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Posted by Angel Beat , Feb 06 2013 · 499 views

Yup, think I'll enter.
Must say, the Hero Factory pieces really help with fine digitigrade and unguligrade legs etc.

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I definitely think one of the best things the new Hero Factory building system was to introduce simple, numerical variants of its basic skeleton pieces. It's just another way the part designs provide a huge increase in freedom when it comes to scale.

Of course, there are drawbacks to the building system also, like the fact that the upper and lower torso are consistently one piece (unlike the Inika torso/Metru waist, which could be used for models of a variety of heights through the simple use of Technic beams). Recently I discovered how frustrating it is to build a torso taller than the 9x11 torso but not significantly thicker. The shoulders of the 9x11 torso are easy to build a sturdy extension off of, but in doing so you use up a number of valuable connection points.
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Eeyup. I'm currently using a Hero Factory torso in my BBCC MOC, but I may switch it out with something made by me, hehe. Depends on the time and pieces...


Also, my MOC feels too easy atm. :P

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