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Brickfair: Peoples

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 11 2010 · 448 views

Prior to one week ago, my repertoire of BZP members I had met consisted of only two: Black Six and HauNuva (if anyone even remembers him).

That has changed now, and so I shall list everyone as a sort of thank-you for all the amazing memories they provided me!
  • Smeagol4 (attacked me as I got out of the airport)
  • Janus (see above)
  • Darth Vader (protected me from the above two)
  • Hahli Husky (Disney singalong <3)
  • Senjo (is a spectacular cook, and can do just about anything!)
  • Nikira (is beautiful!)
  • TwingDing (we became friends after about two days and <3)
  • LehvakLah (one-letter-difference name!)
  • Friar Tuck (is highly responsible and highly cool)
  • Rayg (gives excellent art advice and is a sexy fellow)
  • Nuju Metru (dude, why have I never talked to you before? We need to sing together!)
  • Kohaku (<3)
  • VampyreAri (is cuddly)
  • Primus (is a really cool guy and we had an awesome conversation while waiting in line for an hour and a half at the Lego store)
  • Nukaya (was looking dashing in her polo shirt and explorer hat, and is super adorable and cute and and and)
  • Sisen (is quiet but neat)
  • Arpy (fun with posing for photos)
  • ChocolateFrogs (those mosaics were epic. cc: Nukaya)
  • Vezok's Friend (is a good artist)
  • Waffles (pretty sure the entire BZP staff wants to adopt him)
  • Kanohi Zatth (Janus and I spent a good while looking through an enormous tub of Bionicle pieces for sale with him and Waffles)
  • Stubbed Toa (didn't get to talk to you much, but your art is cool and you know it
  • dablackcat (no one's ever asked to take a photo with me before!)
  • Spink (wishing we had hung out more)
  • Disky (see above!)
And lots of these lovely people took equally lovely photos, which I can't wait to see because they're all better than mine. I like this one a lot (thanks, Arpy!) of the ones that have shown up so far. And can't wait for the Hahli Mahri and Hahli Mahri shots that I know a few people took. :3

~ ToM

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I miss you lots bro. So glad we got to hang out, and glad you got to be in on the best part of my brickfair with me. wink.gif
    • 0
ToM Dracone
Aug 11 2010 09:59 PM
I see what you did there

And also I miss you loads too. sad.gif
    • 0
Aw, I'm glad you think I'm pretty. ^^;

Also, Mari misses you, like, crazynutso!

    • 0
Re: Waffles:

You know what they say about taking a village to raise a child...why not adopt him? :D

And yes, Disky's shades went fabulously with your shirt. :D
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Brappy Hour
Aug 11 2010 10:08 PM
Did we meet? confused1a.gif
    • 0
ToM Dracone
Aug 11 2010 10:11 PM
QUOTE(Arpy @ Aug 11 2010, 11:06 PM)
Re: Waffles:

You know what they say about taking a village to raise a child...why not adopt him? biggrin.gif

A village... BZ-Koro!

QUOTE(Bionicle Raptor @ Aug 11 2010, 11:08 PM)
Did we meet? confused1a.gif

Technically no. We were both there, but I don't think we were ever introduced or interacted. >>
    • 0
Hahli Husky
Aug 11 2010 10:14 PM
Yanni! I miss you! Let's do more singing next time, and bring your sheet music again next year. I guess we kept forgetting about it. XD
    • 0
Brappy Hour
Aug 11 2010 10:20 PM
Dang. Sorry about that.
    • 0
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QUOTE(ToM Dracone @ Aug 11 2010, 09:59 PM)
TwingDing (we became friends after about two days and <3)

xD Yup. That's about what happened. Though you didn't win for fastest friendship. toromaga wins that prize. wink.gif
    • 0
I need to show up at a Brickfair. sad.gif
    • 0
Yes! We must hang out more next time!
    • 0
We should just have BZPCon for a few days before or after the fair.
    • 0
Just remember that you made the right decision to come in my car. tongue.gif
    • 0
We should have hung out more. ;_;

Though I am surprised I was mentioned. :o
    • 0
Yes, I am quiet but I had no idea you thought I was neat. ohmy.gif
We'll have to talk next time!
    • 0
Yanni! We totally need to hang out more!

VampyreAri agrees!

We miss you and your amazing huggableness!

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I Enyalië Aldaron


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