroup Skin.

Skin consists of 4 members and most if not all of them are already familiar to me.

The members:


All of them have played in bands before. Gackt is from Malice Mizer, Miyavi is from Dué le Quartz, Sugizo is from Luna Sea and Yoshiki is from X Japan.

Oh, the ownage.... Check this Wikipedia entry for more info.

I can't wait. biggrin.gif


Of Big Rings, Tracks, Parks And Angels...

Posted by Angel Beat , May 24 2007 · 51 views
I want to write a new letter, but I kind of have a writer's block... Sucks to have it.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I was thinking.... Maybe I should give up MOCing for contests. At least for a while. I never seem to come up with anything good for the contests. õ.ô The ideas are good in my opinion, but it never works out as I plan.

I know which pieces I have in my possession and how many I have of most of them. But it never works out. I guess I'll quit MOCing for contests for the time being.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

Well, you guys know I like the Taiwanese metal band Seraphim. They'll give a concert in the Netherlands on the 12th day of October. I'll be going there with my mother and a friend for my birthday. biggrin.gif Concert tickets are only €10 a piece, so that's good. happy.gif

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I need some new headphones for my mp3 player, since my current ones are busted. I guess I'll have to wait until next week until I can actually buy some. Until then, I'll have to use my other mp3 player which is built into my mobile phone.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I completed Halo on easy. I loved the last part of the last level. Actually, I loved the entire game. Just too bad for some framerate problems in certain areas.

Now to find the Custom Edition....

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I am so darned sick and tired of my internet connection. It randomly goes offline at the most inconvenient times. Most of the time when I'm replying to topics or when I'm playing some game online. It's so frustrating...

I guess I'll call my provider tomorrow.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

Some old and new music recommendations:

- The Seventh Sense
- The TRAX
- Seraphim
- Nick Black
- StoneWater
- Tuu
- Son Kite
- Celldweller
- Klayton

[----- ----- ----- -----]

You know, the new Linkin Park strongly reminds me of the newer work by Korean rock band TRAX. TRAX went from a LP-ish sound to their own sound, which was great. And now Linkin Park does the same.

Who's aping who? tongue.gif

IPB Image

You can take my breath away, come here with me...


Gone With The Music~

Posted by Angel Beat , May 23 2007 · 75 views
I might be gone for a few days in the beginning of August, because, if all goes well, I will go to Wacken Open Air in Germany with a friend.

Wacken Open Air is a multi-day metal fest with a lot of bands showing up this year.

The confirmed bands are:

All That Remains
Animal Alpha
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
As I Lay Dying
The Black Dahlia Murder
Black Majesty
Blind Guardian
Bullet for My Valentine
Cannibal Corpse
Dimmu Borgir
Electric Eel Shock
Grave Digger
Heaven Shall Burn
Iced Earth
In Flames
Lacuna Coil
Letzte Instanz
Mambo Kurt
Municipal Waste
Napalm Death
Rose Tattoo
Sacred Reich
Sonic Syndicate
Subway to Sally
Swallow the Sun
The Vision Bleak

The ones in bold are the bands I can't wait to see.

Lordi might make an appearance as well. The list may be updated soon.

[---- ----- ----- -----]

The DragonForce album Inhuman Rampage has arrived. It's a very cool album.


BoA's single Rock With You/Double and the Malice Mizer Merveilles pendant are on their way.


Df, Bk, Appleseed And Other Conveniences.

Posted by Angel Beat , May 21 2007 · 79 views
I won! I won! I won!

Heh, I participated in a little contest on the Fields of Rock website. I had to answer a question about DragonForce and if I answered correctly, I could win one of 5 copies of DragonFoce's album Inhuman Rampage. And I won. biggrin.gif I'm pretty excited now.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

It has arrived. BoA Complete Clips 2004-2006 is finally here. 13 music videos.... dribble.gif The cover art is simple. Black background with pink lettering, which reminds me of the white/pink colour scheme of the Best of Soul DVD. And on the bottom part of the cover are tiny pictures of the covers of the singles that are featured on the DVD.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

I finally watched Appleseed (2004) today. Man, it's such an awesome movie. The animations and effects were awesome, the story was good and I liked the music.

Eight outta Ten.

[----- ----- ----- -----]

And now for something else... Still positive, don't worry. wink.gif

It seems that July 24 marks the release of 2 concert DVDs by X JAPAN. I guess I'll save up for them. They are called Aoi Yoru Complete Edition and Shiroi Yoru Complete Edition. There will also be a box with both concerts, which is more expensive, but also contains 2 bonus DVDs.

Shiroi Yoru was filmed on the 31st of December, 1994 and Aoi Yoru was filmed a day earlier, it seems.

