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The Songs of Distant Earth


Name Change?

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 06 2012 · 80 views
Should I or Shouldn't I?
I'm considering changing my name to a phobia like the staff. But is it too late to jump on the bandwagon? I've been mulling over a name change for some time; so after 45 days of a phobia name you'd probably just see me as Lyichir. That'd help keep people from wondering what a Rachira is, and keep me from having to direct them to the aborted epic that is an old shame of mine.

So, name change. Yes or no?


Ponies A Meme?

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 05 2012 · 130 views
rant, love & tolerate
It seems that as soon as Takuma Nuva changed his name to Equinophobia and declared a fear of ponies, all the anti-bronies have been coming out of the woodwork. I'm not blaming Takuma for this, as his comments have been hilarious. What isn't is the proliferation of members replying with "This. I've been waiting for this meme to die" and other such comments.

It does the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a disservice to dismiss the entire thing as a meme. Does it have memetic aspects? Yes. Has it spawned memes? Yes. Do some "fans" treat it solely as such? Yes again.

But there's aspects of this show that defy the bounds of traditional memes. There is no thriving community for fans of Chuck Norris jokes. There's very few artists who specialize in Nyan Cat models. Like it or not, My Little Pony is more than a meme. It's a fandom, built around a series that continues to entertain with smart humor, detailed art, and colorful characters and stories. And as fandoms go, it tends to be one of the most welcoming and positive I've seen anywhere on the web. So keep on waiting if you expect it to run its course like most memes do. The MLP fandom is here to stay.


A Friend In Deed

Posted by Lyichir , Feb 18 2012 · 96 views
and 2 more...
It's a little weird how many people blogged about this episode with the same title as it. Seriously, I've seen like four already.


What I Hate About The New Bzp

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 15 2011 · 83 views

I don't mind the new forum layout.

I don't mind, and in fact encourage the site shifting focus.

I do mind when members make a passive-aggressive blog entry, and then lock it so that the targeted members can't even defend themselves. I mean really, who DOES that?

I mean, seriously. My brother and I loved BIONICLE, but we were okay with it ending. We do, however, take offense to people blaming LEGO for what was, in essence, a wise business decision. We don't like when people stereotype people who don't want BIONICLE back as pretentious members who view all those who want BIONICLE back as newbs. I mean, that's just rude.

Not saying that's what all of them think. But members who continue to dwell on the past, and won't consider some of LEGO's newer offerings, bring an overall feeling of negativity to the site.

Overall, members such as these continue to paint the false picture that BIONICLE fans who don't want the theme back are somehow traitors to the cause, and are thwarting their revival efforts. Or that those who don't want the theme back shouldn't voice their opinions why, or critique theme revival proposals that address the wrong issues or don't have a chance of success.

Me? I think BIONICLE had a good run, but LEGO shouldn't dwell in the past. They've continued to make great themes like Ninjago, Alien Conquest, Hero Factory, Atlantis, and more since BIONICLE's end. And they've learned that both themes with lighter stories and those with heavier stories can both be successful. For every theme like Ninjago, Exo-Force, and BIONICLE, there are themes with less complex stories like Power Miners, Space Police, or Hero Factory. And I, for one, am really okay with that.

(I'm going to leave this entry open to comments, so I don't come across as completely hypocritical.)


Wet Manes Are Okay Now

Posted by Lyichir , Dec 15 2011 · 97 views

Posted Image

(This isn't mine, btw. Found it on the internet)


A Sad Day For Bionicle

Posted by Lyichir , Aug 30 2009 · 67 views

I'm confused and ashamed by BS01's choice to submit large swaths of fan-created ideas to Greg to be made canon. I understand that Bionicle has had user-generated content before in the form of canonized MOcs and stories, but these were included in moderation and after being properly judged. Yet now BZPower and Biosector01 have decided that they are important enough to decide whatever they like about the Bionicle story. These changes did not need to be made, and Bionicle is the worse for them.


My Birthday...

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 30 2008 · 51 views
...was yesterday.

Expect a new blog theme at some point.

Don't expect it soon, though.

That is all.



Lego Sale At Tuesday Morning

Posted by Lyichir , Mar 04 2008 · 62 views
Today. Our dad's going to try and pick out some Bionicle and Exo-Force sets we missed last year. (That's what I expect they'll have, as last time they had a sale like this was last year, and they had '06 sets then.)

EDIT: Well, they didn't have much Bionicle, but Dad DID bring in quite a haul! He got the Batcave set, a Ferrari set, the Battank set, and the MOBILE DEVASTATOR! Wootcakes!


Commonplace Book

Posted by Lyichir , Jan 30 2008 · 46 views
Well, my attempt to get this blog back on track has come to a halt. For Christmas I got a journal that, due to the BZP virus, completely supplanted my blog, and had the added benefit of being private, so that I might be able to record my most meaningful secrets and thoughts in it without fear of misunderstanding. I may update this occasionally, but as you can tell from my previous entries, occasionally is a word which here means "practically never," as Aanchir would put it.



Posted by Lyichir , Dec 08 2007 · 37 views
Aanchir and I went and watched The Golden Compass yesterday with a couple of friends. If you want my opinion, I say it's definitely worth watching. I only read the book (and its two sequels) at the beginning of this week, but that in no way lessened my liking of the movie. It managed to stay relatively true to the book while glancing over some of the touchy religious subjects and rearranging things to better fit it to the medium of film. In addition, the acting was good and the characters were true to form, with the possible exception of Pantalaimon, whose lines seemed thrown in without much thought. All in all, a good movie. smile.gif

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