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The Songs of Distant Earth


My Korra Finale Thoughts

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 20 2014 · 310 views
The Legend of Korra
First and foremost, a spoiler-free review: IT WAS AWESOME. It was a fitting end to the series and certainly approached the greatness of the A:TLA finale even if it didn't necessarily match it.

Now, to the spoilery bits, sorted for your viewing convenience.




So yeah. I was extremely satisfied with the finale as a whole. Mike and Bryan don't seem intent on returning to the Avatar universe right away, but that's okay—I'll be glad to see whatever they might come up with next.


The Problem with Canonization

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 10 2014 · 616 views
Bionicle, GregF, BZPower
The recent trend of fans petitioning Greg to canonize details of the story has been controversial. But I've been upset to see that devolve into a bunch of Greg-bashing.

Let's be clear: Greg's not the problem here, or at least, not the main one. The fans are.

They're the ones who decided, after Bionicle's end, to consider Greg the sole arbiter of canon. During Bionicle's run he may have been the "mouthpiece" of the Bionicle story, but he was only one member of a team. And that team, for the most part, did a great job of keeping the overall story on-track. Back in those days, there were questions that Greg DECLINED to answer simply because it was not his position to do so—some decisions could only be made with the input of the story team, to avoid conflicting with the overall thrust of the story. There were checks and balances. All that went out the window when the theme ended, the story team disbanded, and fans decided that they would rather let Greg string the story along indefinitely than consider it a closed book.

And now, they're the ones badgering Greg to canonize every single ambiguous detail from the Bionicle story. So far, at least from what I've heard (and I lost interest in the minutiae of the classic Bionicle story long ago), it's not a case of him canonizing terrible suggestions. The problem is that he's canonizing suggestions that never needed to be made. The Bionicle story isn't any better for knowing so-and-so's mask, or weapon, or what this character or that would look like as a set. If anything, it's worse—fans are continually eating away at all the mysteries in a story that was characterized by mystery, and the little details that used to be open to actual creative interpretation in a brand that was intended to allow for creative play. Let's be clear: every time Greg canonizes a character's mask, it DECANONIZES every other possible mask that character could have worn. Every time he canonizes a weapon, it DECANONIZES every other weapon. To petition Greg to include your headcanon in the story is to exclude every other fan's interpretation of the story.

Now, some may argue that this doesn't matter. If the canon disagrees with you, just ignore it and come up with your own headcanon! But there are problems with that idea. Firstly, the organized Bionicle community has an obsession with canon. It's why we have to deal with these idiotic suggestions in the first place—a lot of Bionicle fans CARE about the actual canon, and it leads them to want to make a mark on it. Secondly, the fans that don't like suggestions? They DO ignore it! They do like I did years ago and divorce themselves altogether from the canon—but that, of course, means divorcing themselves from huge parts of the community that they used to enjoy. I used to love coming up with theories in S&T, because it was neat to try to figure out how the Bionicle universe worked, or try to predict the twists and turns of the story. But now I can hardly follow the discussions there, because discussion of the story often relies on a shared interpretation of the story—a singular canon—and the more of that canon you ignore, the less common ground you have with other fans to base discussions on.

I'm very glad that Bionicle is being rebooted next year. The old story, at this point, is a lost cause. It should have been ended definitively years ago, but fans opted to keep it alive long after the point of death, and now I hardly get any joy from it. Bionicle 2015 is a much needed fresh start, and I dearly hope that it can learn from the original theme's ample mistakes. And the biggest mistake I want it to avoid is letting the inmates run the asylum, as the original theme did.


From: Lego Equestria Girls

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 04 2014 · 327 views
Lego, My Little Pony and 1 more...

Posted Image

Psst... guys. I made a thing. Please go check out the topic!

Source: Lego Equestria Girls


Ninjago Miis!

Posted by Lyichir , Nov 02 2014 · 548 views
Lego, Ninjago, Nintendo, 3DS and 1 more...
So I thought I'd share some Ninjago Miis I'd created with y'all. These were created specifically for use as Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS!

Kai pic (QR Code)
Zane pic (QR Code)
Cole pic (QR Code)
Jay pic (QR Code)
Lloyd pic (QR Code)
Nya pic (QR Code)
Full gallery (when public)

My personal versions have the Ninja as Mii Swordfighters wearing Ninja Suits with Shuriken of Light (Neutral 2), Airborne Assault (Side 1), Hero's Spin (Up 3) and Blade Counter (Down 1) as their specials. Nya is also a Swordfighter, but wears the unlockable Samurai Armor and Samurai Helmet, and uses Blurring Blade (Neutral 3), Chakram (Side 3), Stone Scabbard (Up 1) and Power Thrust (Down 3) as her specials. Of course, if you download the Miis yourself you're free to do whatever you like with them!


Unikitty does whaaaaat?

Posted by Lyichir , Oct 28 2014 · 427 views
Lego, Unikitty, 3DS

This banner ad just showed up when I was browsing BZP. Now, anyone who knows me should know that I am a Unikitty aficionado, so as obviously I clicked the link... but it only took me to the Lego Movie home page on Lego.com. And try as I might I couldn't find any new Unikitty-related content.


Anyway, while we're on the subject of Unikitty... 3DS users, feel free to use this ridiculous, slightly terrifying Unikitty Mii I made the other day. Don't say I didn't warn you. :P
Posted Image


If New Bionicle ever connects back to Original Bionicle

Posted by Lyichir , Oct 14 2014 · 352 views
Bionicle, 2015, Lego
I hope it's in some postmodern metatextual sense, in which the Toa discover that there are an infinite number of universes, with their own Toa on their own adventures.

I'd rather the universes NOT influence each other even if there is a tenuous connection, but if they ever do Lego might as well go full Neil Gaiman with it.


My Bionicle 2015 figure!

Posted by Lyichir , Oct 11 2014 · 514 views
Bionicle, 2015, NYCC, Lego
Alright, since a lot of folks have shown interest, I took some quick pictures of the figure I built at the Lego Store building event at Comic Con. Once I get home I can get better pictures, including pictures of his individual parts, but for now what I have is going to have to do.

Close-up on the gearbox (for those who were interested)

Any questions? I have a long train trip ahead of me this afternoon so I'll be all ears!


BIONICLE announcement coming Friday

Posted by Lyichir , Sep 15 2014 · 612 views

A Brickset user discovered that the Google+ post by LEGO has the original file name as the image URL, which is "Bionicle-4-new.jpg". See here: http://brickset.com/article/12344

Source: Exciting LEGO Announcement Coming Friday

I think that eliminates any doubt.

(Thanks, Meiko!)


Repeating my mistakes

Posted by Lyichir , Sep 04 2014 · 613 views

Welp. It seems I just don't learn. Recently I confessed to a friend that I had romantic feelings for them. I did it because they had been expressing feelings of loneliness on their social media, but also because keeping it secret had been weighing on me. Anyway, she hasn't taken it well.

I should have known better, because I've made the same exact mistake two other times. I've just been lucky enough the other times to be able to recover from them—the first time, my crush's girlfriend took pity on my awkward teenage romantic notions and helped me to atone for my mistake, and the second time my crush was a good enough friend already that it was water under the bridge afterward.

But it's not like that this time. My friend is now even more anxious than ever and I don't know if things will ever go back to the way they were. And all because I was too selfish to consider all the possible effects my confession could have on her, too impatient to wait for her to be in a situation where she wouldn't be so emotionally compromised, and stupid enough to let myself think one of my few good friendships might be better as something more.

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