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The Songs of Distant Earth


On the Bionicle Story Ending with Makuta's Victory

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 22 2015 · 452 views
Bionicle, G1, S&T
How can ANYONE say in good conscience that the Bionicle story should have ended with the villain victorious and all hope extinguished? It would be the ultimate disrespect to the rest of the story, undermining every single lesson the Bionicle story ever tried to teach.

Yes, not all stories have happy endings. But endings, happy or unhappy, should MEAN something. Ending Bionicle with despair would have zero meaning, being "edgy" and "dark" but also "terrible" and "idiotic".

Sometimes I think people proclaiming their love of G1 have mixed up the meanings of "love" and "hate".


From: Flow Like Water

Posted by Lyichir , Feb 17 2015 · 173 views
fanfiction, bionicle, g2


Gali was exhausted. Her legs ached from swimming all day—which she had been doing for weeks now, following a figure she hardly knew. Her guide called herself the “Protector of Water,” and Gali didn’t even know how much she could be trusted—but this mysterious character seemed to know who she was and why she was here, which was more than Gali herself had any recollection of...

I wrote a fanfic? A BIONICLE fanfic!? I guess miracles do exist.

Anyway, I didn't spend all that much time on this, so I'm not making any promises about quality. But feel free to head to the topic to check it out!

Source: Flow Like Water


THEORY: Plausible connection between Bionicle G1 and G2!

Posted by Lyichir , Feb 01 2015 · 327 views
Bionicle, G1, G2, S&T
A lot of people have been posting their theories on how Bionicle G1 and G2 are connected in S&T, so I thought I'd share my own! Check out the topic!


From: What do you want to see in the Lego Batman Movie?

Posted by Lyichir , Jan 13 2015 · 185 views
Lego, Super Heroes, Batman and 1 more...
Blogged because while I wrote it as part of another comment I think it's a sentiment that deserves to stand on its own:

On another note—I love the theme of the movie we've heard about from Phil Lord and Chris Miller: Can Batman be happy? It's a question worth asking, in an era where DC and Warner Bros. think that audiences still only want gritty, angst-ridden, "realistic" superheroes in movies, or with high-profile marriages between DC comics characters being aborted because "Superheroes shouldn't have happy personal lives." If Lego is what it takes to get DC Comics out of its recent funk, I think it'll be a good thing for the comics market and the superhero genre in general.

Source: What do you want to see in the Lego Batman Movie?


From: 2015 Nui Rama

Posted by Lyichir , Jan 07 2015 · 184 views
Lego, Bionicle, 2015, Technic and 1 more...

Posted Image

So recently, inspired by an offhand comment my twin brother made about wanting to see/build an updated version of the classic Nui-Rama set, I decided to try my hand at a MOC.

After much planning, preparation on LDD, and scavenging parts from recent Technic sets, the result is what you see here. A "Skull Sandfly" (still not 100% sold on the name, but I like the alliteration). I tried to recreate the look of the classic set while giving it a much-needed update, with CCBS parts replacing the classic low-posability Bionicle limbs and the dated Throwbot/Slizer gearbox cleared out to make way for a custom gearbox which utilizes the knob gears from this year's Technic-heavy Toa and Lord of Skull Spiders. The function looks better (thanks in part to the wings from Gorast and Thornraxx) and arguably works better, with less wobble and a better grip for the handle. The jaw and claws are now posable, thanks to parts from last year's Hero Factory sets, and the eyes are now solidly attached instead of weirdly popping off like other masks. And at 103 pieces, it gives the original a run for its money in terms of bulk and building experience as well.

More photos, video, and even a digital download are available from the MOC topic!

Source: 2015 Nui Rama


#Binacle2015: Results and Last Chance!

Posted by Lyichir , Jan 01 2015 · 348 views
Bionicle, BZPower, Pokémon, 2015 and 1 more...
Well, after 30 minutes of Wonder Trade I managed to trade away 24 of my nicknamed Binacle. But as I did so I began to notice that none of the people I traded seemed to be BZPers. So instead of trading away the whole box, I decided to get rid of the last ones a bit differently.

I have six #Binacle2015 left, with one destiny—to be traded DIRECTLY to BZP members who are interested in them! For those who don't have me on their Friend List, my Friend Code is 0817-4310-5392. If you're interested in one of my Binacle (or just want to add me to your Friend List for the heck of it), either post your Friend Code here or PM it to me and we can set up a time to trade!


