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Kopaka-sama makes my kokoro doki doki


Bugs! They're Everywhere! Exclamation Point!

Posted by Makaru , Sep 26 2006 · 18 views
I don't know if it's the weather, awakening of an ancient evil or just a load of bad Karma, but I am swarmed by bugs all this week. From this entry, you know that I am a slayer of wasps. A calling I am proud of.

But the wasps were not alone this week. Because shortly after the wasps, there were spiders. A lot of them. At work alone, they would spin their webs between the pumps, so when you would slip between them, you would get caught in them.

Then came the ladybugs. That wasn't as creepy as the others, but there were a lot of them. It was slightly unsettling to see. But when they land on you, it's like "Oh look. A ladybug. How whimsical." And then the rest of the day I was contemplating on why it was whimsical. Ladybugs will do that to you. It's how they get you, after all.

Ugh. But tonight (and last night, I hear) it was the Junebugs. They're a type of brown water beetle that in small ammounts are just slightly jibbly-causing. But there were hundreds, I'm not exaggerating, swarming the lights. I must have killed over twenty by just unwittingly stepping on them. Bugs don't creep me out at all. I don't mind them. But tonight.


I tell you, if I get swarmed by locusts tomorrow, I'm bookin' it. Elton John or not, I ain't gonna risk the appocolypse.

Anyway, I made a purple Gafna. Veiw it here.



Money, Get Back

Posted by Makaru , Sep 25 2006 · 58 views
I'm pulling so much overtime this pay period. It's awesome. I mean, I'm pretty much dead right now, but I'll probably love it by the time this friday rolls around.

This is a lame excuse for a blog entry. So in hopes to even it out, here's a MOC I've been working on along with several others.




I Am Makaru, The Destroyer.

Posted by Makaru , Sep 24 2006 · 50 views
Fear me, for I have slain many on the battlefield. All right, that's a lie. However, I have mercilessly destroyed one wasp every day for four days. And I plan to keep up my reign of terror until the first frost. Once with a clipboard, once with a can of Off! Deep Woods spray, and twice with a Neopropene gloves.

And as such, I have done the world a favour.



...and Done.

Posted by Makaru , Sep 23 2006 · 44 views
Finally completed the VNOLG. And now I will get back to my usual bloggerating duties.

Also, I'm fully cashed trained. How you like them apples?


Voya Nui Online Game

Posted by Makaru , Sep 22 2006 · 62 views
I'm addicted to it. And this is what I've got to show for it. Currently freeing the Matoran slaves. And oh look they want to go to the other side of the island. That doesn't take too much time...

I love this game...


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