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A Golden-Red Horizon


Frost Rising Updates

Posted by Aanchir , Aug 10 2007 · 22 views
Dear Readers,

If you were intrigued by the title of this entry, I apologise for having forced you to wait so long for updates to Frost Rising. It upsets me that you will have to wait even further for updates to Matoro's story, but thankfully a new prospect is soon to arise.

You see, Frost Rising never became what I envisioned. I pictured a Harry Potter-esque tale of a Matoran who must uncover various mysteries in training for an important role, whilst at the same time joining his friends through everyday life. It had the potential to become that, it truly did.

And yet, I was unprepared from the start. Never did I sit down to make a proper outline, nor even to establish a concrete ending or theme. All I had were a few character traits I wanted to endow the main characters with, and a few situations I wanted to explore.

Now, Frost Rising is officially over, and yet, like some literary phoenix, a new and greater epic will rise from its ashes. Let it be known that I am starting Frost Rising over from the beginning. While this is in no way what you have been waiting for, it is the only way that I can continue the story as it should be.

Perhaps I may put this off further (to the overall displeasure of fans) in order to create another epic as backstory, which highlights Nuju's Hordika days. However, I think that would better be expressed through the revelations that Matoro comes upon over the course of the story. Frost Rising will return with a vengeance, even though it mayu take some time. I hope the most loyal of readers will await this with pleasure.

With all due respect,
vahi.gif Aanchir: Rachira of Time


Greetings, Everypeoples!

Posted by Aanchir , Aug 08 2007 · 35 views
I'm back from Family Camp at Camp Alleghany in West Virginia with my... err... family, and life is good! Let me update you on some stuff that might interest y'all.

First and foremost, I GOTS THE MAHRI! Certainly, this happened before I left on Saturday, but I hadn't the time then to make a blog entry. So far, my favorite Mahri in terms of both sets and story are Kongu and Matoro. You can probably expect some Mahri drawings soon.

Also, I have now read both Eragon and Eldest, as well as The Tale of Despereaux. I reread the seventh Harry Potter book too (and it's no less compelling than when I read it the first time).

The most obvious update should be that BZP is back, although the forums are now defying my every attempt to read new posts, blog entries, topics, etc. Don't worry, though, because if your blog/topic is one I read often, I'll start from the last place I read next time it gets updates

Also, thanks to some hard work put in before the closing of the forums, The Sugar Bowl has a brand new header, as well as (irf you failed to notice before), a new directory content block. If you have any more suggestions for my blog, feel free to post them here, particularly those that concern my topic archive. It's not my most attractive content block, and it's size makes it hard to work with. I want to keep some sort of public archive, but I need ideas!

Anyway, glad to be back to BZP.

- vahi.gif


Everyone Turn Your Attention...

Posted by Aanchir , Jul 18 2007 · 32 views
...to this post

In every topic that relates to your personal opinion of a set, one person seems to come up with the excuse that "such-and-such isn't true BIONICLE." Why is this? Because some people are so insistent upon having sets follow tradition that they have to make excuses for why the present is not a criterion in the future's tradition.

I'm not trying to discredit the topic starter in particular, but rather the whole illusion that "some sets are more BIONICLE than others."

I hope the future holds better things for the sets forum.

With all due respect,
vahi.gif Aanchir: Rachira of Time.


Maj Down Too?

Posted by Aanchir , Jul 17 2007 · 45 views
Right as I was preparing to "pimp my blog," I discovered something terrible. All of my folders on Maj... were empty. The other folders were like this as well. I reported it to the news, making no assumptions in case it was merely a fluke, but after returning to Maj I found not the returned folder content, but rather a worse situation: The folders themselves were gone as well!!! If this proves to be a fluke, I will be happy, but as it is I think we ought to brace ourselves for the worst.

EDIT: Alright, it's back. This entry will now be closed.

With all due respect,
vahi.gif Aanchir: Rachira of Time


Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

Posted by Aanchir , Jul 09 2007 · 59 views

Believe it or not, I am a fan of things that are not miserable, depressing, or V.F.D. related. Here I am not speaking of Bionicle, even though anyone who knows me should know that that is my primary creative outlet. I am here speaking of Pokémon.

On July the First I acquired a copy of Pokémon Diamond, whereas Lyi picked up Pokémon Pearl (I love that they come out with these in sets of three-- It makes it easy to keep my two brothers and me satisfied). From now on you may see me post some Pokémon artwork as well as Bionicle, since I do a great deal of both. Let's start with a less-than-impressive edit I cooked up at Lyichir's suggestion.



