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Will You Post Instructions?

Posted by Makaru , Aug 23 2006 · 37 views
Every now and then, I get people asking me for instructions or breakdowns of how my MOCs look. And even though I used to, the answer I give out now is no.

Is it because I hate you? Is it because I want to remain an awesome MOCist and leave the competition in the dust? Partially. But that's not the big reason why. And to explain, I'll give you a situation in life that's almost exactly the same.

One of my coworkers is a magician. Not like one of those corny top hat and cape ones of Vaudeville, or those TV ones like David Blaine and Chris Angel. He's a street performer. He does his illusions subsided in a random crowd of unwitting people. He does it for fun, and he's quite good at it.

But he's told me that he hates to do his material for family and friends. Partially because whenever they see him, they always expect him to perform all the time and have new material. But the biggest thing is the people who want to know how the trick is done. They want it explained so they can pull off the same thing.

Magicians don't give away their secrets. They study long and hard to get to where they are. They aren't going to trade their hard work like that for nothing. Which, FYI, is why you'll never see any good magic tricks explained on the internet. And if you do, congratulations. You've ruined it for someone else.

This is similar to my position. If you ask me how my MOCs are made, what have you learned? Nothing. All you've done is emulated me. You haven't gotten any better at MOCing. Whereas if you try to mimic me from the somewhat decent images I provide, you're learning how the stuff fits together. You get something from it.

Life is a learning process. You gain nothing from shortcuts.



Some New Mocs

Posted by Makaru , Aug 22 2006 · 27 views
My Mother's leaving for a trip soon, so I had to use the camera while I still had the chance. Count on seeing two MOC topics by me later today. One of them is a reletively recent design based off of something from a classic B-Movie cult flick. Omi knows what I'm talking about.

The second one is not only one of my better MOCs in recent memory, it is a re-do of every humanoid MOC I've created to date. It is literally been a WIP for over a year now. And I don't doubt it will remain that way until next year's Brickfest, which I plan on attending. And I'm bringin' some stuff with me. Hopefully Omi and the gang won't have fallen out by then.

I feel like imparting some wisdom today. And this one is for all the young MOCers out there. Ever have a design that you think looks kinda okay, but you aren't sure about it? Take a picture of it. Several ones. Even if they just sit on your hardrive for a few days (or in my case, years), you can look back on them, mull it over, and either continue with the project or scrap it and start anew.

It also doesn't hurt to have a few folks on your MSN/AIM/Whatever that you can bounce ideas off of every now and then about your works in progress. Just because you can't post 'em on BZP, don't make 'em evil things.



They Call Me A Workin' Man

Posted by Makaru , Aug 21 2006 · 45 views
I guess that's what I am.

I've been working at the Gas Bar in my community for over a month now, and I've had time to reflect. It's really not that bad of a job when I look at the nice paycheck I get after every other week. But that doesn't mean I can't whine and complain about it. I pay my taxes, and durn it if I don't deserve the right.


I now understand what George Harrison was telling me. The Taxman is a cruel, horrible person. And what makes it worse is he doesn't have a face. You can't call him up and complain because he isn't a real person. He's The Man. The System. The Establishment. And he has stolen $100 from me after a month of work. Then there's my pension plan, Employment Insurance, union dues and other fun things.

Should 5% appear too small
Be thankful I don't take it all
'Cuz I'm the taxman!

The Manager

I work for a putz. Now I know everyone says that their boss is the worst, and I know mine isn't. But I still get to complain about him, so there. We have about 20 people working an automotive lynchpin of our little sector of town. Last night, we had only two people who are legally allowed to work Propane. One was the Supervisor and on break, and the other was on cash. (and they switched positions later on in the night) so for an hour, propane was closed. And if anyone had a complaint? Here's the manager's business card. Yell at him.

This is but one example of his scheduling shennanigans.


Now the problem is getting rectified, but when I started working there, we had a few knuckleheads who decided that they'd go on break whenever they felt like it. So on the wonderful 5-6pm rush, I was pretty much working alone. Manning 8 cars at one time is not fun times. And now a lot of the senior guys are quitting because they're finding better jobs elsewhere. Not a surprise since the job market in Calgary is booming. The only reason you aren't working if you live here is because you choose not to work.