I love this band.... @_@

[----- ----- ----- -----]

Oh, and did I mention BoA received an award a couple of days ago? biggrin.gif The Hallyu Award is a special award given to Koreans who are active and successful in other countries. BoA more than deserves it. happy.gif

[----- ----- ----- -----]

The pendant with necklace I ordered will be shipped out soon. I don't know when the single I ordered will be shipped out. It's already a week behind schedule.

IPB Image

~You are my Sunshine...~


Of Changes And Rays.

Posted by Angel Beat , May 17 2007 · 65 views
As you can see, I've changed the title and subtitle of my Blog.

The title is basically a mix of two of my interests.

"Conversations from the..." hails from Halo 2. More specifically, it's derived from the title of a bonus booklet from the limited edition of Halo 2. The booklet is titled Conversations from the Universe.

"Galaxy" is a part of the title from one of BoA's newer songs. The title is Lady Galaxy and is featured on the album Made in Twenty (20).

The subtitle is a mix between the previous first line in my sig, which announced the release date of BoA's latest single, Sweet Impact and a song by BoA called Revolution-Code 1986-1105.

The 1986-1105 code is BoA's birthyear, followed by the month and date pasted to each other. The 1009 is my birthdate. wink.gif [Double revolution.]

[----- ----- ----- -----]

My signature on the other hand, has received some different changes. It now bears the new title of my Blog, followed by a banner and link of and to my BBC #43 Entry: The Polar Ray.

The new quote in my sig is a great line from the intro movie of the 2003 video game Freelancer. It's from the founder of a secret faction, called the Order, in the game and it's about what happened to the Sol system after five "Sleeper Ships" left for the Sirius sector after a hundred years of war between two human factions.

[Play the game, it's awesome. biggrin.gif]

Also, I took out the dots from the numbered links.


Letters Of The Universe & Other Miscommunications.

Posted by Angel Beat , May 14 2007 · 72 views
About the title.....don't ask. wink.gif

So....yeah. One of my orders got split up, so it was shipped in 2 parts. Bummer. <.<

The first part has arrived, though. It consists of the singles Scream and Sweet Impact, both of which are sweet. The other part is the Complete Clips 2004-2006 DVD, which got shipped out today.

ETA: Sometime next week.

Also, the order got shipped in 2 parts, because of something that was out of my and YesAsia's control. Fomr the email:

With reference to your email dated 9 May, 2007, we want to kindly inform you that we found that the stock for the item "BoA Complete Clips 2004-2006 (Japan Version)" was damaged when we receive from our supplier. So we are unable to ship this item to you. Now, we are sourcing the new copy from our supplier.

Well, not everything can be perfect.

Other orders are a Malice Mizer "Merveilles" pendant (from CD Japan) and the single Rock With You by BoA (from Play Asia). Both orders are expected to ship out this week.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

[EDIT] I removed the letters.. [/EDIT]

~You're so amazing...~



Posted by Angel Beat , May 11 2007 · 82 views
Hey there, it seems my Blog is back in action! biggrin.gif


Death Threat.... I'm Worried.

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 30 2007 · 137 views
Grr.... I fracking HATE my uncle!

Yeah, he's out of the hospital and back in town and he knows I'm onto him about him stealing my money. So he paid me a visit. Started to threaten me that he'd kill me if I'd accuse him and his friend of stealing money again. burnmad.gif Thing is, I never accused his friend, Jan. (Jan used to help me with computer problems.)

My uncle is one of those agressive persons. One of the 'hit first, ask questions later' kind of people.

And if he threatens someone, he is serious, even (or especially) when he's drunk. He's physically also very strong, probably can kill a guy in one hit.

I'm very worried right now...



Dix Infernal

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 28 2007 · 79 views
I've removed my beard. I feel so naked without it. 'tis a good feeling though.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about.

I've been on a little ordering spree, although it wasn't my intention to do it. I'm such a lamer sometimes.

Over at Play Asia, I've ordered BoA's Japanese single Rock With You. That song is so addicting. I believe it also has the English version of the great song Double, which is very hard to find when I want to download it. Which means I can never find it for download, since I'm looking for it all the time.

Over at the Dutch site Live Gamer, I ordered the PC version of Halo. Haven't really played it before. I tried the demo and it works fairly smooth on medium settings, I believe. We'll see when it's here.

On YesAsia on the other hand, I'm still waiting for Sweet Impact, Complete Clips '04-'06 and Scream to be shipped out. It's probably a very busy time right now, because it should've been shipped out last Wednesday.

----- ----- ----- -----

The weather is sick these days. The temperatures aren't normal. Normal temperatures are 14-16 degrees Celsius for April in the Netherlands. For the last weeks, we've had temperatures of over 25 degrees.

Thank you, global warming, for giving me heat rash on my forearms. (My skin seems to be a bit allergic to very warm weather, so I'm always in the shade.)

