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Rantings of the Haven


From 2003 to 2018

Posted by <daydreamer> , Jan 17 2018 · 381 views

So, hi. Wow. I will admit that I thought the place was razed to the ground years back, and became nothing more than a childhood memory.

I was still technically a youth when I was last here. I was a child when I first joined this place - a very vivid memory of me asking my mother for permission to join the Internet in a world of Bionicle that I learned from a Flash game of Takua.

To add to the feels of polishing off cobwebs, a lot of my old content was gone. I found a message in my Inbox asking for my second Epic, Changing Worlds. All those documents are gone, I'm afraid. I'd honestly be surprised if any data from 2005 made it to my laptop 13 years later.

Lots have changed for me, once I left BZPower and the server move. I got a degree. I got a job. I moved countries for said degree and job, and had to leave it and return to my homeland. Taxes became a thing. Earning a living. The skill of the pen left me as well, when the demand of a day-to-day job overtook languid breaks between essays and projects... and World of Warcraft and Starcraft and Diablo, et cetera.

And the 'death' of Bionicle. I honestly could not keep up when Mata Nui went from godhood to mortal life. He was the last figurine I got, and that was as a gift to an autistic boy who shared a similar passion. That was in 2010, I think? When the news from LEGO came out, I merely thought that all good things would come to an end.

Fast track to today. Just two days ago, I had to dig out old certificates for an interview. I dug out my old backups to hunt down one missing cert, and came across my old FictionWrites. One of them was for Bionicle. And no, it was not everything. I eventually started saving my Epic writings in 2003-4 by copying what I raved into a text field onto Notepad. That did not come through. My short stories were lost too. I only found two stories, both in-progress and will probably be buried. They are fond memories to me, and it would be wrong to go back in and whack at it aimlessly.

I honestly don't know if I will pop round much anymore, but it is great to see old friends and usernames still active here in BZP. Maybe I will? I'm not sure how the rules have changed - or if the rules have changed - but... Yeah. Good to see BZPower alive and well.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by <daydreamer> , Feb 15 2011 · 242 views
Online Musings
It's gone. (For good?)

This was a tricky thing to start and maintain. HH said (in the very last post) that keeping this thing alive was an extreme amount of work. I'm not kidding, it's a lot of work, and drawn out over a long period of time.

Still, I'm really happy the idea made it so far. A newb in the Epics forum started the idea, then Twenty-Two took the helm while I was co-pilot, and now me. I wonder who's next, because I have the gut feeling that someone will pick it up and try it again. I wish that BZPer the best of luck in his/her endeavor.

Meanwhile, I can now read and review the remaining requests that weren't done in time. But, I am satisfied that I've given the topic its fair run. smile.gif



Too Busy...

Posted by <daydreamer> , Jan 28 2011 · 192 views

Way too busy..




Posted by <daydreamer> , Dec 03 2010 · 322 views
My first Twinkie. Ever.

First few seconds of that first bite: Ooo, cake!!! biggrin.gif

The next few seconds: TOO SWEET! DX

And I finished it.



Geek Girl Mode!

Posted by <daydreamer> , Oct 31 2010 · 224 views
My 5 year old MacBook Pro died on me in class - worst time to lose your files.

After getting a hard disk dock, torx and Phillips screwdrivers and spudger on speed delivery, I disassembled the MBP, got my HDD out, and cloned the disk to a new external hard disk.

I put the MBP back together successfully (mumbling to myself on what a fine job I did), brought it to the Apple Store and they took it away without much of a glance-over to check if anything looked fishy.

And now I got the gear to do data recovery services for people! biggrin.gif

Yeah, just an update. And how am I typing to you like this? I had a second MBP lying around, duh. tongue.gif

Happy Halloween!


Back In Beantown!

Posted by <daydreamer> , Aug 22 2010 · 209 views
Guess who's back in Boston? biggrin.gif

The flights I took to get here were crazy! Screaming babies, jutting elbows, and that neckache from sleeping without reclining (I don't like to squish others behind me, if I can help it) is hurting a little bit. However, and most surprisingly, where's the jet lag?





Posted by <daydreamer> , Aug 06 2010 · 286 views

Well, that's one way, out of many many ways, to fix a nosebleed.

I was a chronic nose-bleeder when I was young. It's the kind that leaks all the way down and doesn't go away until half an hour later, with treatment of course.

My grandmother firmly follows the method of letting the bleeding one lie down, with a ice-cold wet towel placed on the forehead as treatment. I remember the feeling of something going down the back of my throat during this lie-down, and I hated that feeling. It was very uncomfortable, having to swallow whatever it was down to get rid of the feeling.

Then came a new one I learned from Bill Nye The Science Guy - twisting tissue paper up your nostril and pinching the bridge of your nose. I tried that, much to my grandma's chagrin, and when that didn't work in 15 minutes she laid me down again on the couch and got out the towel and ice.

Then, the school principal suggested this: Bend over a sheet of newspaper and let it drip all out. I tried that. I felt so weird after 10 minutes of bending over I went for the ice towel without a second thought.

Then came the ultimate cure - cauterization. My mum got fed up. She sent me to the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist and he recommended it. I went for the surgery, with electricity applied to 'broken nerves because I was picking my nose too much', and that did the trick. For many years.

Until not too long ago. It bled again while I was in college. There was no ice and towel, so I consented to the tissue-up-my-nose method. My boyfriend, also another chronic nose-bleeder, suggested I put in less tissue and press down lightly on the fleshy part. That... worked! Kinda. It still took 15 minutes, but it worked. The cauterization did help make the bleeding much less than it was when I was younger.

Now, hilariously, it's bleeding. I've got a partly-damp tissue up my nose and gave it a press. I'll see how long this goes, but I'm OK! smile.gif


The New Ecc Topic Is Up!

Posted by <daydreamer> , Jul 31 2010 · 202 views
Online Musings
Revamped, renewed, and ready to go!

Epic Critics Club ver. 4!



Foodie Rant

Posted by <daydreamer> , Jul 21 2010 · 187 views
Ramen for dinner.

Pork bone soup for breakfast.

A normal foodcourt lunch.

The foodie in me will undergo severe taming. XD



There's Wise Progress

Posted by <daydreamer> , Jul 13 2010 · 180 views
Nasty facts about dental surgery:

1) I now face a 2% risk of permanent (possibly partial) numbness to the right side of my lip and jaw if I go through this.
2) I also face a 0.1% risk of permanent (most likely partial) numbness to the right side of my tongue if I go through this.
3) The dental surgeon realized that I'm one of those kids who hasn't done any major dental surgery before. He suggests sedation.
4) And I don't mind the idea. It's 1 needle on my hand versus 4 needles in my mouth.
5) And conking out sounds like a good idea amid heavy-duty drilling, vibrations, and achey-mouth for opening it for 45 minutes...

And I'm still going for it! XD



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