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Been A While

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 28 2006 · 89 views
That Real Life Thing
Gah, been 5 days since my last blogtry. It's been a packed weekend, what with Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Krause Springs and friends over every night. It's good to just be alone finally on a Wednesday morning.

Anyone ever been to Fiesta Texas?

Neeways, I'll come up with some interesting blog entry later. Maybe another short story about Ip. Maybe some in-depth rants about Parable and Taioc and all that. Maybe just another tangent.. on like, water buffalo.




Posted by Etcetere , Jun 23 2006 · 112 views
That Real Life Thing
Yesterday I just spent 12 hours straight at an all-day LAN party. It was at a place my brother works at called CyberJocks - a computer LAN gaming center, an arcade of sorts, not only with 48 computers (and 4 VIP private rooms) but two 15' projected screens on which is always playing SSBM and Halo 2. There's two flat screen TVs for other games (one's always used for DDR) and an internet cafe, as well as a normal cafe. Plus the BYOC section, where on good days you'll see some of the coolest custom computers ever.

My friends and I walked in at 11:00 yesterday morning, and I went for the back row near the wall. Just as I was about to ease into my computer chair, Talan pointed out three computers with "Reserved for Stephen and crew" tapes to the front of the screens. I thought it a little creepy, but then discovered my dad had called my brother to let him know we were coming.

We started off playing WarcraftIII, for several matches. Some battles were fun, one was particularly lame.
I then was playing SSBM with my brother and a guy named Zak, who was a master of wave-dashing (not to mention the irritating edge-hogging). Even in a duel with Zak, I did fairly well. I lost, but managed to get ahead of him during the game a few times.

That was followed up by some Onslaught games of UT2K4, then some SW:E@W. While waiting to be picked up, we finished with some games of a very simple top-down shooter called Zap!. Even though it was something simple enough to be made in Game Maker, it was an awesome game.

By 11:00, I was surprised but thankful I hadn't gotten a headache from playing so many games and drinking so many Bawls's (That's an energy drink, people). All in all, a crunchy day.



Hapy Friegbrandt Everon!@

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 19 2006 · 126 views
theres a friegbrandt goigon ovre at anagilph SO i thoggt id bring it ove here too SO were can havea frigebrandt partu!!!!!! cauxe u now today is marche 3

so i am to bring a maronnaise.. what ru bring?



Posted by Etcetere , Jun 19 2006 · 76 views
That Real Life Thing
I have the world's mawsomest black bear hamster. Like almost all black bear hamsters, she's got a white patch of fur running from her chin down her stomach, with a remarkable impression of drool. Therefore, I named her Slobber, but after a couple days and deciding that Slobber didn't do justice to the mawsome animal she was, I named her Sage. Sage just sounded cool.

My hamster sleeps all day in a little compartment with a shirt hung over it - to block out the light and give the impression of a real desert tunnel. She hates all her special wood chew-bites and only chews on the toilet paper tubes (which she also enjoys crawling into and outo over and over). A couple other toys in her cage include a wooden house thing and a Metru lid - which makes a cool 360-degree teeter-totter. Her cage came built in with a nifty balcony-type deal. She doesn't ever use the ladder to get up it, she just hops up and hoists herself over.

She broke her wheel off the thingy that hooks it to the cage wires - because of her annoying habit to like the impossibly cramped space between it and the wall. So I bought her an external wheel - one that hooks up with tubes - which she loves. Too much. Her horribel habit is to take a cheeksful of food (knowing hamsters, that could be her entire food-dish) and take it in with her to the wheel, dumping it all out in it. Then she starts running. The first time I heard the enormous clatter of random seeds and food bits swirling around in the wheel, I thought I was having a nightmare. I jumped out of bed (standing to fast and got very dizzy, which didn't help my reality-check) and turned on the light, glad to find her entire cage wasn't sliding down the wall. It rests on a shelf above my computer, you see, and there has to be some space between that shelf and the wall for cords to go through. But every once in a while she'll do that, and I'll be forced to yank off the wheel and dump all her food back into her food bowl. Hamsters, being nocturnal, are not the smartest things to keep in your room.

