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The Memory of Trees



Posted by ToM Dracone , Jul 17 2010 · 209 views

Backstory: One of my friends has the Fallingwater set, so I've seen/played with it a lot before now. Always thought it was a great set design-wise, but kind of lacking in the visual appeal area. Now, I'm on vacation, visiting family, and my uncle got my grandfather (who is an architect himself) the Fallingwater set as a random present, so he (my grandfather) had me come over and build it for him today. It took a long time.

Back to the present, and having looked at all the photos of the real Fallingwater in the instruction booklet, I've now realized what the problem I have with the set is: the building is amazing, but the environment ... is just boring. And not at all realistic. There are tan bricks everywhere when the stone around the house is grey. The "trees" are short, straight, really dark, and spaced evenly around the house, when the trees around the real house are huge, bright, and tower over Fallingwater itself.

And then I realized that there was a huge irony in the fact that the booklet that comes with the set has a ton of quotes about how Fallingwater is great because of how it interacts seamlessly with the beauty of the natural woodland environment around it... and yet the set has this utterly boring, unrealistic environment.

And I noticed shortly after that that it would be really, really easy to make all sorts of big, leafy, brightly-colored trees out of Lego to surround the model of the house. Just use a bunch of these pieces and you'll have some fantastic, to-scale trees. And make the base of the set grey instead of tan. And maybe throw in some clear aquamarine pieces under the clear tiles in the river, just to brighten it up some.

Yeah. If I had the boatload of grey bricks necessary to do this, I would. But alas, I don't.

Also: thanks to Tufi and Janus and one volume thereof I may now be addicted to Scott Pilgrim. Need to read more...
~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Jul 03 2010 · 320 views


I just bought my plane tickets to fly down to and from Washington DC on a certain weekend early in August


~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 28 2010 · 335 views
I came to a realization, a few minutes ago while just thinking about random stuff:

Almost all of the revelations of long-standing Bionicle mysteries that I've hated were revealed for the sake of revealing them, rather than because they had any relevance to the plot at the time. The ones that were relevant to the plot, I did like.

Where the Bohrok came from -> Avotoran? Possibly the single plot development I hate the most of all of Bionicle. Was it revealed through some actual element of 2008's plot? No, the Nuva just randomly came upon some thrashing Avotoran for the sake of revealing where Bohrok came from. Origin of the Exo-Toa -> they're just a commonplace element of Makuta's armies? Boring. Did Exo-Toa have anything to do with 2005, even its backstory? Nope. Just thrown in there. Give me time and I'll probably come up with more of these.

In contrast: What does Mata Nui look like physically -> He's the entire universe? One of the most dramatic, well-executed animations from all of Bionicle, and kind of central to the plot at the moment, which was the awakening of the Great Spirit.

So, moral of the story: if you set something up as a grand mystery, don't reveal the answer in an aside. Unveil it in a way appropriate to how mysterious it was.

I'd append this with something about "in my opinion" but I think this is generally regarded as just common sense in the realm of writing. Your feelings about the revelations named may vary, however.
~ ToM


Progress Report

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 27 2010 · 321 views
Art / MOCs
It really feels like the WIP from six entries ago is going to end up using every single black axle/pin I have. Probably won't quite get there, but I don't remember the last time I built something with so many of them so close together. It also makes me really glad I've been stocking up on random green and lime Technic pieces for the past few years, because I've used a heck of a lot of them.

Relatedly, I feel like I should just buy extra copies of the interestingly-colored pieces from certain sets (like all the lime and orange in the Nui-Rama) so I don't have to keep tearing them apart. I like my Nui-Rama. And I want to rebuild the Exo-Toa and Ussanui, too, but I think they both have parts deeply buried in MOCs right now. ;_;

Anyway. I'm really looking forward to displaying this MOC at Brickfair. I think she's one of the solidest MOCs I've ever made, and uses some ideas I've wanted to do for -ages-.

(also really glad I've been stocking up on dark blue, but I still need more perpendicular axle joiners! Augh!)
~ ToM


Helryx And The Shadowed One

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 22 2010 · 245 views
New short story! Please go read and hopefully review it.

It's really a scene more than a full short story, a reimagination of the time Helryx appears on the deck of the Shadowed One's ship and stops him from destroying Xia. I really didn't remember how the original scene played out, and only looked it up as I was writing so I could get what happened correct. But I kept my initial image of it, wherein Helryx had enlisted the Dark Hunters anonymously and, since I had forgotten about them, the Toa Hagah were nowhere in sight. And just expanded from there, with a little help from Janus and Smeag.

