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In Need Of A Name

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jun 11 2010 · 506 views

It's been a long while since I've gone out and taken photos of Tohunga around my yard. I miss it. I mean, partly it's because I've been at college and all that, but it's also been because of a lack of new Kanohi from which to make new Tohunga. But I have some now!

First up is Shenyu, whom those of you who have been with me for a loooong time just may remember.

He's the reason I've been craving a dark blue Miru since 2003. He's a Ga-Matoran (and yes, male) who goes on a series of adventures with Hahli way back before Metru Nui (please pay no attention to canon right now), and was transformed into a Toa of Water by Mata Nui to save her from drowning in a storm, after which she never saw him again. I originally had him as a Toa of Gravity, but eventually decided I like water better.


This lovely lady does not have a name yet. And no, I don't actually own a dark blue Matatu. It's from Six's big bag of prototypes; I brought down Hahli's body when I stayed with him for ToyFair expressly for the sake of taking this photo. I wish it were mine, but hey, I have a dark blue Miru at long last, I can't possibly ask for more!

But she does still need a name. Please suggest one. Keep to 2001 naming standards. If I see x's and multiple consonants in a row besides ng, nk, and nt I will bite you.

And finally – no more photos because I don't like the ones I took – I also need a name for a Ta-Matoran with a yellow Komau, red body, and yellow feet. I think he's a lava farmer for some reason.

This came about because I was at one of my friend's houses recently going through a big plastic set of drawers he has filled with his old Lego stuffs, among which were a bunch of Bionicle sets. He had the Manas and let me keep their masks, so now I finally have the yellow Komau and an orange Ruru!

It also made me realize how drastically I lack the Turaga's Kanohi. I need to work on that.
~ ToM

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Lady Kopaka
Jun 11 2010 12:47 PM
Hmmmmm....I love naming characters. But whenever people ask or I need one for myself, my mind goes blank. Infuriating!


Okay, wow. Those are bad; guess this isn't my day for anything creative.
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I covet that Matatu.

So hard.
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What pretty masks. Also, that picture came out pretty well considering it involved your cheap little camera, a couple sheets of printer paper, and the horrible lighting in my apartment.

(Also, ToyFair, not BrickFair. tongue.gif)
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I like LK's Leta. The only thing I could come up with was Nahlee. (Nah-Lay)

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The first, I'll go with Akoni (a-cone-nee) Lovely lady

As for the second, I'll go with Apora (a-pour-a) Ta-Matoran

I love those pictures. happy.gif

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Tahani (tah-HAH-nee), Jenaka (JEN-ah-kah), Melië (MEL-ee-ay), Higoni (hih-GO-nee), Nevia (NEH-vee-ah), Kreiki (KRAY-kee), Hiyona (hi-YO-nah), Whenala (whe-NAL-ah)...

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Jun 11 2010 07:48 PM
Call her Kahol; means "blue" in Hebrew and it sounds like a 2001-ish name.
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ToM Dracone
Jun 11 2010 11:26 PM
Ooh, I like Whenala and Kahol a lot, though Kahol would need to be tweaked... none of the Maori-based names end in consonants. Kahloa maybe? But we also need more Wh- names. Dunno! I'll think about it.

I also like Apoura, spelled the way you wrote it phonetically...

And Six, stop making me look bad! tongue.gif You can clearly tell where my mind is right now.
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Tuan Taureo
Jun 14 2010 03:31 AM
There is a canon Ga-Matoran in the MNOLGII who wears a medium blue Matatu. The weaver in the eastern half of the village.

*checks the BS01 wikia*

... right. Shasa.

How's that?
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ToM Dracone
Jun 14 2010 10:47 AM
She wears a medium blue Matatu and has medium blue feet. This one has a dark blue Matatu and feet. That just wouldn't do at all. Especially since a medium blue Matatu actually exists for us to build Shasa from.
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The toa Shenyu was epic cool.gif I made a Teal and green Toa of Plantlife that looks just like it cool.gif Where'd you get those lower legs confused1a.gif

Toa Daiker
    • 0
Master of Ice and Sonic
Jul 25 2010 04:21 PM
Pardon my ignorance but where is the dark blue Miru from?
    • 0
ToM Dracone
Jul 25 2010 04:51 PM
It's one of the prototype pieces that Lego/Binkmeister sent to Black Six to uses as contest prizes and such. I got mine from the lovely folks at Brickfair last year.
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