----- ----- ----- -----

Hmm, there was something else I wanted to say, but what....

Oh, I remember.

Both of my Paint Shop Pro programs (X and Photo XI) have crashed big time. that means I gotta uninstall and reinstall one of them.

Think I'll reinstall X.

IPB Image

~Wo ai ni/Je t'aime/Ti amo/Saranghae/Aishiteru/I love you...~


The Little Things In Life...

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 23 2007 · 57 views
Ayaya, the taste buds on my tongue feel numb. Just had a hot cup of curry soup, which nearly made those buds explode. Now I can't taste my hot chocolate. sad.gif

Not all was bad, fortunately.

My weekend started off pretty good. About an hour or two after I posted my last entry, the other package (which I mentioned would arrive this week) arrived. So yay for me.

I already had the Love & Honesty album, but I bought a different version because of the DVD that was included. The DVD contains the music videos to the songs Shine We Are!, Rock With You and No. 1. It also contains a making of Rock With You clip, 7 commercials, ranging from energy drinks to Honda cars and last but not least, an interview with BoA.

I still have to watch the interview.

The rest of the package are the Initial D cap, which is cool and the Taegukgi movie poster/calendar.
The poster side is amazing.

Saw my best friend Isaak (The Driver here on BZP) yesterday again. We played some Halo 2 and some Burnout Revenge. A lot of fun and laughter. tongue.gif 't Seems my Halo 2 and Burnout Revenge skills have improved, since I was able to exact my revenge multiple times in both games.

Now to wait until the "Jumping BoA" official fanclub goods get shipped out. One of the goods might be a limited edition CD...

IPB Image



Arrivals And Fields Of Rock Update

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 20 2007 · 73 views
Yesterday marked the arrival of 2 new 'things' I ordered. And they're amazingly cool.

First I listened to the Everlasting single, which is still amazing. It has 3 versions of Everlasting and 2 versions of the song Soundscape.


M1. Everlasting
M2. Soundscape
M3. Everlasting Classical Version
M4. Everlasting TV Mix
M5. Soundscape TV Mix

Amazing, ne?

As for Merveilles l'espace, it's a completely different story.

It's just so awesome. The setting, the music, the short acts between the performances... Coolness.
It also features one of the best performances by the singer Gackt ever. For the song Le ciel he had big black wings on his back and he literally came down from the sky. He landed on his knees and sang.

And when he 'died' near the end.... 't Was touching. I even felt sorry for the man.

It was so cool....Although not suited for everyone. xD The concert, I mean. What with the electrocution and all.

And that brings the amount of Asian music DVDs in my collection to five.

----- -----

Next week should mark the arrival of the limited edition version of BoA's 3rd Japanese album Love & Honesty, an Initial D movie cap and a Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War calendar.

I am unable to wait.

----- -----

In other news, according to their site, Kamelot will be playing on Saturday on Fields of Rock. Which is amazingly awesome, since Kamelot is a great band.


Sixth Letter And Other Musical Musings.

Posted by Angel Beat , Apr 18 2007 · 78 views
Decided to post my sixth letter. smile.gif I know it took me almost a month, but I had my reasons. tongue.gif Letter 7 has been sent as well.

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

----- -----

A couple of weeks ago, something interesting could be read on my (...) page. A comment by the singer of the Spanish metal band Yosemite Sam Band. It went like this:

How are you Valenti?

I like very much your new profile. Have a great week.

Kisses from Spain

I nearly dropped out of my chair laughing, since they thought I was the lady (BoA) in my screen picture.

And I explained it. Ish.

Hay thar.

St. Pat's day was pretty relaxed as usual for me. How was it for you guys?

Thanks. ^^ I just love her a lot, so I liek to put her pics in my profile.


Maybe I should've been clearer, because YSB's next comment was:

Sorry man. We thought that you were a women. Very pretty your girlfriend.

Keep on rockin¡¡

And that nearly killed me. ^^; Oh, the simple misunderstandings of life... 't Would be nice though.

----- -----

I think HeavensDust's new music video, "Norns" I believe, will be completed soon. Can't wait to see the result. ^^ It's bound to be cool, since the song itself is cool too. (Ya hear me, Shin? laugh.gif Make it goood.)
Find it, listen to it and be amazed.

----- -----

Not a lot of new things going on. Had a new addition to my music collection. BT's album Emotional Technology. A special collector's edition, which just owns.

----- -----

I had a little addiction to a certain song this week. It's the song Tragedy by Celldweller. It turns out to be a Bee Gees cover and it's an amazing cover at that. Look for it; you won't be disappointed.

----- -----

New Linkin Park rules so far! tongue.gif

----- -----

I guess that's it for now. tongue.gif

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