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The Memory of Trees



Posted by ToM Dracone , May 27 2010 · 260 views
I feel the need to splurge about this somewhere.

Yesterday, at long last, I watched Glee for effectively the first time (all I had seen before was about fifteen minutes from "Wheels"). Since, you know, I've been at college the whole time it's been on (no time to watch) and don't ever watch TV or TV shows anyway. But, a couple friends and I got pizza and had a Glee-watching party for the benefit of the two of us who hadn't seen it before.


I'm in love. Only an afternoon and I'm addicted to Kurt. And Chris Colfer. It's only been eight episodes! I felt great pain handing in the DVDs we had rented; I didn't want to part with them so soon. Sigh. Forcing myself to wait for the next time we can do this will not be easy. (Though I already had a few things spoiled for me thanks to wikipedia... oops.)

Real life needs to include more spontaneous musicals to express our feelings. I do my best to make them happen with my friends every now and then.
~ ToM


It Really Wasn't Supposed To Happen Like This

Posted by ToM Dracone , May 20 2010 · 181 views
Really? Did I really let that happen?

Dangit. I guess I did.

Yeah. I wasn't planning on going the whole second half of the semester without an update here. It just sort of happened. You know how it is. Especially if you're in college.

In my defense, I'm not sure I've ever had a more eventful two months. Performed in two concerts with my acapella group. Went on a date for the first time. I had three weeks of insanity at the very end – one week with an enormous assignment or a test every single day thereof, then two weeks of constant paper-writing and studying for finals on massive amounts of material. (Which I couldn't write beforehand because of all the other assignments I had, of course.) But, punctuating that were some fantastic times with some fantastic new friends I didn't meet until just this half of the semester. I've also been experiencing severe tech crew withdrawal. Can't wait for next semester to get started again. Also because then I'll have a single and I have some great ideas for my room.

(Oh, and, I guess there's that whole alternate universe Makuta thing. Thanks, guys. <3 Loving Shan's Iron Wolf, too.)

I think I'm going to have to imitate DV and make one of those lists of things I learned this year to cover it all.

On the whole I'm glad it's summer. I've only been back for a day and I've gotten a lot done. But, I miss my college friends a lot. Really acutely so for a select few of them. But then, I have all summer with my high school friends and that'll be fun.

Also expect some more Bionicle stuff from me soon. For real now. I might even make new graphics for this...
~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Mar 23 2010 · 144 views
Since I missed it, thanks for all the birthday wishes over in my birthday topic, guys! Sorry I didn't post in it; I saw it earlier in the day and then kinda forgot to check back until it was too late...

Spring break ended two days ago for me, so I actually had a couple festivity-things before coming back here. One was just with my parents, where I got Enchanted and Slumdog Millionaire (<3 both), the new Celtic Woman CD, Songs from the Heart (as great as ever), and a couple more practical things, one of which was a Macy's gift card I used the next day to get a couple shirts in aquamarine and lime. And then the day after that, I got to see two of my best friends in the afternoon, who I haven't seen since I left for college, so that was excellent. Then I had a proper party in the evening with four of my other friends (who are still in high school). There was cake and pizza and Bananagrams and Inglorious Basterds and it was a ton of fun.

And now I'm back at college. I didn't really do anything special yesterday beyond letting myself goof off more than usual. But it rained and so the weather was perfect, and I also had some fun with a clip-on earring and got a haircut. Combining the latter two made me look like a lesbian for a while. It was funny.

Oh! I also got star!Tahu for myself. He's a fun little set, definitely a good tribute to the original Tahu. But I changed the Nuva shoulder pad to black and now he looks much more natural. And more 2001-like!

The health care bill was kind of like an early present too!

So yeah. I've actually even had less homework than I expected! So it was a good birthday all around.
~ ToM



Posted by ToM Dracone , Mar 17 2010 · 217 views
Art / MOCs

There we go. As always, you can find more pictures over in the gallery (once that becomes public). There are a few alternates of the entry picture (the far left) using different lighting; I eventually settled on the one I did because I thought it best combined aesthetically pleasing light with clarity of the details of the MOC.

And if I may say so myself, that hammer is one of my favorite things I've ever built. Had a lot of fun with it.

Now, off to enter this on BS01...
~ ToM


Black Construction Paper

Posted by ToM Dracone , Mar 16 2010 · 213 views
Art / MOCs
I finally went out and got some large sheets of black construction paper. Well, thicker than that, slightly. 'Posterboard,' I guess, but I think of the thick kind when I say that... moot point.

I put it to good use today already. You'll see the fruits of that tomorrow. (Though you might be able to guess from the above teaser.) Also, I left my normal camera at college, so I got to use my dad's professional one for these... gods, I love having actual depth to MOC photos. My normal camera's really not good with that, cheap old thing that it is.

Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station... ♫ ♪
~ ToM


Project Nuva :: Akaku Phantoka

Posted by ToM Dracone , Mar 12 2010 · 183 views

As promised!

Started out as a doodle in Astronomy class, imagining the Akaku with a visor. I liked the idea, and I've never liked the real Akaku Phantoka (though it -would- be acceptable if it only had the scope on the right side), so I decided to go with the concept and translate the rounded, organic features of the Akaku Nuva into the more angular, geometric style of the more recent masks. I kept a few features of the real Akaku Phantoka – namely the lens and bits of the mouth area – and the final thing will still have a lightsaber blade in the lens, only aquamarine instead of red.

And I'm quite pleased with the result. What do you think?
~ ToM


Spring Break

Posted by ToM Dracone , Mar 11 2010 · 248 views
Hmph. I hate it when these unexpectedly long delays happen between blog entries. (and I'm also not a fan of how they seem to be becoming a trend.)

So, life update!

My semester has been busy so far. That's what comes of taking five full courses, I guess, but wow there's a big difference between that and the normal 4/4.5 I had last semester. Which is part of the reason for the lack of updates. I just haven't had -time- to work on much of anything not school-related.

But that should change now that I'm on break. I did manage to get a drawing of Gali Mistika and the Akaku Phantoka, both Project Nuva-style, done in the last couple weeks, and I'll be working on them – and drawing more – in the next two weeks. And getting some MOCing done. You'll be seeing the first bits of that soon. Maybe even tomorrow! But I shouldn't get your hopes up.

Otherwise, I absolutely love the acapella group I'm in. We've settled on seven songs in our first concert, and are still deciding on an eighth that'll be my solo. Four of them are classics for the group – Under the Sea, Beauty and the Beast, Wish Upon a Star, and Lovely Night – and then we're adding four new ones: I'll Make a Man out of You, Belle, A Whole New World, and whatever my solo ends up being.

It's frustrating being a baritone singing Disney songs. All the heroes are tenors and all the villains are bases, and they're the ones with the cool songs... I can go low enough to do some bass parts (I've gotten stuck as Gaston in "Belle" and my solo will probably be technically bass as well), and can do -most- of a tenor part, but not all of either. Oh well.

Not complaining, though!
~ ToM


Who Knew?

Posted by ToM Dracone , Feb 14 2010 · 240 views
Apparently, Six and I are twins when he lets his hair grow out. Or we would be, if he hadn't gotten it cut two days ago...

ToyFair was fun. As was being in New York City again, and hanging out with Andrew (a.k.a. Black Six). We'll get news articles and photos up soon!

Also, fortune cookies.
~ ToM


Beauty And The Beats

Posted by ToM Dracone , Feb 01 2010 · 142 views
As of last night, I am now a member of an a cappella group! (One of the many that Vassar has.) We sing Disney songs. Oh yeah. We're awesome like that.

I spent last week preparing for the audition, which was on Saturday, and at which my best friend and I sang A Whole New World from Aladdin as a duet. Then we were both called back, and the next day at callbacks they had me learn a harmony and then gave me a bit of "I Can Go the Distance" from Hercules to sing on my own. And I found that evening that I was in!

It's a fairly new group, and I'm only the second guy to be in it. tongue.gif The other guy is a tenor, and I'm a baritone (apparently? I can cover most of his range, just not the very highest), so I'm just the baritone until we get some other guys in here... Since I think there are now eight girls who sing in the group. Heh.

So, I'm extremely excited about this and can't wait to get singing further. As if my schedule weren't full enough already!
~ ToM


Project Nuva :: Lewa Phantoka

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jan 24 2010 · 241 views
Finally, finally, I got his color scheme worked out.

:: ::

The bottom three are a mockup of his build, as far as is possible to build physically. Other things to note:
  • The Technic jet intakes on his lower legs – they're there to both give his legs more substance and to recall the curved shape of the Nuva's legs.
  • For the color distribution, since I was using both lime and medium green, I opted to make his upper arms and thighs green, rather than grey, so that his green components weren't exclusively locked away behind grey armor.
  • And thus, the dark grey Nuva armor – again, because of his two shades of green, the silver would have added one color too many, and the result would have been very awkward. (I tried. It looked bad.) Making it dark grey meant that his body could be brightly-colored without losing the appearance of Adaptive Armor on his torso (as opposed to just on his limbs).
  • Twin Air Katana once again, which plug into the ball-and-socket-attached Matoro claws to function as wings. The skyblaster becomes his weapon when he has wings, and since he has the Miru, he can use that to stay in the air if he needs to fight with his swords.
  • New graphics! Yay for crystal brushes.
I'll also draw and post the Miru Phantoka sometime soon, so you can see the top properly. Next up after that should be Gali or Kopaka (in the new art style), but as I have an awful lot of schoolwork this semester, so I can't say how soon that'll be.
~ ToM

I Enyalië Aldaron


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