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Posted by Etcetere , Jan 19 2007 · 179 views
The Realm of Ip
Nobody paid any attention to my philosophy of subconscial creation, not that I put much seriousness in it anyway.

Neeways, I present you now with the most thrilling installment, the Ipaedia, the complete compilation of all Ippish lore. I've made a couple entries concerning Ip, and these basically are glimpses of the articles and entries to be found within the encyclopaedia of Ip. And admittedly, much of the Lore of Ip is created on the spot, so I must have some audience suggestion. What sorts of things will you want to hear about?

Here's some ideas to get you started - the Cispurnd, the Battle of Berulvm Gate, the Wombat Glove, Jaguaffs(they're so mawsome!), Saferdie Tenorbue, The Thirty Bucklers, and Soaun and Souforth.

Ask away.



Boredome Is Cerebral Toffee

Posted by Etcetere , Jan 13 2007 · 326 views
There are four aspects to the human subconscious. Boredome, cudome, abdome, and randome.

Boredome is cerebral toffee. Your brain prefuses to chew it, and thus time is occupied. Boredom is commonly mistaken as inactivity. Rather, it is when life is enjoyed to the most and fullest. You see, boredom is fertilizer in the plot of creation, that is, no seed of originality can grow without boredom bringing about its necesity. Sparks of creativity are not ideas, rather ideas are the pests that hinder growth of.. well, this produce of creativity remains unnamed. Boredom at work: you say potato, I say potato.

Cudome is cerebral asterisk. Cudome is what fills in blanks that have been introduced by boredome, and act as seeds. Cudome is the ability to break any string, any train of thought, and have it thrown wildly off track, usually resulting in a collision with, well, collisives, usually resulting in a spark of ingenuity and all-around grandure in the areas of uniquity. Cudom takes no influence from outside sources, much the opposite of abdome, introducing entirely unrelated subjects as the appropriate answers to the questions boredome raises. Cudome at work: you say potato, I say heracy.

Abdome is cerebral lemon. Abdome is the gate between subconscious and conscious, the little rackety wooden barrier that prevents allows ideas, which are illegal, to enter the plot. When the abdome is week, it allows outside influences to.. influence.. the growth of our inaptly named produce. Mostly, abdome occurs when seed from trees in other human's plots have blown in, and formed hybrids with what was originally thoroughbred organic material. Abdome is not the subconscious working from the inside out, but rather the outside in. Abdome at work: you say potato, I say lemon.

Randome is cerebral ihdgorkre. And above all, is the most misunderstood, commonly labelled "random" when in fact it is one of the other domains at work, most of all abdome. Consider it as the weather, whose uncontrolled behaviour drastically alters the growth and quality and breed of intellectual creativity. It is action when there is nothing to act, decision when there is nothing to decide. Mostly, it is the use of blanks before cudome has gotten its chance to fill them, resulting in pure, as humans would usually call it, which is a horrible act of abdome, randomness. Randome at work: you say potato, I say oiebng.

All four work together to produce spawns in the plot of creativity. These spawns are incorrectly titled ideas, though they are usually defiled to become so later on. They have no name, and that should remain as such, as a naming is the best way to kill one of these plants. But alas, death is the result of every birth, and as such, these indefinite bodies must become ideas if one were to ever reach them beyond the plot and into the , not vast and open and spacious, but rather tight and closed and confined, region known as the conscious.

Please appreciate my philosophy, and while I do not profess to be a Freud (whose name should be pronounced Frood, as we unrightfully do whenever mentioning Dr. Seuss (It's Seuss! Like Soice!) ) I do profess to be a Gregoire. And you'd be wise not to consider it as reality, or as such it would greatly weaken your abdome, making your produce vulnerable to defilement, as much is already. And please, don't relate abdome with abdomen, as that is a perfect example of weak both.



Blue Therapy Fall Inside

Posted by Etcetere , Jan 13 2007 · 98 views
My elusive hula, yellow sketching, creamy helium gentlemanly communique.

Truth, medical entertain, cleverly porridge drain.

Letter no; sly violin dust-bunny!

Best-Existing Song (aside from one word)




Posted by Etcetere , Jan 09 2007 · 178 views
That Real Life Thing
Well you come to all about Obone_Knob. He is me, but as a gamertag. Etcetere is me that is the umbrella of all of me. But there are sections to me. There is .selah, me as digital maestro. There is Core Dimension, but he is not me anymore. Etcetere who is me is irked by being familiared as Core because Core is not being exist anymore. And there are others who are me who are yet to be specified. Domains under Etcetere who is me are signified by a colon repeated with another colon. Obone is me whenever I have a game to be played.

Obone_Knob who is me originated because there was a happening that Etcetere who is me encompassed were to be play BattleFront and to be joke to make "Obi-Wan Kenobi" as such a DJ. But horridly they others misunderstood. Now the name of it is acted as file obone.knb, with Knob a file extension meaning gamer or sort.

Obone who is me as gamer is process working in speeching right. Obone who is me is having progress be made, improvement of "Who you're" and "Go to away" and "This none to be place you are in". Is it that you have patience and withstand?

I just thought you are to like knowing about me as another than BZP.




Posted by Etcetere , Jan 09 2007 · 76 views


I love Q/A.




Posted by Etcetere , Jan 09 2007 · 149 views
That Real Life Thing
To elaborate on the previous entry, what say us BZPerWiiers get right to forming a sort of "clan"? Anyone willing or know someone willing to join BiiZiiPii, give me a PM.




Posted by Etcetere , Jan 09 2007 · 113 views
That Real Life Thing
If you are a BZP member who
A. Owns a Wii.
B. Has it connected to the internet.

Then PM me because I want some Wii Friends but I don't know anyone else who owns one!



Those Dove Advertisements

Posted by Etcetere , Jan 06 2007 · 111 views

Make me severely apprehensive, as I hope beyond hope no BZP member takes it up on its offer.

May we have some administrative intervention?




Posted by Etcetere , Jan 06 2007 · 204 views
Yay... I have no thing to say... I've been negligent on Top Nine's but that's not high on my list of concerns..
So. I'll do something. But It's going to need FULL AUDIENCE PARCIPITATION.

We are going to play Guess What The Next Person is Thinking Of.
And we begin:



The Wii

Posted by Etcetere , Jan 04 2007 · 133 views
That Real Life Thing
I am writing this from the comfort of my living room recliner. I did mention I had mawsome news, which you might have already guessed, seeing the title of this blogtry.

Correct me if I'm not, but I do believe this is the first message on BZP that has been delivered from a Wii.

While I'd love to say more on this crunchy Christmas present, it's a painfully tedious effort “typing” a post with a rectangular, if comfortable, white remote.

From the Wiinternet,



IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

I'll get around to Pippining my blog. Eventually.

Play [Entry] !

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