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Playing Cards Are Literally Crunchy

Posted by Etcetere , May 28 2006 · 209 views

That Real Life Thing
I'm not joking in the least. Now, cards are crunchy, but many things are too when you use crunchy in the sense I do. Crunchy just happens to mean nifty, mawesome, spifferific, etcetera. (Look! There's my word!)

But I'm serious. Until a minute ago I had no idea cards were crunchy in both senses of the word. Chomping on a Jack of Clubs was an entertaining if unusual experience. The pleasures of it are liken to dipping your hands in a bag of beans or cracking open creme brulee.

So I'd recommend you try it, but to hold these thigns in consideration:
1. Use a not-needed or not-from-a-commonly-used-deck card.
2. Do not taste it. It tastes horrible. Very bitter and plasticy and probably what dryboard markers would taste like.
3. Plan a completely sensible explanation in case someone asks.


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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer
May 28 2006 07:33 PM
Yum. Playing cards. smile.gif

Are they really crunchy? ohmy.gif Now I know what I'll plan for lunch tomorrow.

Explanations are easy. Just tell someone there was no food in the refrigerator and you hadn't had any breakfast. (It might be a good idea to hide the refrigerated food before you start, though.)

I have an interesting question. Would the crunchiness and dry-erase marker taste be limited only to the Jack of Clubs, or does it spread into the other suits and ranks, as well? I've always thought Kings would have a richer taste.
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Kyn Ace (III)
May 28 2006 07:46 PM
There are many many flavors you can chose from, eh?

Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, Baseball, Basket Ball, Poker, Zatch Bell- any of these cards! Also note ID Cards are good to chew on incase you're in need of something to chew on at a place that only has ID Cards.

But yeah, you're not the only one who chews on Cards :0. I chew on my unneeded Yugioh and Pokemon cards all the time!

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hmm... chewing cards... i'll give that a shot with some old TCG cards i have... (i'm talking good ol' yugioh, take one of those ancient miscolored cards...)
here's a reasonable scenario
    parent- 'what are you doing!?!'
    you- 'i'm expanded my horizons for foods that i like.'
    parent- 'but why?'
    you- 'well, say you're to hungry to actually cook the food, just eat the box as well, plus, the fiber is good for you.'
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