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The Memory of Trees


The Pirates Are Coming

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 07 2006 · 194 views

I would like to announce that the pirates will be arriving tomorrow.

Just so everyone knows.


Shenyu, Huki, And Hair

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 06 2006 · 184 views
Art / MOCs
I was bored a few days ago, so I whipped up a couple of Matoran – Huki, since I had his 2003 self standing around, and Shenyu, since I still needed to finish him. Unfortunately it required partially demembrating Toa Shenyu to get some of the dark blue sockets, but I'm planning on rebuilding Toa Shenyu at some point anyway.

IPB Image

Topic, if anyone's interested. I'll add them to the Most Recent MOC block sometime ... I'd still like some reviews for Ninjo, though ...

In other news, yesterday I got a haircut. And now it feels and looks really short, even though it isn't ... my hair is never either really short or long. It's always somewhere in between. Before I got it cut, it went down to about halfway over my eyes (straightened) and halfway covered the back of my neck. Now it ... doesn't. It looks short, though it's probably only about an inch shorter ...

Also, aquamarine eyes in a light grey Toa head look totally awesome.
– ToM


Vezon And ... Ninjo

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 04 2006 · 182 views
Art / MOCs
'Nother update today: Most Recent MOC box added, inspired by the block of the same name on Sméag's blog. At the moment, Ninjo Inatu's occupying the space, and since his topic is still alive, I wouldn't mind if someone reviewed him ... *cough*

I also whipped up a sprite of Vezon last night:
IPB Image

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. I built the Staff of Fusion last night (all in silver, not having Vezon & Fenrakk), felt like spriting it, did so, and then made a sprite of Vezon, since I haven't made spines for my Piraka sprites yet. I also posted it and a sprite of Hewkii that I made a few days ago in my Kit Topic, if you're interested.

I would also like to proclaim that the Staff of Fusion is the best Bionicle staff Lego has made yet. The head and shaft are perfectly balanced, and it looks totally cool as well. It's also good for scratching the back of your neck. I find it appropriate that the Staff of Fusion uses System Viking horn pieces ...

– ToM


New Looks

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 02 2006 · 203 views
Well, as promised, I've updated the content blocks: there's now a header (to the extent that there can be one) and banners for each category. I like how they turned out ... pretty much exactly how I wanted them, but tweaking or an overhaul for some occasion (or lack thereof) are an eventuality. I also added a Recommended Blogs section – go read them.

And for the record, I had this all planned before you posted your challenge, Omi.

However, that isn't the only new look around here, hence the plural in the title. I got my braces off yesterday, and I would be elated had I not subsequently gotten retainers of both the upper and lower variety. If you haven't had braces and consequently may not know what a retainer is, consider yourself lucky.

My lower retainer is a wire cemented to the back of my front six teeth, which results in an awkward and scratchy bulge that irritates my tongue. It's actually very small, but it feels huge. Its purpose is to keep my teeth in place so they don't naturally spread outward again, and will be removed when my orthodontist judges that it can be without the consequences it is designed to avoid. Even if you haven't had braces, you've probably seen an upper retainer – it fits into the top of one's mouth and holds a wire running around the outisde of the front teeth. Same purpose, different means, and it can be taken out to eat. The lower one keeps getting in the way of my tongue... I'm getting used to it (the upper) being there, but it's still hard to talk properly and the newly smooth plastic roof of my mouth incessantly intrigues my tongue. And I have to suppress my gag reflex every time I put it in, or at least for the moment.

What fun. But at least I don't have braces any more. Yay!

Now, go and enjoy the saplings I've planted to guide you through here and be happy if you don't have braces/retainers. biggrin.gif
– ToM


Aiya Aldar

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 01 2006 · 216 views
So ... I have a blog.

This actually came about in an interesting manner. About a week ago, I was in Toys R Us deciding whether or not to get Toa Hahli. I was already getting the Viking Fortress (for which I have Ninjo to thank most directly), and I eventually decided not to get her, as one set that I had been wanting for ages was enough, not to mention quite euphoria-inducing by itself. I later decided that Hahli's $10 price tag, plus an additional dollar, could very well go to Premier Membership, and I could get her later. Since, as Vezon says, "After all ... the waiting is half the fun."

None of which helped the fact that I still haven't the faintest idea whether I want Hahli, Hewkii, or Jaller more.

So, what will I be putting here? A variety of things. Teasers of MOCs and Epics, art that I don't feel like posting in the Artwork forum, sprites that I make when I'm bored, conspiracy theories, maybe even ponderings on Matoràu. And ramblings. Lots of those. Possibly poetry.

Also, announcements of new short stories and epic chapters. And since I actually have one at the moment, I'll just use this entry to announce it ... Lightning in Darkness, a short story involving Jaller's thoughts as he's trapped in the Toa canister before and after his transformation. Something really freaky was that I wrote it on two separate days while I was on vacation, and the night of each day there was a huge lightning storm. As in light-up-the-sky lightning. Totally freaky coincidence.

So ... yeah. Expect this to start looking more Tiome-y in the days to come, once I've gotten the content blocks organized and adorned. Thanks to Toro for helping me figure out what on Earth half the settings mean. laugh.gif

Oh, and why The Memory of Trees? Well, I love the phrase, and it's apt to my personality, seeing as forests are easily my favorite places. And it only fits that I love the song, as well as the album it's from. Expect the content box art to manifest the title ...

~ ToM

I Enyalië Aldaron


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