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Bird Space


New Record

Posted by Makaru , Oct 18 2006 · 228 views
I set a new personal record for most consecutive hours worked in a row. The new record is 17 hours. The old one was 15½ hours.

Go me!



Bad Topics In Completely Off Topic

Posted by Makaru , Oct 17 2006 · 210 views
Public Service Announcements
If you see a topic in COT that breaks rules or is just waiting to be closed by a moderator, and you've followed my advice and reported it, for the love of all things decent and good on BZP...


...seriously. Don't. Every time you post in one of these topics, Omi skins a noob for his seat covers. And that's just tacky looking. Won't someone please think of Omi's car?

Oh, and Tufi and Janus' sanity. That too.



Dude, I'm Getting A Dell

Posted by Makaru , Oct 16 2006 · 165 views
I'm finally getting my own computer. And I'm getting it from Dell. A Dimension 5150. They got a sale going on, and even customized to my specifications it's just shy of $1100, so I can afford it easily. What it will have:
  • Intel® Pentium® Processor 524
  • Windows® XP Professional
  • 100GB Hard Drive
  • 8MB cache
  • 19 inch Ultrasharp™ 1907FP Digital Flat Panel Screen
  • 16x DVD-ROM drive & 16x DVD+/-RW
  • Integrated Sound Blaster®Audigy™ HD sound card
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2006
  • McAfee Security Center (Soon to be replaced with Norton Kills Everything that this system uses)
  • 1 yr warranty which is included in the price
And unlike most computer buyers, I'm knowledgeable of what all of that means.

Anyway, the reason I felt like sharing any of this with you fine folks is if you have any suggestions, I could use 'em. I trust Dell, since I've ordered a few computers from them for other people, but this is the first chance that I get to do it for myself. But yeah, general insight is appreciated.



Anyone Wanna Buy 100+ Empty Canisters?

Posted by Makaru , Oct 15 2006 · 247 views
I just cleaned out my closet today. Upon doing so, I threw out all but the boxes for Irnakk, The Bahrag and the red motorbike that I had sitting in there, including over fifty mask pack boxes and ten Titan boxes. I also bagged my Toa/Piraka/Bohrok/Vahki/Rahkshi/Visorak/Hockey/Roborider.Knights Kingdom canisters and Slizer containers. Got two full garbage bags full of them.

I dunno. I kinda feel bad for tossing out such wonderful memories tied to the box art, but I also feel refreshed. Anew to go another five years to see what I have collaborated by then. Honestly, I can't say I regret anything.



The Soundtrack And Answers Of Your Life

Posted by Makaru , Oct 14 2006 · 151 views
This entry was pretty much created by Kyn and Hahli Husky.

Soundtrack of your life, stolen from Hahli Husky.

The rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Post in blog, pass it on!

Opening Credits:

Waking Up:

An Ordinary Day:

The First Date:

Falling in Love:

The Rumble:

The Break-up:

Getting Back Together:

Life's Okay:

The Mental Breakdown:


The Flashback:

The Party:

Everybody Dance Now:


The Long Night Alone:

A Death:

End Credits:

Ask Your Media Player These Questions, And get the answers to life, stolen from Kyn, rules adapted from Hahli Husky's.

The rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Question one is answered by the song title of the first songe that plays, and so on
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Post in blog, pass it on!

What do you think of me, media player?

Will I have a happy life?

What do my friends really think of me?

Do people secretly love after me?

What should I do with my life?

Why must life be so full of pain?

Will I ever have children?

Will I die happy?

Can you give me some advice?

What do you think happiness is?

Am I complete freak?


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