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Of Bionicle, Comedy, and Assorted Other Things


And The Winner Is...

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva , Oct 25 2011 · 126 views
voting, winner, comedies and 1 more...
Well, it's Monday. (Okay, technically Tuesday, but whatever, I don't have free time during the day!)

So you know what that means...as promised, the results of the voting contest! Our winner is none other than..."The BZ-Nui Hack Wars." It got an overwhelming number of votes, more than twice the number of the runner-up, the "Ga-Metru School Musical" series, with 2 votes. "Comedicle" got a single vote, and none at all for Pokerahi.

So, as promised, I'll begin reposting BZ-Nui Hack Wars on the new forums beginning tonight, with one chapter per day until I am caught up to where it was before the forum migration. After that, updates will be twice a week, probably every Wednesday and Saturday. TNI and Ask Matau! will continue to be posted regularly, once per day.

Thanks to all who voted!

:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:


Update Situation

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva , Oct 23 2011 · 78 views
comedies, updates, lewa0111 and 2 more...
Just wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for the sporadic updates the last two days or so and explain my planned update schedule.

Unfortunately, due to my having two exams to study for tomorrow, there will not be any updates tonight of either TNI or Ask Matau!. Even though I'm just rewriting old chapters, they still take quite a while to write (believe it or not) and I simply don't have time. However, I will try to update both of them once a day regularly again starting tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow night is day I will count votes and begin reposting (verbatim) one of my prose comedies. Since that will be just a straight-up repost and not a rewrite, there shouldn't be any problem with updating that once per day until it gets caught up. After that, my goal will be to continue updating the two script comedies once a day and the prose comedy twice a week.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions for Ask Matau! so far. Your questions will be appearing in the next few chapters, so thanks!

:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:



Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva , Oct 16 2011 · 172 views
lewa0111, voting, comedies
So, another new chapter of both TNI and Ask Matau! were posted today. Go read them and send in some questions for Matau!

On an unrelated note, I was thinking about reposting one of my prose comedies. Since they are in prose and were among my later works, I'll probably just repost the whole thing verbatim and then begin working on new chapters. However, since I only really have time for one (in addition to TNI and Ask Matau!,) I thought I'd let you all vote on which one you'd like to see reposted (and therefore updated) first. Whichever comedy has the most votes by next week will be reposted. The choices are:

Comedicle (QFTCJP)

Ga-Metru School Musical 1 and 2


The BZ-Nui Hack Wars

No, I'm not reposting or rewriting the "Crazy ____" series, those were one-posts and extremely stupid in my opinion. Nor am I going to redo any more script comedies for the time being, since I'm already updating two of those. Vote for which comedy you want to see by putting a comment below!

:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:


Ask Matau!

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva , Oct 15 2011 · 151 views
Ask Matau, nokama, visorak and 1 more...
So I've started up a rewrite of my second comedy, the ever-popular Ask Matau!. I decided that in addition to reusing the old questions as they appeared in each chapter, I'll also be adding in additional questions that anyone sends in with the new forums. So, Ask Matau! is once again accepting questions! Send them in, please!

:mirunu: Lewa0111 :mirunu:


Heeeeee's Back!

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva , Oct 15 2011 · 74 views
Lewa0111, bionicle, return and 2 more...
GASP, I'm back! What a surprise. For those of you who don't know me (and I don't blame you, it's been almost a year), I'm Lewa0111. I've been a fan of BIONICLE since the beginning, though I dropped off the radar somewhere around the Bohrok-Kal and only started back up in '06, and followed the story faithfully from then on until its untimely demise last year. Now that the forums have been completely made anew, I've decided to start re-writing my earlier comedies, starting with The Nuva Inn, since in all honestly the first chapters of those comedies were a bit embarrassing even for me to reread. Eventually I'll get around to reposting all of my other comedies as well so that I can continue them, in no real order (unless there are any particularly popular requests). The redone first chapter of TNI is up today, and I'll be trying to post at least one rewritten chapter per day, possibly more depending on my schedule. And this time I mean it! ...No, seriously!

:mirunu: Lewa0111 :mirunu:

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