But she's awesome, and I love her. She's learned what heights are, and what metal tastes like, but hasn't learned not to get her big green Roll-A-Round ball stuck in the strangest places.



Here's A Little Song I Wrote

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 18 2006 · 180 views
I'm greater than you.
You're lesser than me.
I'm better than you.
I'm better x3.
I'm cooler than you.
As cool as can be.
I'm greater than you.
You're lesser than me.



I Just Watched Batman

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 17 2006 · 162 views
That Real Life Thing
I'm talking about THE ORIGINAL Batman! The first ever Batman movie, made in 1966. So unimaginably awful, I plan on getting my friends together to host our own "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" on this movie. It's impossible not to make fun of, but you mostly feel sorry for the fact that these people making these movies were dead-serious. I mean... honestly.. what were they thinking?

IPB Image

It was a random present in a gift exchange game at Christmas. Nobody watched it until I decided to last night. I must admit, it was far more entertaining than must of the carp Hollywood comes out with these days.

The story begins with Batman and Robin getting a tip that Commodore Schmiddlapp is in trouble - his super Dehydrating invention might get stolen while shipping it on his yacht! (A situation strinkingly resemblant to the new Batman Begins movie and its Microwave Emittor) The two fly off on their Batcopter, and as Batman rides on a hanging ladder ready to board the yacht, the boat suddenly disappears (more like the camera angle shifts to show nothing but water) and Batman is suddnly waist-deep in the water now (still on the ladder). Robin raises the helicopter, but oh no! A gigantic rubber shark has been duct-taped to Batman's knee! Batman, miraculously painless, tries repeatedly in vain to beat this totally-motionless rubber monster with his fists. He radios for Robin to bring him some Bat Shark Repellent and Robin climbs down the ladder, doing a "fantastic stunt" of hanging on his knees upside-down and handing Batman the shark repellent. Batman sprays the shark's nose and the shark, not liking the particular flavor of that can of Axe, lets go and promptly explodes on impact with the water. That's right. Explodes.

Batman and Robin, using ridiculous inferring, deduces that the plot could only have been pulled by The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin, and Cat Woman all joined together ("It was at Sea! C! C for Cat Woman!"), and that their plot must be to take over the world.

The fearsome foursome, who all but Cat Woman are played by hilarious actors who probably don't get paid enough for the roles they have to play, aboard the Penguin's penguin-decor submarine, use their new Dehydrator-Whatsit and shoot it like a lazer gun at 5 "Guinea Pigs", some poor human test subjects dressed in sweaters, turning them into nice neat little piles of gray sand. They then pour the sand into vials and prepare for various attacks on Batman. Of course, everything that they try to pull on Batman goes wrong, like Cat Woman dressing up as some Russian lady and fools Bruce Wayne into falling in love with her, so they can kidnap Bruce Wayne hoping Batman will come and rescue him (Gee, I wonder what's wrong with that plan).

The Penguin eventually disguises as Commodore Schmidlapp and convinces Batman and Robin to take him to their Bat-Cave, which is full of totally awesome high-tech light-up gadgets like Molecular Particle Organizer and Super Bat Fusion Reactor and Drinking Water Dispenser. To get those 5 "Guinea Pigs" back to life - no joke - Just add water! The Penguin unleashes his five minions, but each of them disappear once they get hit by something (Batman explains this later, but then it only makes less sense).

