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The Spinning



Posted by Takuta-Nui , Jan 06 2015 · 365 views
writing, chrysalis
Just finished booking flight and hotel for a week stay in Seattle at the end of February. I've never been there, let alone out of the country, so I'm super excited. It'll be mainly a solo vacation, as I've discovered that I like to do these things every couple of years.

I found a great little boutique hotel that looks very homey. It's right in the middle of the Belltown area, which apparently is one of the best places for cafes, shops, and seaboard walking. I get the feeling I'll be doing a lot of writing while I'm there!

On that topic, I've started to progress past the phase where one begins a book and then realizes that one needs to fill out more details of the story. I've always had the grand vision of this book with the important plot points, but realized that I needed a cast of characters. It's interesting as it starts out bigger than the beginning of A Play of Light due to the already established characters, but if I say more I would be spoiling some parts of the plot in Play right now.

Another interesting thing to note is that I was worried I was moving on too quickly, and would get stuck in writer's exhaustion after finishing Play. It seems not - I've been able to write a bit every day. The chapters are turning out a bit longer, which I'm happy with since it feels like Play's were a bit too short each time I post them now.

I may update again during or after Seattle. Look forward to that and perhaps a couple of pictures! =)


Part One Complete!

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Dec 24 2014 · 223 views
chrysalis, saga, epic
A few days ago I finished A Play of Light and have been emailing it out to various interested friends as a PDF for their reading. I apologize that some people get to read it all before BZPower does! :P I hope you've enjoyed the first few chapters that have been posted.

The Chrysalis Saga schedule now looks like this. I'll be posting each chapter on Monday, with the last three chapters posted within a single week. I mentioned that it was a long concluding scene, so it feels right to put them up close together for those that are following every day.

Last night I started a new document with the title of Part Two. Chapter 1. Page 1. It's almost disheartening to start over that way! But I'm ridiculously excited for this one as it really gets into answering more questions about the story, and there are some pretty epic plots involved. There's also a more expanded cast right from the start, so it'll have a faster pace earlier on. It also helps that there's less setup necessary.

I think that in a few months, as A Play of Light posting wraps up, I'll start blogging a few teasers for the next one. Not sure how else I would keep this blog relatively active... if you have any ideas please share them! I'm open to being creative with including people in development without spoiling it for them.

I'm sure Part Two will take me at least a year to write, so if 2015 turns out really well, I might finish by next December. If not, then probably by mid-2016.

Till next time. :)


A Play of Light

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Dec 01 2014 · 308 views
Chrysalis Saga
Posted Image

It's here - finally! I feel so weird having just posted the first chapter. Also a little bit of a delightful risk, as I haven't finished revising, but I wanted to stay true to a December launch. Consider it a holiday gift - if you like my story, that is. :P

It's also deeply satisfying knowing that, at last, people will be able to read the entirety of my work from the past year and half. Unlike before, I am not so worried about feedback and constructive criticism. I do value it when it is offered, of course, but I was still growing in huge leaps when I was regularly writing during BIONICLE's original run, so I needed it even more then. Now, I care more about having people enjoy my story and discovering the delights within.

That's why this is a no-pressure review story. Of course, some will want to theorize or comment or ask questions, so there is a review topic. I'm not even sure if we're allowed to NOT have a review topic. :P I'll also be creating a PDF of the final draft for sending to friends and family - if you would like a copy, just let me know.

I believe that's all for now. This blog will be a little less active as I focus on building up the review topic, but I will still use this for broader updates on the Saga as a whole, and the progress of the next book.

Thank you for reading!


December 1 Launch

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Nov 29 2014 · 253 views
chrysalis saga, epic, update
On December 1, I'll be posting the first chapter of A Play of Light.

I've finished revising the first half of the book, and this probably was the harder half as I wrote it longer ago when I was still piecing together the story. Had to rewrite and tighten up a few parts, but otherwise it's looking like a solid submission for your reading pleasure.

I hope you enjoy.


Toward Calamity

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Oct 23 2014 · 399 views
chrysalis, saga, epic
It's October 23 and I've already broken a few goals already.

1. Expected the epic to be less than 100,000 words. It isn't, and looks likely to be nearly 130,000.

2. Also expected it to be less than 300 pages, and looks to be closer to 350.

3. Final scene needs not one, not two, but THREE chapters to wrap up. I had all the action in my head for over a year now, but as I began to write it out I realized just how much there was to cover. It's amazing how so many things come together, and it's very important to negotiate them so that each thread gets its own worthy ending.

On that note, I'm beginning the final scene. It should more or less roll out of me in the next week, so I believe I'm on track for December launch. Wanted to let you all know what's going on at this time. Hope you can wait a bit longer! =)