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Three Little Gifs...

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 26 2007 · 111 views
Three gifs have been added. Can you see them? tongue.gif

And can you guess which one was made by me? wink.gif


Fields Of Rock, Third Part.

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 22 2007 · 109 views
8 more names have been confirmed for Fields of Rock. They are:

- Dream Theater
- Machine Head
- Heaven and [heck]
- Ill Niño
- Delain
- Devildriver
- Type O Negative
- Dragonforce

Others will be confirmed soon.

Also, here is a list of who's playing on which day.

Saturday, June 16.

- HEAVEN & [heck]

Sunday, June 17.


My friend got tickets for Saturday, because he knows I like Iron Maiden. colgate.gif


~ Ma Cherie ~

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 18 2007 · 160 views
*gasp* I'm unable to watch my DVDs for at least a couple of weeks. ohmy.gif Sent my Region free DVD player away for some repairs.
I miss it already. sad.gif *sits in a corner and crys*


I wanted to create some extra .gifs for my sidebar, but Windows Movie Maker decided to crash on me agayn. It's making me feel....ugh. Will have to find another program.

The .mpg problem I had a while ago seems to have solved itself. But now I can't see some .avi videos. Annoying... Contacted the company who built my pc for some software updates and I still have yet to receive word from them.


I reordered Made in Twenty a while ago and it got sent to me 2 weeks ago. I still have yet to receive it. It's a limited edition with post cards, which might be signed by BoA.

Things are going so slow these days...

Also, I ordered Ayumi Hamasaki's album Secret, which is a cool album. It'll be sent to me next month, together with the DVD of BoA the Live.



Random fact: Did you know that BoA is shy in nature?


You guys know what I did for Valentines Day? (I guess you do. tongue.gif)

Yup, I wrote a new letter to my sweet BoA. happy.gif

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

Signing off,

Valenti Stryker: Grammaton Toa.

You are the Key to my Heart...



Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 15 2007 · 205 views
Let's see, there are different kinds of music videos. Cool ones, cute ones, trashy ones, pointless ones...

And of course the kind of clips where people (nearly) die in the music videos.

I'll list some Korean music videos soon which have "casualties", along with (hopefully) an explanation.

Don't ask me why I'm posting them though... I don't know it myself. Might have something to do with my fascination for these kinds of music videos. tongue.gif

I don't know many though...

Lee Soo Young - Never Again
Today - When My Eyes Open
TRAX - First Rain/Cold Rain
BoA - Key of Heart (Korean Version)
Jang Ri In & Xiah Junsu - Timeless
Fin.K.L - You Wouldn't Know
Fin.K.L - Youngwon (Forever)

Never Again: It's hard to explain this one... Just watch it. tongue.gif

When My Eyes Open: A man's young daughter takes a lot of pills, nearly killing herself. The man hears that the only way to save her is some sort of transplant. So they undergo the procedure and the father doesn't survive, but his daughter does.

First Rain: Three friends get involved in a clash between the mafia and a street gang, I believe. None of them survive.

Key of Heart: BoA plays a successful singer who has a secret admirer (DongHae), but she doesn't recognise him as her old boyfriend. DongHae had a near-fatal accident in the past so his entire skin had to be replaced. He saves her from a falling stage light. Boa then notices a pendant DongHae had with him on his camera. She then recognizes him and she wants to go to him, but she gets stopped by her bodyguards.

Timeless: This one is hard to explain as well. Just watch it if you can find it. smile.gif There are 2 music videos for this song.

You Wouldn't Know: All members of Fin.K.L each play a part in a different movie. One of the movies is the thriller Shiri. Those who watched Shiri know what happens in the end. wink.gif

Youngwon: The Fin.K.L members all play people with some kind of deficiency. One is very ill, one lost a finger during a boxing match, the third one....I don't remember and the last one is an alcoholic. One of them commits suicide in the end.

All of them are some of many favourite music videos of mine.


After some random looking around, I stumbled on a lot of new BoA pictures. It turns out they're all from BoA's latest Olympus (digital camera brand) photoshoot.

Needless to say, they look amazing. One of them is my sig right now. biggrin.gif

IPB Image

Our love will last forever~


Fields Of Rock, Part 2

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 13 2007 · 147 views
The sixth name has been confirmed: KoRn.

My friend just bought the tickets for the Saturday event; So that means we'll skip Sunday, the day that has Ozzy as one of the headliners.

Oh well, at least I still get to see Iron Maiden.


Tainted World

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 06 2007 · 139 views
It seems one of my uncles is hospitalised. Possibly even on life support. Don't know what happened to him, although some....crueling thoughts have arisen about how it coulda happened. *shrug*

He isn't my favourite uncle either. Aggressive type. Also stole EUR 50 from me a long time ago. He also threatened me once when my mother was in the hospital.