The four bad guys finally go into the United World Peace building or whatever (They actually used the UN building for fliming) to dehydrate nine guys in a "Safety" conference. Each one is from a country like Spain, Nigeria, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. and each one is hopelessly stereotypical. They're all arguing loudly and continuously, and the fact that they're all speaking in their own language isn't helping, so much that they don't notice the four "super-villians" standing there, or notice as the person in front of them or to the side of them suddenly disappears. Each man becomes a very neat pile of colored sand, a different one for each country, and these colors as well are stereotypical on the border of racism, and each one is swept up into a vial.

Batman and Robin finally confront them on Penguin's surfaced submarine, and fight the four bad guys (and one cat, who you feel very very sorry for throughout the duration of the movie) along with all the Dr. Seuss-dressed pirate henchmen. It's a scene full of - I'm not kidding in the least - "Pow!" "Biff!" "Sploosh!" and other (colorful) onomotopeaic comic captions popups, not to mention the lack of Batman's fists ever coming (visibly) within 6 inches of the bad guy's faces, and most of them jumping into the water on their own. Batman retrieves the vials of the nine world "leaders", (I noticed that not each vial held the same amount of sand, and deduced that some must have been fatter than others, and the blue man was a midget) but just then the real Commodore Schmiddlapp comes out demanding tea and trips over Batman, breaking the vials and sneezing to scatter the dust.

Batman and Robin, being the technological and medical geniuses they are (maybe crime-fighting is a part-time job?) develope a machine to divide the molecules of each man back into their vials (now each one has the same amount of sand!). It's an un-need-be suspenseful situation, and the world is waiting as Robin periodically keeps the County Commissioner up-to-date via the bright-red Bat-Phone, who (while being filmed on live global television) then relays the message to the President (A real-live back view of his enormous chair and his left hand petting a couple random beagles!) who then relays the message to various loudspeakers around the world that declare the message in their native language to the crowds of anxious people anticipating the results. "We've done it!" "They've done it!" "They've done it!" "Samunosuke Whatari!" (I dun know what language that is or what it means).

They bring these vials back to the conference room, set up a unique hydration-equalizer mechanism (complete with garden hose and a rusty spigot attached to a futuristic container of blue water) and bring them all back to life. The nine World Safety Officer or somethings continue arguing, but this time, all their languages are switched around! The sterotypical Nigerian is speaking spanish, and the stereotypical U.S.S.R. man is speaking excessively proper English! Batman concludes this was the greatest contribution that anyone could ever make to society, then he and Robin leave the scene "inconspicuously" by rapelling out the window. As they climb down outside, the credits roll.

It's a movie full of ridiculous stereotypes, anti-alcohol propaganda "Why did you save that riff-raff in the bar?" "Because, Robin, they may be drinkers, but they're still humans." and pro-Mother-Nature lectures.

I wish I could applaud the director's creativity in this film. But I just can't. I won't even comment on Robin hood's habit to say "Holy *Insert something that relates to the subject at hand(no, not profainty)*, Batman!" every freaking two minutes. Oh wait, I just did.

I mean, come on, what's the point in being BatMan if you have to use Shark Repellant spray to fend off an evil rubber explosive shark?



Useless Things Come In 3's

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 16 2006 · 50 views

1. The Stooges.
2. The seasons of Andy Griffith without Barney.
3. My pointlessly short blog entries.



So That's What Happened To My Granola

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 15 2006 · 64 views

Hmmph. dry.gif



Shortest Blog Entry

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 15 2006 · 89 views


The Wind Is >still< In My Pocket

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 13 2006 · 103 views
Sigh... "Cruises" looks like "Gruises".

Oh, where was I?

The Wind! This blog entry is actually about the wind! The wind is MAWSOME! Wind, if people made me choose what element I like best (I'm talking 'bout the four) would be what I immediately choose. I'm a wind guy. I like wind. I dun like passing it, I like it passing me. The whooshness of a very windy day is just... man, it takes my imagination and tries to like, stretch it out along with the ribbons of air that whizz by.

