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The Songs of Distant Earth


Big McIntosh Dating Sim (From: Official My Little Pony topic)

Posted by Lyichir , Aug 21 2013 · 189 views

Sooooo... I finally broke down and started a silly little project I'd been contemplating for a while. It's a Visual Novel-style Dating Sim, where you play as Big McIntosh and get to date each of the Mane Six (except Applejack, of course). The catch is that your only choices for responding to questions are "Eeyup", "Nnope", and "...", and partly due to that each date ends rather poorly regardless of what decisions you make.

Story-wise, I'm trying to keep the whole thing in-character and close to the spirit of the show. There'll be some minor mature themes, mostly expressed through innuendo, but in general I'm trying to keep it about as lighthearted and innocent as a game that revolves around heartbreak can be. The sensuality that is there will be mostly for the purpose of tracking progression and enhancing the disappointment when things don't work out in the end.

For example, in Twilight's story she goes on a dinner date with Big McIntosh, while reading from a book about dating. Afterwards, she invites him home with her, since the book recommends that after a good date. Just as she finishes preparing a bed for the two of them, she starts to ask him some questions that don't have yes or no answers. When she realizes that Big McIntosh has such a limited vocabulary, she points out that it wouldn't work out between them and sends him home.

I'm putting it together in Microsoft Powerpoint (which is probably the worst tool I could use for the job, but it's also the easiest for a non-programmer like myself to figure out), and it's coming along well. I have the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy routes fully scripted; Twilight's and Rarity's are mostly scripted though I'll need to go back to them and make them longer; I'm making progress on Pinkie Pie's, but it's been the hardest for me so far and I still am unsure exactly where I'm going with it. I have color coded text boxes but no art, although a friend who worked on Double Rainboom says she told some of the folks she worked with about it and some of them expressed interest, so fingers crossed.

I've been trying to keep it low key. It's just a silly little thing I'm doing to see whether I have what it takes, as well as to poke fun at a lot of the shipping involved. I hope some people might play it and be impressed, but the last thing I want is a disproportionate amount of hype that the finished game (which is ultimately more about the illusion of choice than a true variety of choices) will never be able to live up to. Nonetheless, I felt I could share this idea with you pony folks here at BZPower.

So, does anyone have any questions? Opinions? Suggestions? Diagnoses of lunacy? I'm all ears.

Source: Official My Little Pony topic



Posted by Lyichir , Jun 27 2013 · 150 views

Guys guys guys.
I just wanted to say I'm generally proud of what's been going on in the blogs lately.
People have been making entries (at least partially) about politics. And the staff has, from what I've seen, been VERY lenient about letting them live so long as they stay civil. And for the most part, they have.
That said, there are some things I'd like to talk about.
Most of us know what happened in Texas. A lot of (generally agreed upon to be) bad stuff went on. Remember that that was in response to (generally agreed upon to be good) stuff happened there too. Remember that both sides of the debate there have Texans arguing them, so even if the guys in charge act like cool dudes sometimes, I don't think the people who stood there for 15 hours would like you slandering their state after they tried their very hardest to change the status quo there for the better.
Also, I've seen some off-site mumblings with people complaining about the staff. And I think that's not that cool. The staff have been awesome lately at letting members express themselves (particularly here in the blogs) and only step in when things start to get vitriolic. Five or six years ago I don't think I'd have seen this sort of open discussion about gender politics or gender identity here. That's not to say the staff did the wrong thing back then. But we've matured as a userbase, and I think B6 has been generally awesome at letting us explore the boundaries of where the politics rule needs/doesn't need to be enforced. So don't be hatin'.
But in general, y'all keep doing how you're doing. That's part of what keeps me coming back to this section of BZPower.


1,000 posts

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 28 2012 · 115 views

So a week or so ago I noticed that I was coming up on 1,000 posts. I resolved to pay attention so I could make that 1,000th post count for something.

Today I checked back and my post count was 1,007. Whoops.

Anyway, you'd think I'd have more posts than that given how long I've been here, but I'm far from the most active member. It doesn't help that I have a twin brother who shares many of my views and is generally better at conveying them through his posts.

At least he's working on an avatar for me, considering I've gone without one since the Great Dataclysm. That might help me to finally establish my own identity on here.


BrickFair or Bronycon?

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 24 2012 · 186 views
Brickfair, Bronycon, Bronies and 1 more...
They're both happening the same weekend next year, and for once Bronycon is within a reasonable distance of my home in Virginia.

I'm definitely going to BrickFair (as I have for every year since its inception), but it'll be a shame to miss out on Bronycon when it shows up on my doorstep.

Part of me wonders if it would be feasible to visit Bronycon just for one day, probably Saturday during the public hours. Any other Bronies going to be at BrickFair? Perhaps together we could come up with some sort of plan?


Too Many Pinkie Pies

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 17 2012 · 106 views

I think that latest episode was okay, but far from the best.


Source: Official My Little Pony topic


Pokémon Nicknames

Posted by Lyichir , Oct 12 2012 · 128 views

So I thought, while the recent Pokémon games are on everyone's minds, I'd blog about nicknames.

I never used to nickname my Pokémon back in the days of G1 or G2. I only started in G3, when I decided on a whim to name my Sceptile "Katana". I don't think I nicknamed any of my others, and that's kind of a relief, considering what my Sceptile's nickname says about my naming skills at the time.

