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Brickfair: The Spoils

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 13 2010 · 1,050 views

And now we come to another one of the best parts of Brickfair: what I got there! (Slightly after the epic people and memories in order of awesomeness.) And I got quite a lot.

Might as well start with sets. I got the Medieval Market Village, the Deep Sea Striker (a.k.a. the giant scorpion from the Atlantis line), and Rotor for 50% off at Casual Shopping with the Bulls, then won the Shadow Crawler from Exo-Force in Bingo (it's the one with the lime Kodan claw, which is all that matters), and finally bought Skateboarding Pepper from the Lego Island Extreme Stunts series for only $5, which I've wanted since it first came out! I was quite thrilled about him.

And then I got a lot of other stuff, which was just as awesome!

First, a huge bag of 2001 Kanohi from Janus, which were his half of a trade that I haven't fulfilled my end of yet. But until I do I want him to know that he is super amazing and I love him! (and not just for this!) I'm also obligated to give him dipping sauce until I do.

There's actually one mask in that photo that doesn't belong there. Can you spot it?

That's because of the next trade I engaged in, in which I gave DV some brownies in exchange for a blue and a green Matatu! Most awesome trade ever.

And some more pieces I got:

On the left are a bunch of parts I bought from a couple stores at Brickfair – the pieces for Nokama, a bunch of noble Kanohi, and the heads and masks of the Turaga I don't have. (I decided to finally get my act together and just buy the pieces for the rest of them.) Plus an extra blue Tohunga body so I can have Maku and Hahli at the same time! And the gold is from a custom bricks store that I had a coupon for, so I just went there and thought "why not?" since they were effectively free.

And then on the right is a mess of stuff that I got from Nikira! biggrin.gif She brought a big tub of Bionicle stuff and Janus and DV and I went through it and took what was interesting to us. She's so generous! Thank you, Deb! <3

I think I'll leave the photos of this for another entry, but thanks to Janus I am now only two Kanohi away from having all 36 from the original Toa! I just need a brown Pakari and a green Kaukau and then that'll be it! And thanks to him and that one store I'm also really close to getting all the Turaga's as well, but I don't yet have a complete set of any of theirs.

Thank you Rob and Pat and Deb <3
~ ToM

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OOH! OOH! The green Matatu doesn't belong!
Anyway, Brickfair really sounds like fun. I'll have to do everything in my power to make sure I go next year.
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Is it the orange Mahiki that doesn't belong? At least I think that's a Mahiki. But it's the only one that's orange, so... Nevermind, see the Mata green Matatu.

Also, red Kaukau is <3. Such a pretty mask, wish I had one.
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The brownie was worth giving you the only green matatu I had. smile.gif
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If my memory serves me right... Yes! I have a brown Pakari if you want it, PM me or something.
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You're so lucky to get all those 2001 masks.

And Janus is totally amazing~
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You're welcome! XD I'm glad the pieces went to people who will use them well. smile.gif

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I Enyalië Aldaron


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