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Posted by Etcetere , Apr 21 2007 · 411 views

That Real Life Thing
I recently rentrered from fundraising out on the streetcorners. Very experiential. About seven of us teens went to some diner and talked with our pastor for a while, then we went out with the intention to do what we did last week. (Just what did we do last week? Tune in next paragraph for the thrilling conclusion!) Instead, we went to Heb, made some posters, and staked out a busy intersection for anyone willing to donate to our various summer mission trips. It was very productive, at least 150$ was raised. Divided up, that's only about 30$ dollars(only five of us were actually raising money ourselves), but it's progress.

When last we left the previous paragraph- so yeah, last week, Me, Carlos, Will, and Zeeq walked over to Will's neighborhood with egg cartons in tow. I'd recently found out about a great missions fundraising plan - go door-to-door, and if someone is willing to donate at least a dollar, they get to crack an egg on your head! The kids loved it, and though it was utterly.. uncomfortable, to say the least, so did we. I fell victim to the first egg, but it was Will who endured the most torture. Throughout the day, at least a dozen were burst on his head alone, I experienced only about 7-8.

Here's how it feels when an egg is cracked on your head. First there's the impact, which feels not unlike someone merely clunking you on the head without good reason. You hear the crnklish, in varying degrees of intensity depending on the striker, and see the yellow blobs of goo erupt outward in all directions. Everyone surrounding exclaims some form of "Oah!" and dodges the mucal projectiles. It's at this moment, if the person with their hand on your head has any form of good-naturedness, rubs their hand in your hair to spread the shells and white and yolk all around, and the feeling of immersion in snot arises. They withdraw their hand and request a paper towel as yellow goo runs down your neck, and you remain with no conceived reaction other than to remain locked in position. Beacuse of the stickiness, a part of your head feels like something's still grabbing it as someone with compassion hands you a paper towel, still laughing, and you proceed to wipe off your most uncomfortable of areas. After about five of these napkins, you're fully recovered, but with a much slimier noggin.

Later, after about 5 minutes, the egg has dried, leaving your hair stuck hard in place like hair glue. After a half hour, it's flaking yellow shavings all over the place and the smell is noticable. Washing it out is like looking through the archive in your digital camera after returning from a trip, as you revisit each shell, pebble, twig, and clump of hard egg goo that had found its way into your hair that day.

Divided up, each of us raised an amount of 15$ that day. Not worth it, you ask?

Pah! You're not the one who had this opportunity to take and this story to tell!

Translation: Heck yes it was worth it!


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Hit in the head with an egg? Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. I know the feeling. You just stand there, awestruck... almost as if your life is flashing before your eyes, no?
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