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Posted by Etcetere , May 27 2006 · 237 views

That's one of my favorite words. Etcetera. It's Latin, and I believe it's correctly written et cetera. Prolly means "and on" or something of the like. Man, I wish so much I could be taking Latin in high school. All they have is French, Spanish, and ASL (which no, is not a netronym to find out your personal info, but instead signifies American Sign Language). Exciting, no?

Neverbethelessthan, it's still my favorite word. For me it takes the place of "Miscellaneous" and "Other", Miscellaneous being such a queer word (queer now and evermore being used in its original sense) whose abbreviation doesn't help much, and "other" just being a pathetically lame word that doesn't even qualify itself. How can anything be other, because something can't be something else, so what one is isn't another, and another is its own. Reread that sentence 14 times, it won't help.

But the best part is is that Etcetera is an empty container. It can specify anything and never be full. Everything Else, it could be called. But guess what. Latin words beat "Everything Else" any day. But really, I think of it and it's like a hilly field, with hills. Dunno why that particular image, but that's the traditional picture usually in one's mind when one thinks of free and limitless. Really, hills have nothing to do in immediate relation with being free. Maybe one day long ago, on those hilly fields some battle was fought against some bad people and the good guys won and everyone was free and happy and limitless. And for some reason, we all remember it.. or something.

Now I know what that picture popping into my head is. It's one of those generic Windows XP desktops. And, though it might not necesarily be the same photograph, the backdrop for the Claritin boxes. OSs and Allergies and Freedom and Etcetera. The resemblance is somewhere, I'm sure.


Herruy for actual bloglike blog entries!
And for first ever second blog entry!

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I share your dismay about the absence of a Latin course at your school.
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Core...I have three words for you...what the heck? tongue.gif

That was pretty much randomness at it's best. But then again, etcetera pretty much is randomness, because if you put everything (aka etcetera) in a pot, you get a pot of randomness. smile.gif

- Cee
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I agree with Cee. tongue.gif

But randomness IS cool. XP
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Kyn Ace (III)
May 28 2006 03:33 PM
What a surprise, you'll be mad, but I'm taking Latin in high school in lieu of Spanish and French...because I dislike the French and I can go to McDonalds to learn Spanish tongue.gif

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Something's particularly struck me. Ow.

Really, It's a bit ironic that I posted an "Etcetera" entry right before deciding this.

Basically, The Core Dimension applies to a story/universe I invented, it's about realms and all that. But the more developed version of that story, Parable, kinda takes the place of it. And I realized Core Dimension doesn't really define me because there's a whole lot of stuff that interests me and/or I create that has nothing to do with the Core Dimension, so using that as the name for everything just didn't qualify.. everything.

Etcetera was my first idea for the moniker of the technoist I aspire to be. But #1 Etcetera didn't really fit for that, and #2 I decided ".sela"h as a perfect name.

Then I put 2 and 2 together. I succeeded with a result of 4.

As soon as I can, my name is going to be Etcetera. Thankfully BZP is really the only online community I'm deeply involved in, but I might as well fix my e-mail address and everything. But... yeh. Etcetera fits me perfectly. Hopely no one got to attached to Core Dimension.

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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer
May 28 2006 07:24 PM
Well, I don't know about anyone else, but that made perfect sense to me! smile.gif

*Ignore blank stares.*

What? It did. blink.gif

Etcetera sounds pretty good to me. Original, profound, and not too long. The perfect username.

How much longer do you have to wait to change your name?
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Till the start of July. Unless my Premiership runs out right then and I have to wait another 45 days. But with these blogs I'm tempted to be a permanent premier.

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no latin at my high school either
only spanish, french, and chinese (yeah, chinese!)
not like i'm actually taking any of those classes
i took spanish 3 last year, and a straight C average doesn't help the GPA of an honors student tongue.gif
yeah... and than there's et cetera tongue.gif
'tis an excellent word
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Dr. Keerakh
May 30 2006 08:47 AM
One of the more strange blogs I've seen, but hey! It's original... and downright random! But I like randomness. And I like Latin (poor you for having no Latin). Latin est optime!

Yeah, onto the latest blog. I like it - Etcetera is a fine, fitting name, clean and simple and fits you well. I can just see the nicknames coming out of that. I need to find a spiffy name like that... but then again I love my name and then there's the problem of finding a new post color as well as editing my sign-offs (gosh I'm going to regret those one-day, when I'm not an average member and I've changed my name). Thank goodness for quick editing! biggrin.gif

And that McDonald's joke... XDXDXDXDXDXD

Your average member,
Dr. Keerakh
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Hey, I actually got that sentence. And I only read it twice.

Ahem. Anyways, at least you have languages. At my old school, we didn't have any language courses, and I wish they had ASL at my school. Oh, and that was very random. But cool. Randomness is good.


t.gif t.gif

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