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Blog Shout Out

Posted by Makaru , Oct 08 2006 · 158 views
Blog Related Business
I command you all to read my boss' blog, Intense E.M.O.T.I.O.N, by Janus Q. Forumblogsleader. And yes, that is his last name.



The Internet Aka Obscurity

Posted by Makaru , Oct 07 2006 · 135 views
You see, the internet is not a dumptruck. You can't just dump things onto it. It's a series of tubes. I tried to get airline tickets over the internet once, but there were snakes on it. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson was there to work things out. But unfortunately, he was carrying toothpaste and had to be escorted by the Air Marshal off of the flight.

I declare 2006 the official year of Obscurity.



Posted by Makaru , Oct 06 2006 · 210 views
Meatloaf is awesome. I'm not referring to the singer, though he himself is quite the listen. I'm talking about the food. It is the greatest proper dish ever invented. It doesn't rely on vegetables, drinks or appetizers to make a meal. It eliminates all the ingredients that otherwise weigh down the meal. It's a solid chunk of meat and sauce. It's 100% meaty goodness.

I'm having some right now with some steakhouse chili for a quick protien fix.



The Elton John Concert In Review

Posted by Makaru , Oct 05 2006 · 126 views
In these two entries, I told you all about how I went to see Elton John, live in concert. And here's what I though:

Awesome. Absolutely the best show I have ever seen.

All right, so the lights dim, and a soft synth overtone is played. The crowd goes nuts. All of a sudden, the opening synth riff from Funeral for a Friend (an instrumental from the double-sided EP, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road), and the drums kick in. This is my absolutely favourite song from Elton, along with it's partner Love Lies Bleeding in My Hand (from the same EP).

It blows me away. And it's awesome as the spotlight kicks in near the stage and we see Elton enter. And I'm incredibly lucky to be seated right behind the Piano. Although a majority of the concert I was facing the back of his head, there's large screens focusing on Elton and the Band to look at if you don't have front row seats. Not to mention after every song, he stood up and bowed to the audience like the diva he is.

At first he kicks in with the classics. Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me, Levon, etc. Every now and then he breaks into a random Piano solo so the rest of the band can rest and do costume changes. About halfway he went into some of the newer stuff from Captain and the Kid (nothing from Peachtree Road though, that I recall), but after about six songs he goes back into the classics like Believe and Crocodile Rock.

Near the end, he breaks into a song that I love, but I cannot mention the title. You know what it is if you're a fan. Then plays Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting, and everyone stands and bops along to the music. He then pauses, signs random things for the lucky people in the first row (including concert tickets, mugs and even a water bottle), and then went back and did Your Song.

He left the stage, and I figured "Oh, well now he's gonna do the reprise. What'll it be, Pinball Wizard?" But no, the concert ended. Kinda left us hanging, but considering he was bashing away at the keys for three hours straight, it was more than my money's worth.

And I have to say my favourite part (aside from the kick-awesome opening) was when he played Tiny Dancer. I almost cried because this song is one that connects me to my truest friend and someone I love more than anyone else. And to be there without her was pretty hard. Regardless, I sang along for her sake.

So would I go see it agian? Yeah. I would. Heck, I'd even go down and see his extravagent (and incredibly expensive) stage show in Las Vegas. Y'know. If I had the money and all. Yeah. Nothing too complicated.


The Daily Show With John Stewart

Posted by Makaru , Oct 04 2006 · 162 views
Yesterday I had the day off work. And when I do, I spend a good majority of it watching CNN and yelling at the television. Egads, I feel so old. But it's not like there's a shortage of things that don't irritate me. But I won't go into it in detail. Find me on AIM, and I'll talk to you there.

Regardless of my lack of respect for human life, there's always one thing that'll bring me out of any CNN, Fox or NBC funk. And that's John Stewart. The man is never without making fun of what is in the news, criticising those who need criticising, and overall raising the big questions that no one seems to be answering. Also, he's a gut-buster.

And last night's episode was the best one I've seen in a while. He even coined a new term if you happened to watch it last night. Also, he did a terrible Kennedy impersonation, and then admitted it. The only thing I didn't like was Dennis Miller's appearance on the show. He's funny, and I agree with him on many points, but the man just can't seem to be quiet for two seconds.

Regardless, The Daily Show is my choice for news. It's not feigning credibility. It's not out there to make a difference. It's there to make these depressing times a little more light. I would like to send a thank you to all the folks down at the Daily Show.


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