Somehow I just can't feel sorry for him. It's strange how a person's attitude can do that towards you.


DéspairsRay owns. Great Japanese rock/metal band. Sometimes they sound a bit like KoRn, but most of the time, they have their own sound going on, which owns.

Some recommended songs:

Tsuki no Kioku -Fallen

Look 'em up, you won't be disappointed.
If you can't find their music, try D'espairsRay instead.


Where'd Revan go? sad.gif Getting lonely....


Now following is my fifth letter to BoA. It also handles BoA's dancing problems. It was sent before I found out that the translation of a certain article was wrong... ^^;

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

Oh, how I love her...

Touch my heart...


Fields Of Rock. Part 1.

Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 01 2007 · 91 views
So the first names for Fields of Rock have been announced.

They are:

Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne
Black Label Society
Life of Agony

More bands to be added soon.


Gracious Days

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 27 2007 · 182 views
Well, Made in Twenty (20) is finally here! I already gave the CD a spin and I have to say, it is even better than I had anticipated. Just a tad too bad that Prayer isn't a ballad, but it's still a nice song. tongue.gif

I'm hoping to watch the DVD tonight; I can't wait to see how good the B0A the Live tour is. biggrin.gif

't Seems the people at one of the post offices accidentally broke the jewel case of the CD & DVD. That was a shocking discovery, but I'll survive. One of the trays is damaged as well and I'm very glad the disks are still scratch free.

...I want those signed "Made in Twenty" post cards and I want the "Made in Twenty" poster. ;.;

Post cards will available in the first batch of the upcoming Hong Kong versions of Made in Twenty.

Poster is of strictly limited stock, so I'll have to act fast. (That means [deliberately?] delaying Counter-Strike Source.)

Well, can't have everything, IX. tongue.gif


Counter-Strike Source seems like a fun game, but it's not something I feel like spending huge amounts of time on. So it's not a high priority for me to buy it, even though I suspect I'll have an axe sticking out of my neck soon. *glances at The Driver*

...hehe. Urgh.


I also want to buy the movie "The Promise" some time. Seems like a good movie. *loves Asian movies that are based in the ancient times*

That reminds me, I still have a lot of other movies I want to see/buy. One of them being "Seven Samurai". It's an old movie, but it seems cool.


I'm sure you already noticed, but the Song Lyrics topic has been made Official. Thanks again, Toaraga! biggrin.gif


I think I'll be offline for a part of tomorrow, since I'll be attending a paranormal day. I'm sure it will be interesting, like every other time I was there. tongue.gif

Didn't have the money to go. sad.gif

Yeah, I'm a spiritual person.

IPB Image

~Wish Always Gracious Days....~



Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 25 2007 · 161 views
Poor BoA. sad.gif During preparations for Made in Twenty, her foot started to ache badly and after an MRI scan, she learned that she had (and still has) an 'inflammation' in her foot. So she got the advice not to dance for 6 months.
EDIT: It was a mistranslation. Another interview said that BoA was unable to dance well the past six months.

sad.gif *hug* I truly wish I was with her to keep her comfort.

It's also unfortunate, because BoA has the Made in Twenty tour comping up in March and April of this year. So I think she'll be sitting a lot...

I really wish BoA the best of luck and I'll pray for her tonight.

Let's all do that. smile.gif


I haven't been feeling all too great myself either for the last couple of weeks. I kept having this strange bad feeling that something is about to happen. Something bad. Most people will just shrug it off and say it's nothing, but I won't. I know that something will happen, but I don't know what and it kind of scares me.

What if my grandfather dies or someone else?

...I'd rather not think about it right now tho.


As you might have noticed, The Driver is trying to get you to put a certain message in your sig. I'd really appreciate it if you don't do it.
Needless to say I'm not much in the mood right now to play along. Not to mention I don't like being told what to do or what to buy.

The Driver wants me to buy Counter-Strike Source.
My mother wants me to buy a bike.
A friend of mine wants me to use the money for a ticket to Fields of Rock.
I just want to buy some simple and cool clothing.



I had an overall lousy day today. I was too late at work today. Boss wasn't all too happy, but it wasn't my fault a certain person took €120 off my banking account, putting my amount of money deep into the negatives.

That has been resolved though... Fortunately.

There was a little positive thing today. The Naturelle BoA photo book I ordered had arrived. And the pictures in the book are simply amazing. ohmy.gif It's a big book and I think it has over a hundred pages.

Still waiting for Made in Twenty to arrive though.... Then I'll have a little break off ordering music and DVDs.

Time to regroup.