Project #Binacle2015

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 30 2014 · 266 views
Bionicle, Pokémon, BZPower, 2015

So over the past weekend I set to work on a little project to celebrate the return of Bionicle.

Announcing... Project #Binacle2015!

I've bred 30 Binacle on my Omega Ruby version and nicknamed every one of them "#Binacle2015". And I'm planning to Wonder Trade them all at approximately 12:00 pm EST (noon) on January 1st, 2015. These aren't rare Pokémon, they're statistically average, and they don't have any egg moves or hidden abilities. But if you're interested in getting one of these commemorative Pokémon, stock up on Pokémon to Wonder Trade at the given time in the hopes of nabbing one for yourself!

Source: The Official Pokemon Topic


My Korra Finale Thoughts

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 20 2014 · 222 views
The Legend of Korra
First and foremost, a spoiler-free review: IT WAS AWESOME. It was a fitting end to the series and certainly approached the greatness of the A:TLA finale even if it didn't necessarily match it.

Now, to the spoilery bits, sorted for your viewing convenience.




So yeah. I was extremely satisfied with the finale as a whole. Mike and Bryan don't seem intent on returning to the Avatar universe right away, but that's okay—I'll be glad to see whatever they might come up with next.


The Problem with Canonization

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 10 2014 · 328 views
Bionicle, GregF, BZPower
The recent trend of fans petitioning Greg to canonize details of the story has been controversial. But I've been upset to see that devolve into a bunch of Greg-bashing.

Let's be clear: Greg's not the problem here, or at least, not the main one. The fans are.

They're the ones who decided, after Bionicle's end, to consider Greg the sole arbiter of canon. During Bionicle's run he may have been the "mouthpiece" of the Bionicle story, but he was only one member of a team. And that team, for the most part, did a great job of keeping the overall story on-track. Back in those days, there were questions that Greg DECLINED to answer simply because it was not his position to do so—some decisions could only be made with the input of the story team, to avoid conflicting with the overall thrust of the story. There were checks and balances. All that went out the window when the theme ended, the story team disbanded, and fans decided that they would rather let Greg string the story along indefinitely than consider it a closed book.

And now, they're the ones badgering Greg to canonize every single ambiguous detail from the Bionicle story. So far, at least from what I've heard (and I lost interest in the minutiae of the classic Bionicle story long ago), it's not a case of him canonizing terrible suggestions. The problem is that he's canonizing suggestions that never needed to be made. The Bionicle story isn't any better for knowing so-and-so's mask, or weapon, or what this character or that would look like as a set. If anything, it's worse—fans are continually eating away at all the mysteries in a story that was characterized by mystery, and the little details that used to be open to actual creative interpretation in a brand that was intended to allow for creative play. Let's be clear: every time Greg canonizes a character's mask, it DECANONIZES every other possible mask that character could have worn. Every time he canonizes a weapon, it DECANONIZES every other weapon. To petition Greg to include your headcanon in the story is to exclude every other fan's interpretation of the story.

Now, some may argue that this doesn't matter. If the canon disagrees with you, just ignore it and come up with your own headcanon! But there are problems with that idea. Firstly, the organized Bionicle community has an obsession with canon. It's why we have to deal with these idiotic suggestions in the first place—a lot of Bionicle fans CARE about the actual canon, and it leads them to want to make a mark on it. Secondly, the fans that don't like suggestions? They DO ignore it! They do like I did years ago and divorce themselves altogether from the canon—but that, of course, means divorcing themselves from huge parts of the community that they used to enjoy. I used to love coming up with theories in S&T, because it was neat to try to figure out how the Bionicle universe worked, or try to predict the twists and turns of the story. But now I can hardly follow the discussions there, because discussion of the story often relies on a shared interpretation of the story—a singular canon—and the more of that canon you ignore, the less common ground you have with other fans to base discussions on.

I'm very glad that Bionicle is being rebooted next year. The old story, at this point, is a lost cause. It should have been ended definitively years ago, but fans opted to keep it alive long after the point of death, and now I hardly get any joy from it. Bionicle 2015 is a much needed fresh start, and I dearly hope that it can learn from the original theme's ample mistakes. And the biggest mistake I want it to avoid is letting the inmates run the asylum, as the original theme did.


From: Lego Equestria Girls

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 04 2014 · 209 views
Lego, My Little Pony and 1 more...

Posted Image

Psst... guys. I made a thing. Please go check out the topic!

Source: Lego Equestria Girls

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