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Playing Cards Are Literally Crunchy

Posted by Etcetere , May 28 2006 · 198 views
That Real Life Thing
I'm not joking in the least. Now, cards are crunchy, but many things are too when you use crunchy in the sense I do. Crunchy just happens to mean nifty, mawesome, spifferific, etcetera. (Look! There's my word!)

But I'm serious. Until a minute ago I had no idea cards were crunchy in both senses of the word. Chomping on a Jack of Clubs was an entertaining if unusual experience. The pleasures of it are liken to dipping your hands in a bag of beans or cracking open creme brulee.

So I'd recommend you try it, but to hold these thigns in consideration:
1. Use a not-needed or not-from-a-commonly-used-deck card.
2. Do not taste it. It tastes horrible. Very bitter and plasticy and probably what dryboard markers would taste like.
3. Plan a completely sensible explanation in case someone asks.




Posted by Etcetere , May 27 2006 · 232 views
That's one of my favorite words. Etcetera. It's Latin, and I believe it's correctly written et cetera. Prolly means "and on" or something of the like. Man, I wish so much I could be taking Latin in high school. All they have is French, Spanish, and ASL (which no, is not a netronym to find out your personal info, but instead signifies American Sign Language). Exciting, no?

Neverbethelessthan, it's still my favorite word. For me it takes the place of "Miscellaneous" and "Other", Miscellaneous being such a queer word (queer now and evermore being used in its original sense) whose abbreviation doesn't help much, and "other" just being a pathetically lame word that doesn't even qualify itself. How can anything be other, because something can't be something else, so what one is isn't another, and another is its own. Reread that sentence 14 times, it won't help.

But the best part is is that Etcetera is an empty container. It can specify anything and never be full. Everything Else, it could be called. But guess what. Latin words beat "Everything Else" any day. But really, I think of it and it's like a hilly field, with hills. Dunno why that particular image, but that's the traditional picture usually in one's mind when one thinks of free and limitless. Really, hills have nothing to do in immediate relation with being free. Maybe one day long ago, on those hilly fields some battle was fought against some bad people and the good guys won and everyone was free and happy and limitless. And for some reason, we all remember it.. or something.

Now I know what that picture popping into my head is. It's one of those generic Windows XP desktops. And, though it might not necesarily be the same photograph, the backdrop for the Claritin boxes. OSs and Allergies and Freedom and Etcetera. The resemblance is somewhere, I'm sure.


Herruy for actual bloglike blog entries!
And for first ever second blog entry!


What's This, Then?

Posted by Etcetere , May 27 2006 · 146 views

Well then, ti' seems the big "BeeZeeP" has introduced one blog-type job.


Well, for an introductory entry, this one's rather lame. Um, yeah.

Rest of blog stuff = currently under constuction.



IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

I'll get around to Pippining my blog. Eventually.

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