But Why Do I Still Work Here?

Simply put: $8.85/hour (not including daytime and night time premiums, overtime and so on...), and a 15 minute commute. And a lot of free time. And as soon as I get my propane certificate and my cash training, I'm bookin' it. Oh, and whenever I finish my 17 weeks probation.



M O C Theft

Posted by Makaru , Aug 20 2006 · 34 views
I'm a weird, weird person. I have had four of my MOCs passed off by other people as their own, and I have personally seen it. Now, some people get angry. Which makes sense. They put all this effort and hard work into something for so long for usually so little credit. Having someone getting the same credit for substantially less work is definately grounds for getting peeved.

But not me.

In the 1 year + that I've been publically showcasing my MOCs, I've had my BBC 36 MOC stolen once and a Work In Progress (that's right, an UNFINISHED design). But what's most noteworthy is the theft of my double entries for BBC 32, Cataclysmic Showdown. The Mata Nui MOC has been stolen twice, and the Makuta half has been taken four times. Four times. So naturally, you'd think I'd be breathing fire and just cruisin' for vengance.

But I'm not like that.

Maybe I'm too mellow. I have surprisingly low blood pressure, and I find it incredibly difficult to get worked up over anything. I'm impossible to offend, and I personally believe that life is too short to hold grudges. In the rare instant you get me angry I'll forgive you within the hour, often that very minute. But if you go and steal my MOCs, you're basically saying that your life means so little, you'd rather be me on the internet. You would rather ride my coattails than to prove yourself in the MOCing arena. Seeing someone passing off one of my MOCs as their own really makes my day.

Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to get you banned if you so tried to do that on BZP. I've got a reputation to keep up, you know.



Lemon Curry?

Posted by Makaru , Aug 19 2006 · 40 views
If Monty Python has taught us nothing else (and it probably hasn't), it's that 'Randomness' is an art. There is a time and a place for it, and a right way and an abundantly wrong way to use it. It takes skill to hone, but when properly mastered, it can be an effective weapon. Not like a rapier or a M-17, but more like a rubber chicken.

One of the key elements to a good random joke is placement. The more unlikely an unusual and sudden outlying event is to occur, the funnier it is when it does. Take for example the Comedies Forum. You expect random jokes, so they aren't that funny at all. But you slip a single, random joke into an epic? Comedic gold.

Another important subject is... well... subject. The backbone of the random incident, if you will. Things that have been used ad nauseum (a pie, the usage of the word pie, putting the word pie into parts of words like apiendage, et al.) will not appear as funny as something original, like for example a cat wrapped in duct tape. It hasn't been used much, but it does conjure a rather humorous image. Unless you're one of those ASPCA sticky-bits.

References to popular cult icons from the generation above you also have an unusual tendency to work upon those who are eclectic (weird) enough to appreciate the running gag. For example, my use of the term "Lemon Curry?" as my topic title is a nice throwback to Monty Python. By doing thus, I'm riding their coattails to enhance my sense of humour. Stealing? Yes. Profitable? Yes. Remorse? Probably should be, but no.

But if you do feel you must chose the road which stems from the Pie joke, the best way about it is to use it ironically. For example, that second to previous paragraph used similar gags, but in a manor where it could be seen as humorous at time where upon it would seem like criticising. Fooled you, didn't I? Another good example has been put forth by one Schizo Kaita in his comic strip here. By using the term 'pie' in a literal sense (and also slightly ironic, if you think about it), he gathers quite a bit of merriment.

But alas, more oft we see the comedic tool of Randomness used to lackluster potential. A rare treat, if you will. But one would also ponder, If it were more widely used properly, would it still be as funny? Would a healthy dose of good, clean randomousity really be as appetizing as it is now? Probably. And it would also make the world a better place. And most likely cure most ailments and make you slimmer. Sadly, it is but a fleeting dream in today's world.


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