IPB Image


Your Color (20/2)

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 21 2007 · 147 views
Sorry for being offline for a couple of days. sad.gif My internet was gone when a storm was wreaking havoc over here in Europe. <.<


Had some arrivals last week and the week before, so I'm happy again.

The arrivals, which are all BoA related, are:

- Listen to My Heart (Maxi Single)
- Girls on Top (Album)
- Key of Heart (Limited Korean Edition Single)

And there are 2 packages due to arrive next week, which are also BoA related:

- Naturelle (Photo Book)
- Made in Twenty (20) (Album + DVD)


Met up with IXI today and we had a blast. Watched IX play some Counterstrike Source for a while. After that we did some Unreal 2, but we quickly moved on to Midnight Club 3, which was also awesome. But the best part was Burnout Revenge, where we got to blow each other up again. IX won everytime tho xD.


There's a minor change in my sig, as you can tell. The lyric about Nidhiki is gone, as is the link to my (our) old shop. The link to the Nidhiki songfic is now hidden in the Love can make a Miracle line.

"I wanna believe in the power of Love..." links to the song lyrics topic. Anyone agree that the lyrics topic should be made official? tongue.gif

Last but certainly not least is the Revolution Code: 1986-1105 link, which leads to this little blog. laugh.gif Hmm, maybe I should change the name of my blog to Revolution-Code 1986-1105 some time...


Also, please take a look (and reply tongue.gif) in these two topics. Thank you. smile.gif


...seems I got a new nickname, thanks to Shinsaku Fukushima, singer of HeavensDust. tongue.gif

My nickname: "Blue eye Samurai"

Sounds cool, even tho I have brown eyes xD.

IPB Image

I don't want to lose your love...


Revolution-code 1986-1105

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 14 2007 · 159 views
I sent this message about 2 weeks ago. Included were some linnks. One to a pic of mine, one to my [...] page, one to my deviantART page and one to this blog. tongue.gif

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

Not much else has happened, except that Shin from HeavensDust seemed pretty interested in how BoA saved my life. ^^;


Estimated release date for Without a Voice, new HeavensDust album:

Near the end of February.

Listening to:

The Reason - HeavensDust


Do you wanna have me living with you?



Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 10 2007 · 99 views
As you can see, I've temporarily removed the music block, since no one seems to be interested in it. Oh well...

Better luck next time, if there's going to be a next time...


No More Make Me Sick

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 07 2007 · 172 views





I think I'll begin work on my new space MOC tonight. I think I'll make a ship with the name Kusari Tanto. It'll be a rival of the Rheinland Knife.

I think it'll be a cool ship, since I got some new parts. I got them from one of the Exo-Force sets.

Yup, it'll be (partialy) red. Maybe with some blue. xD


The Listen To My Heart maxi single by BoA is on its way and it should arrive this week. It is believed that it's already in my town, since the doorbell rang yesterday. My mother went downstairs to check, but there was no one there. I saw a van from the postal service drive off...

...Made in Twenty (20) will be released in ten days. I'll receive it about a week later. There are previews of the new songs available for download, but I'll wait for the album to arrive.

Me wants to be surprised.


Valenti will return in a couple of days.


... Darnit.

Seems a lot of my posts and entries should be deleted, since discussion of banned members isn't allowed. <.<

Good luck guys. xD

Nah, I'd relly appreciate it if all my posts and entries wouldn't be deleted. laugh.gif

IPB Image - IPB Image

Sunny or stormy skies, my love will never die...



Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 04 2007 · 77 views

Seems I'm a step uncle (again).

So unexpected. But it's something good in these dark days. tongue.gif


Our Love

Posted by Angel Beat , Jan 01 2007 · 171 views
Happy new year everyone. happy.gif

The Driver came over at my place today and we had some old school Burnout fun. Ya know, blasting each other apart with our wrecks. Also, we found a little glitch. Driver boy here crashed right before the finish line on White Mountain like he always does and I blasted right past him.

...We both came in second.

There were a lot of times where we almost laughed our heads off.

You guys should try it some time. xD


Sent some people my new years wishes. Got a reply from Seraphim, which was pretty schweet.
Still no word from my sweetheart. Can't blame her, since she had 5 tv appearances yesterday.

I had a pretty calm new year's eve myself. Posting a bit on BZP, watching some clips and listened to a concert by the Eagles on tv. Stuff like that. 't Was a great concert by the way. Seems I'll buy it on DVD.


I think I'll share some music videos soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow. So keep your eye on the content block to the right. tongue.gif

Cool recently discovered artists and bands:

- Project Divinity
- Rachel Luttrell
- Celestial Aeon Project
- Jesse Harlin
- Hyun Jin

IPB Image IPB Image

Wherever you go, my heart will follow you...

-- Profile --

---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


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