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In Which I Use Too Many Words : Reblog

Posted by Makaru , Dec 12 2012 · 652 views

Get the padded cell ready. I'm coming home.

This is kind of a weird entry to write. I haven't done a serious post in quite some time. I've found a great deal of solace in humour. I employ it on a daily basis. Puns, allegory and straight-up irreverence in irrelevance. But the tone in which I write this blog entry with, to me, is vastly unusual from my normal sense of almost forced non-sequiturial diatribe.

In other words the big man has something to say.

On BZP, there is not one Bryan. There are many Bryans among you. Not in the sense that multiple dudes are responsible for this moniker, no no. There is just one pair of hands flapping wildly on this keyboard. But these hands are connected to a wide variety of personalities that dictate what words make it to you, the members.

It's a democrazy all up in here.

When it comes time for me to post, there's a certain filter in which the ideas flow. A vast library of viewpoints with their own set of rules and idioms. Depending on the mood of the message I wish to relay, I may turn some filters off, or indulge more focus on others. It's like this giant panel of cartoonishly stereotypical personalities. Pop Culture Bryan, Artsy Bryan, Comedian Bryan, BZPStuck Brian, Serious Bryan, Depressed Bryan. All these wonderful colours of personality that you see on television when the media makes an embarrassing attempt to conceptualize people with actual multiple personality disorders.

Wait, did I just justify Hollywood? Wait no, because there's no evil goatee Bryan. I'm still being politically correct. Whew.

So anyway, this motley crew of voices scream at the tops of their metaphorical lungs with what I imagine is non-metephorical air (which would explain the blood rushes and headaches) until some semblance of an idea gets posted on BZP to the effect of "you're all being silly and this is why". Either that or "draw more art of me, Mr. Ray. I demand to be validated and appraised by a fictional representation of a splinter of a fake representation of an Author Insert of someone I sometimes claim to be me".

What am I talking about? Oh yeah, filters.

So anyway, let's pretend that all these figments of my imagination, this consensus of pretend reflections that make up my Freudian Trio (as it were) have a certain set of moral codes. Beliefs. Things that I, as a single organism or person will take a stand on (if properly motivated or posited for inquiry); an avatar of which upon a soapbox on high would preach as the gospel of me of things Biblical, Political, and mineral.

But there is a time and place for everything.

On BZP, I am a Forum Moderator. It is a position of power within the structure of this site. A position that I am proud to have been bestowed upon me. I get the privilege to give back to a community that helped form the very individuals that I began to describe some twenty-thousand words ago. It is something that I enjoy absolutely unironically. This is a labour of love, as such I am also obligated to a responsibility in my position.

I have to keep the peace.

It is not my duty or right to tip the scale. I'm not here to tell someone they are wrong and I am right. As members, you have the right to my respect and limit of authority. What this means is, if you should desire, to approach me in a private setting and wish to engage me in a respectable discussion of opposing viewpoints, I would respectfully oblige. As Bryan. I would not be BZP Moderator Makaru. You would not be BZP Member So-and So, but an individual far from the structure of BZPower. It is a liberty I would grant anyone, really. But while I am on BZPower, I should be expected to follow the same rules as you do when it comes to public discourse and decorum.

Wait, what the heck am I talking about again? Whatever, I'm not reading through this nonsense again. Uhhh, I guess... just play nice and respect your fellow man? Shoe on the other foot, coexist, nobody's perfect and all that?

Ah yes, that's nice.
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Be excellent to each other, and party on.

AKA Bryan


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I completely agree.

That is too many words.

I copied and pasted this whole entry into Microsoft Word, and with your signature it turned out to be 721 words exactly.

You were so close to being under that 720 word threshold, Makaru. So. Close.

But you FAILED, ~Makaru~ AKA Bryan. You failed everyone on this site. And I have nothing more to say to you.
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Hahli Husky
Oct 30 2012 11:02 PM
I saw your passive-aggressive and saddening comment on your newest entry and decided to come here and comment instead. Because Rob and I both read this yesterday and we really enjoyed it. But we didn't know what to say other than YES AGREED but we probably should have just commented to say that and be Good Friends in the process. <3
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Jean Valjean
Oct 30 2012 11:22 PM
:kaukau: At first I thought you were talking about how people seem to show up with different incarnations of their personality, to which I relate. I feel like Clark Kent, Superman, and Kal-El in a sense, torn between multiple different views of who I am and what I'm supposed to be like. At times I'm the comedic nerd, and people think that's my true self. I often doubt it. At other times I'm the stark, pragmatic and world-weary American in a leather jacket and a head full of ideals. I like to say I'm the latter. I think the latter is more human. Yet then that person turns into a fantasy character, something larger than life, and I'm not sure anymore. Given the number of lives I have, the number of relationships and the number of conflicting dreams...Being a human is a difficult task.


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Queen of Noise
Oct 31 2012 02:21 AM
To mean you'll always be Bryan, head administrator of bzpower
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I saw your passive-aggressive and saddening comment on your newest entry and decided to come here and comment instead. Because Rob and I both read this yesterday and we really enjoyed it. But we didn't know what to say other than YES AGREED but we probably should have just commented to say that and be Good Friends in the process. <3


You indeed have a way with words.

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It's weird when BZP staff hint at stuff that happens beyond BZP. Like everyone's talking about a party you weren't invited to.
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