Some critique on it would be quite lovely, especially on the Shadowed One. I've never written him before (whereas I never, ever tire of writing Helryx because of how awesome she is) and I want to know how realistically he turned out.

I also thought, upon re-reading the original scene, that Helryx would go to much more interesting lengths to make a point than just throwing people overboard, so I kept my original idea instead of the real one. Heh.
~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 15 2010 · 264 views
First time I've taken advantage of the new sig guidelines. It made me feel ... tingly.


I'll probably make more later. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head for things that can be done with crabs and banners. In the mean time please do use if you too want to see the below entry happen!

~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 12 2010 · 795 views
I've had this idea brewing in my head for literally a year. And since Kohaku agreed with it, here we go:

We should assemble a massive army of Bionicle crabs at Brickfair.

Seriously. Think about how spectacular that would be. If loads of us BZPers who came to Brickfair or sent MOCs brought along a crab or two each, we could very quickly assemble an awful lot of them. People can build Ussals in various colors, bring Hahnah crabs from Jaller Mahri, and maybe even a few Rock Ussals from the VNOLG could make an appearance. At the very least my rock ussal will be there:

I feel like including Pewku from 2003 would just be excessive, since all the rest of the crabs are small and cute and then she'd just be this ginormous behemoth and it would be bad.

I think we should totally make this happen. Masses of little technic crabs. Just for the hilarity of it and the confusion it would cause on the other AFOLs' faces.

Who's with me?
~ ToM


In Need Of A Name

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 11 2010 · 506 views
It's been a long while since I've gone out and taken photos of Tohunga around my yard. I miss it. I mean, partly it's because I've been at college and all that, but it's also been because of a lack of new Kanohi from which to make new Tohunga. But I have some now!

First up is Shenyu, whom those of you who have been with me for a loooong time just may remember.

He's the reason I've been craving a dark blue Miru since 2003. He's a Ga-Matoran (and yes, male) who goes on a series of adventures with Hahli way back before Metru Nui (please pay no attention to canon right now), and was transformed into a Toa of Water by Mata Nui to save her from drowning in a storm, after which she never saw him again. I originally had him as a Toa of Gravity, but eventually decided I like water better.


This lovely lady does not have a name yet. And no, I don't actually own a dark blue Matatu. It's from Six's big bag of prototypes; I brought down Hahli's body when I stayed with him for ToyFair expressly for the sake of taking this photo. I wish it were mine, but hey, I have a dark blue Miru at long last, I can't possibly ask for more!

But she does still need a name. Please suggest one. Keep to 2001 naming standards. If I see x's and multiple consonants in a row besides ng, nk, and nt I will bite you.

And finally – no more photos because I don't like the ones I took – I also need a name for a Ta-Matoran with a yellow Komau, red body, and yellow feet. I think he's a lava farmer for some reason.

This came about because I was at one of my friend's houses recently going through a big plastic set of drawers he has filled with his old Lego stuffs, among which were a bunch of Bionicle sets. He had the Manas and let me keep their masks, so now I finally have the yellow Komau and an orange Ruru!

It also made me realize how drastically I lack the Turaga's Kanohi. I need to work on that.
~ ToM


This Wasn't The Plan Either

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 04 2010 · 290 views
Art / MOCs
I usually don't get involved in these mass popular effort-type things, but I had an idea last night for a banner for the 10th graphic novel, and since I can never resist making banners, here it is:

That's a link, by the way. Seems like a worthy cause.

Feel free to comment on the banner itself and things like that here.
~ ToM


Work In Pictures

Posted by ToM Dracone , May 29 2010 · 434 views
Art / MOCs
Just felt like taking this picture, which I've kind of wanted to for a while.

The rarer masks that I have. I was debating between the infected Hau and the gold Vahi for the seventh slot and eventually chose the Hau just because I felt like the Vahi was slightly more common. Slightly. More opportunities to get it, and in cheaper sets. Plus I have four of them and only one infected Hau... so yeah.

Still on my list are a copper Komau, maybe a yellow Kaukau, and really any of the misprint Matatu. And of course the prototype Kanohi from Six, or at least the ones I can get my hands on. tongue.gif

Next order of business, a WIP:

Which I shall be bringing (yes, bringing, not sending) to Brickfair. I'm looking forward to finishing it, because it uses some of the flashier ideas I've had drifting around... Currently just having a lot of fun making the texture smooth.

And I have some more new things I'm working on and planning to bring besides.
~ ToM

I Enyalië Aldaron


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