Wind totally owns the other three:

Fire is totally awesome to watch, what with the ribbons of flame licking up to the sky and going so fast they don't seem to move so much as appear then vanish. But fire is SO cliche as a favorite element. People like the burningness and destroyness of it and not much else. Me, I just appreciate the flames flipping to the sky, the stars shinging down, and a crunchy Summore in my mouth. I top peace over destruction (I mean, come one, peace makes everyone, including you, happy, destruction's just pointless).

Water is cool in different circumstances, mainly what's happening to it. Thanks to Bionicle, with water I connotate female, which makes me think I -whoa, on my computer clock I thought it said "Yesterday" (it actually said Tuesday), which would've been very odd if today was yesterday.. - shouldn't like water as much. But water's prolly my second choice, because it, like wind, is flowy and wispy. Just thicker. Plus, with water comes bubbles. Were bubbles an element, hoo boy, don me a cape and call me Bubble Man (But I'm already Bagel Man). Taking photographs with the sun reflecting off its rippliness is fun. It's funner when ducks are in lensshot. Geese are so weird.. I'm not even joking. They're just WEIRD.

Earth.. I've never really got this one. According to Bionicle it's dirt. And hunchbacked people. But really I've always seen earth mean dirt/stone, or plants. Either or. I like to think of the quality of plants being titled "Nature" but nature rules over weather and all that stuff.. so nah. Take Neopets. Their Earth faerie isn't some dirt girl, she's got ivy and plants all around her- wait, idn't she the one with the afro? Disco... earth..
Gah, I've got too many things to connotate with earth to even know if I like it or not. Notre Dame, astronomy and John Travolta. Confusing...

Heart. Oh gosh. Captain Planet just made the most retarded decision ever. Some South American kid with a monkey. What.. exactly.. does heart do? I always imagine him holding his hands out zombielike and moaning, "Heeaaarrttsss...." Since we're on the subject of Captian Planet (who still purchases despite Ma-Ti), another plus about wind is that it's possessed by that European chick :-O :-O

So you see, don't you.. why wind owns. It does because it does. The reason why is itself. But I'm not here to tangent too far on logics.. tuff... but instead to portray the reasons why I love the wind. When it's hot and sunny and the air is like a breathable plastic sheet (wind != air), and clouds are off throwing a party someelsewhere, if you've got the wind you've got coolness and comfort. Especially when it's really, REALLY windy, and the wind pushes you, that's a heckofalotof fun. And crunchy leaves swirling around make it a dream come true. We've had an area of our school courtyard (which is huge and awesome (at least where the trees are) ) that never got raked, and it was right in the path from the cafeteria to French. The result was an enormous pile of leaves that were fun to crunch through (not too deep, or feel the yicky dampness) and let the wind swirl around in mini tornado (dust devils are so cool!!!).

Sadly, speeching of tornados, that is the only negative effect to wind. Tornados and hurricanes and gales all such violent-wind storms. There's scarcely anything in this world without a bad side. But it's important to appreciate the goodness of wind, the things we ake for granted, otherwise all we think about wind is the disasters it causes and we think, "Who needs wind? I hate the wind."

If you hate the wind, well, that's not a vital enough opinion that I would try to convince you otherwise of, but know that I disagree.

The wind rules.

WindWaker was okay.. the graphics could actually be neat in some parts... that boat was cool..

WindWalk is an AWESOME ability. I always use that hero when I'm playing Orcs.

The Vialsi from Parable (New version of the Core Dimension) are all themed around wind. They're cool. Tuarion ("Tar-yun") rides a Dere ("dare"), an animal made from wind ("wi-nd").

The wind... in spain.. stays mainly.. in the plain. Sorry, non-plain-living Spaniards.

The wind is totally in my pocket. So are 3 dollars (boo yah, $ $ $) but the wind is fine sharing close quarters with several silver coins. Make that not several, a dozen.

He's immune to literature!


Oh look, I din'd use any tags...


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IPB Image

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I'll get around to Pippining my blog. Eventually.

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