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Kopaka-sama makes my kokoro doki doki


Lady Kopaka, Omicron...

Posted by Makaru , Sep 14 2006 · 41 views
Blog Related Business
Yeah, I'm totally ripping off your idea. But I'm adding my own little spin to it. I'm not sure why. The teal's probably getting to my head. Which I'm keeping by the way. I rather like it. In fact, I hade Valenti make me some garbs in said shade of awesome. You yourself can have designs like these if you visit The Teahouse, managed by two good folk, IXI and Valenti. Tell 'em I sent you, and they'll knock 50% off a cup of Earl Grey.

Some examples:
IPB Image
IPB Image

Anyway. Free coffee and donuts. Cheers.


Colour Change Up For No Reason.

Posted by Makaru , Sep 13 2006 · 27 views
Today I feel like posting in Teal. Because Teal is just as awesome as purple, and very few people post in it. So that's what I'll do.



Work Just Became Awesome

Posted by Makaru , Sep 12 2006 · 66 views
In this blog entry, I told you all how much work relatively sits low on things I want to do. Now, it's still down there but some events arose that made it just a little more sufferable.

I got more. See right now, a lot of my co-workers are going back to school. And because of this, we just went from short-staffed to something I call "Code Sacre Bleu!". Not to mention we had a couple of people leave, another couple fired, and only two hired on since. So with me out of school temporarily and the Gas Bar needing workers, I get bumped up from casual shifts (part time) to a guaranteed 40 hours a week with unspoken almost guaranteed overtime, which is pay and a half.

I love having nothing better to do with my time.

Limiting Service
Now I told you how understaffed we are, right? That's because there's a job boon in Alberta. People are grabbing higher paying jobs left and right, leaving the service industry practically empty, not to mention kids going back to school. So in lieu of this, we're switching from 2 Full Service islands and 1 self Service island to 1 Full Service island and 2 self service islands (there are 4 pumps per island). Which means not only are we going to be properly staffed for once, there's going to be a weeklong transitionary phase. We, as the pump attendants, get to sit there and look at the new self serve pumps.

"Sorry, we don't serve gas at self serve. You will need to do it yourself or pull into full serve."

And when you work in the service industry, no matter what you do, you fantisize about refusing service to customers. It's just human nature. It's sick, deranged, and I love it.

Cash Training
This is the best part of all. After I got back from my vacation, my manager immediately told me that I was to go in for cash training. See, one of the guys to leave was a cashier. And in his infinite wisdom, the manager decided that I, with no actual cash experience before hand, should be the one to take it on. But I don't mind. See, working cash isn't the same as being a Gas Bar Attendant. There are different responsibilities, different tasks, and best of all, different pay. I will be making +$11/hour, where as a gas attendant I'd be making around three dollars less.

And I'll always be guaranteed work seeing as there's only a few cashiers as it is. Not to mention it looks exquisite on a resume. Especially when you want to work for
Ken Borek or WestJet (Google 'em). Because I certainly ain't gonna be working at a gas station for a year, let alone for the rest of my life. ESPECIALLY under a union like theirs. Or as I like to call it, the legal Mafia.

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to this month, work wise. It's gonna be bearable and it'll help pay for my second year college tuition come January. But as a result, you won't see me much on BZP. My staff duties will take up most of my time here, which means I'll have less time for this blog o' mine. Solution? I'll be posting random song lyrics from songs that either mean a lot to me or that you've never heard of.




I'm Back. Rejoice!

Posted by Makaru , Sep 12 2006 · 18 views
I'm back from my vacation. Here is a list of things I bought:
  • Inuyasha Four : Fire on Mystic Island (DVD)
  • Resevoir Dogs (DVD)
  • Goodfellas (DVD)
  • Jaws (novel)
  • Jaws II (novel)
  • Airframe (novel)
  • Congo / Sphere / Eaters of the Dead (3-pack novel)
  • Prey (novel)
  • The Alphabet of Manliness [awesome novel]
  • Countless other things
My mother was driving and she also paid for the plane ticket to fly me back for work tomorrow. She's a card. I also met up with family members I haven't seen in 12 years. Everyone believes that I'm a giant among men (I stand well over six feet tall. A standard for the men in my family, but the women dominate us in population). As soon as my mother gets back, I'll have a bit of a slideshow.

It is also abundantly clear how awesome I am. But that's something I'm saving for a later entry. Now if you excuse me, I have some blogs to whip into shape.


Important Blog Announcement

Posted by Makaru , Sep 11 2006 · 36 views
Public Service Announcements
It has come to my attention that a couple of things are being done in the blogs that need to be stopped. They have always been enforced by existing rules in place, but they need to be more publicly recognized.
  1. Do not openly criticize or insult ANY member
    This includes regular members, the Staff and even banned members. If you want to address a problem with a staff or regular member, take it up with them via PM. If you cannot resolve the issue, then you report to a higher figure and ask them to assist you. And as for banned members, the blog staff have been pretty lax so far. However, insulting or making fun of banned members is not appropriate behaviour, and you will be notified if it gets out of hand.
  2. Absolutely NO leet
    Leet is inexcusable in any form on BZP. This is the practice of using symbols and numbers to replace letters in words. You are not to post leet in comments, content blocks, entries or titles. You are also not to link to sites or pictures that use leet.
  3. No links to outside sites with forums or external blogs.
    This has to do with BZP's advertising rules. The blogs are not your personal advertising posts. It should also be known that external blogs (IE ones not part of BZP) are still forums by definition. This is not as problematic as the others, but it still needs to be addressed.
Approved by Janus

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