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Get To Know Your Bloggie

Posted by Makaru , Oct 13 2006 · 251 views
Blog Support
Guess what, guys? We got ourselves another Bloggie! I would like to personally congratulate BZP member Kohaku on his newfound powers of mind control. He can now read your thoughts like the rest of us. The talkback to this is Here.

It's also another bloggies Birthday today. And so far, the congratulations is very disappointing. Please send Kahu Rider 13 your birthday wishes at this topic before I draft all your entries.

But the entry at hand. Let's get to know the team, shall we?

Age: 18
Role: Blog Leader
About him:
He keeps us whipped in shape as the most efficient staff team on BZP. Our Drill Sargeant, if you will. He is also responsible for keeping several other forums intact, including General Discussion, News and Completely Off Topic. Also, he is a cyborg.

Age: 19
Role: Premier Blog Assitant
About him:
He moderates the blogging community and occasionally helps out the odd member. He also is the keeper of the sacred tomes in which the orginization lives by. He also wrote this article on little sleep. And he's awesome. If nothing else, he is very awesome.

Age: 13
Role: Blog Assistant
About him:
Formerly a Q&A giant and well-renouned S&T geek, Darnzerf helps out in the background by keeping the blogs orderly and enforcing the rules of the online community. Ironically, the only one to have never owned a blog.

Kahu Rider 13
Age: 16
Role: Blog Assistant
About him:
Little is known about this creature, but the effectiveness in which he serves justice in the blogging community is astounding. Also, the first Blog Assistant to actually own a blog. One he can't use mind you, but he had one just the same.

Age: 16 17
Role: Premier Blog Assistant
About him:
The newest member, Kohaku is the only one of us to have had a blog prior to being appointed to power. He is a recipient of the Blog of the Week award and holds the second highest Entry count in the community. He will no doubt make a great addition to the team.


The Colbert Report

Posted by Makaru , Oct 12 2006 · 74 views
I've already talked about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so here's an entry about the spin-off show. The Colbert Report was originally supposed to be a gag bit shown on The Daily Show as a spoof of such punditry shows as Crossfire (deceased) and The O'Reilly Factor (barely clinging to life).

It's essentially the opposite of The Daily Show in 'viewpoints', though if you watch it you can clearly see the satire (see: The Word). And more often than not, Steven Colbert comes off more witty than his predaccesor, Stewart. I tell you, this is a rare moment in history. Never does a Spin-Off ever become as successful as it's parent show, let alone possibly better. Not to mention being showed in adjacent time slots every day.

Last night showed exactly just how popular the show had gotten. Earlier, Colbert did a bit for the 42nd district of California, which is essentially Hollywood(ville). He got up in front of a greenscrean and did a few Lightsaber moves, at the end saying "Lucas'll edit that scene in later, right?"

This caused an explosion on the internets. The tubes became clogged with videos of that same fight scene, but with things super-imposed on the background. Colbert fought several different monsters (and bears aplenty), and some were creative enough to switch up the scene to show him insituations where he doesn't have a lightsaber, but swords and other weapons.

Google video it. They're out there somewhere.

Well this eventually turned into The Greenscreen Challenge (which wasn't a contest), and a mass of more movies flooded in. And last night they showed the two top finalists. One was from some woman in Ohio or something like that, and the other was from George Lucas himself. And both entries were admittedly awesome. Colbert gave the winning title to the the other woman out of satire, but ironically I liked hers over Lucas.

But yeah. That was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen on a fake news show. Next to the infrequent but deadly ownings by Stewart.




Posted by Makaru , Oct 11 2006 · 200 views
Dragonforce is awesome. This is why. Discuss.


It's Hard To Fargle Nardle Zous...

Posted by Makaru , Oct 10 2006 · 237 views
...with all these marbles in my mouth.

I'm currently addicted to classic Weird Al Yankovic. Mostly because I can't seem find a copy of Straight Out of Lynwood. Not that I'm complaining. Amish Paradise is always awesome after 20 listens.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Makaru , Oct 09 2006 · 127 views
Important Days
Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians.
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