I didn't nickname my team in Pearl Version, and felt bad about it. So from HeartGold and SoulSilver onwards, I made it a point to nickname my party. Not right when I caught them; this time I wanted them to have names that meant something. After I was sure they'd be in my party for a while, I took them to the Name Rater and gave them nicknames based on their species, element, nature, characteristic, or any other factor that made me think a name would fit.

My party's nicknames were as follows:
  • Typhlosion/"Prometheus" (After the Greek God who gave fire to humanity)
  • Ampharos/"Svetlana" (I once met a girl named Svetlana, and thought it was a beautiful name. Derived from the Slavic word for "light")
  • Golem/"Mason"(Derived from the profession of bricklaying. A common name for a somewhat common Pokémon)
  • Xatu/"Miranda" (Created by Shakespeare for the heroine of "The Tempest". In Latin it essentially means "one who must be wondered at")
  • Azumarill/"Santiago" (After the protagonist of Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea")
  • Victreebel/"Bluma" (Means "flower" in Yiddish)
I continued to nickname my Pokémon in Black Version. Their nicknames were:
  • Serperior/"Adonis" (From the Semitic "Adonai", adopted by the Greeks as a mythological character whose blood became the mythical origin of the anemone flower)
  • Simipour/"Gyatso" (From both the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender and the current Dalai Lama. This name literally means "sea")
  • Chandelure/"Fyandor" (From an entry in the Lyttle Lytton Contest, a competition to think of the worst possible opening for a novel. One year's sub-contest had participants write a worst second line to Paul Clifford. The winning entry was as follows:

    It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents—except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness. Steeling himself for battle, Fyandor, the oldest and bravest of the lamps, proclaimed, "Nay, foul wind, this will not be the night of our extinguishment!"

    I knew this was the perfect name for my Chandelure)
  • Archeops/"Icarus" (After the mythological character who flew with the aid of wax wings but fell and died when he flew too close to the sun)
  • Gallade/"Valentine" (After a character in the movie MirrorMask. Flamboyant, and wears a mask like the majority of characters)
  • Forretress/"Stalin" (After the Soviet dictator. The name literally means "steel")
Gallade and Forretress replaced earlier members of my party:
  • Munna/"Daniel" (After the Biblical figure who interpreted dreams, and the character in The Sandman who became the new king of dreams)
  • Scolipede/"Ligeia" (After the eponymous character in the short story by Edgar Allen Poe. In the story, she writes the poem "The Conqueror Worm")
Now that I have Black 2, I need to get to naming my party once more. And this time, I decided I'd let you BZPowerites help me decide! So far I've decided on four:
  • Samurott/"Tohru" (A variation on the Japanese "Toru" which can mean "sea")
  • Lucario/"Moses" (After the Biblical prophet who led the Israelites out of Egypt)
  • Zebstrika/"Zecora" (After the wise zebra character from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic")
  • Gardevoir/"Helena" (After the protagonist in MirrorMask. Ties in with "Valentine", above)

I'll consider any suggestions for the following:
  • Leavanny. Must be a female name. Preferably a name with a connection to either caretaking or fashion. Best if it fits with a Bashful nature.
  • NEW: Vibrava, soon to be Flygon. Adamant, likes to fight. So a warrior-related name would be good, preferably one related to the desert.
Think you can help? Feel free to comment! Note that I am not in any way required to use a name submitted to me. This is only so I can get ideas. I reserve the right to use a name of my own if I think of a better-fitting name than any submissions.

EDIT: And so far I haven't gotten any submissions! C'mon guys, I still need two names!


Hey Look, A Review

Posted by Lyichir , May 06 2012 · 103 views
The Ninjago Wiki, Ninjago, Review

Posted Image

I'm actually staff on The Ninjago Wiki. Hard to believe, right? Probably even for people there, seeing as like here on BZP I am far from the most active member. Anyway, Aanchir and I put together this review for the site. It's set to be the first in a series. Click the above image to check it out. It's my first review, so if you have any comments or questions you can leave them here!


Back To Normal-Er

Posted by Lyichir , May 04 2012 · 99 views
gotta start using this blog more and 1 more...
Okay, I'm back to being Lyichir. And a good thing, too, since I was a bit worried the few people who recognized me before might have stopped recognizing me.

This time just Lyichir, full stop. It's briefer and doesn't prompt questions of what a Rachira is supposed to be. Plus it helps to standardize my usernames across LEGO fansites. Speaking of which, can you do name changes on Cuusoo? I don't remember why I signed up for that using my abandoned Yahoo username, but I regret it. Gotta maintain a web-identity, y'know?

Of course, my lack of an avatar certainly doesn't help me to establish a web-identity. Aanch, if you're reading this, would you make me a sigfig like the one in your avatar? Pretty please?



Posted by Lyichir , Mar 06 2012 · 231 views
typos, misspellings and 1 more...
I am now Ortographobia, or the fear of spelling mistakes. I thought it'd be fitting since I work as a copy editor half the week.

So, I want all of you to do your very best to spell correctly in the next 45 days. I'll be trying my hardest not to freak out at every mistake you end up making anyway.


This is the internet.

What have I gotten myself into?



Name Change?

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 06 2012 · 55 views
Should I or Shouldn't I?
I'm considering changing my name to a phobia like the staff. But is it too late to jump on the bandwagon? I've been mulling over a name change for some time; so after 45 days of a phobia name you'd probably just see me as Lyichir. That'd help keep people from wondering what a Rachira is, and keep me from having to direct them to the aborted epic that is an old shame of mine.

So, name change. Yes or no?

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