A Note On Contests

Posted by Aanchir , Jul 01 2007 · 54 views
Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention that I have recently recieved an award for my blog. Like mobs, warnings, or TV news broadcasts, contests often are an excuse to draw necessary attention to an unpleasant truth of life that most would be happier to avoid. Such is not the case here, however, for there is no reason that the contents of this blog are necessary or even safe for reading by the general public. I believe it is my duty to redirect you to blogs that might be found to be more jovial, a word which here means, "merry and good-humored," blogs.

First, let's turn our eyes to the Multidimensional Rift, home of the Lemon Club. Lemons, however Lemony, are usually welcome to any occasion that doesn't take place in a Citrus Allergy Awareness convention, or in one's eye. Although I do little more for the Lemon Club than I do for V.F.D., I support them as joint leader with S. and B. in whatever endeavors call for my presence.

Next, draw your attention to The Life of Lady K., where my muse formerly resided. While this blog has been out of service for some time, and for that reason of little interest to me, I am proud to say that Lady Kopaka is still with us, and not in the clutches (or worse, the ranks) of members on the opposite side of the schism. Anyone who expressed interest in my entry The Confounding Clues is invited to read this blog.

Of course my next choice would be Etcetere's blog of that very name. While he and I are not even familiar enough with one another to consider ourselves associates, Etcetere's blog is a great place to let go of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind, at least for a short time. I am currently investigating its recent abandonment, and trying to discover whether a villain is to blame.

[O.o], Dokuma's blog is usually a peaceful and fruitful locale, which made it the optimum battleground for the Second Fruit War, in which I supported the Lemon Club as general. Though war is rarely beneficial to those involved, this was what prompted [O.o]'s inclusion into this list. I consider the Fruit War recommended reading for anyone with a lot of time on their hands, and also suggest that you read the other entries for some cheap comic relief.

While ChocolateFrogs does not have the happiest or most entertaining blog by any means, he is to my knowledge the only member of our organization to have earned his blog a position among my favorites, and it is definitely a good place for a serious read. The fact that upon meeting me he recognised me by my miserable and depressing blog is all the more reason to redirect you to his.

I am not too well acquainted with Nikira or her B.L.O.G. (evidently a secret organization of some sort), but I do recognise her as one of the greatest artists on BZPower (I won't say the greatest, because Lady Kopaka and Schizo Kaita, among others, are artists of similar skill). Her blog is the best place to get important art updates, aside from her art topic itself.

GregF's blog is every civilian's number one source of news relating to the state of the toy line Bionicle, and isn't that what we're here for in the first place?

I hope you will take my advice and read these blogs as opposed to my own.

With all due respect,
vahi.gif Aanchir: Rachira of Time


This Is Not A Drill!

Posted by Aanchir , Jun 07 2007 · 40 views
Okay, I've seen this done before, so I guess I'll take a shot at it.



- vahi.gif


~ Hic Est Dies Nostrorum Mortum ~

Posted by Aanchir , Jun 04 2007 · 51 views
Although I haven't mentioned it until now, last Tuesday was my school's Latin Banquet. The idea is as follows:

All Latin students can attend.
Latin I students (and also some Latin II students this year) are "slaves," and are "owned" by Latin II, Latin III, and AP Latin students.
Slave owners can make the slaves do anything within reason for them (i.e. anything legal, ranging from refilling your drink to running around the tables with a smelly sock, screaming, "I'VE GOT THE MAGIC SOCK!").
Everyone wears traditional Roman garb (or the closest thing they can cook up for the occasion).
Everyone brings a traditional Roman dish (or the closest thing they can cook up for the occasion).
Everyone prepares a skit or performance somehow related to ancient Rome. (or the closest... well, you can't really get away with anything that doesn't fit the criteria for this one. But you get the idea.)

Anyway, I may or may not have mentioned what I had been preparing all year for this year's performance. However, even if I haven't, I think I'll let my accomplishment speak for itself.

Americana Crustum
Cantus compositus a Don McLean
In sermonem Latinum convertus a Aanchir: Rachira of Time

Iam diutissime
Memini adhuc modi
Quo arridebam musicam
Et scivi si felix essem
Ut saltet populum cogerem
Et fortisan esset beatus aliquam

Sed Februarius dat mihi frigora
Reddens omnia acta diurna
In limine acerbum
Non gressus diutius sum

Et non memini an flerem
Cum de viduā cognoscerem
Sed aliquid commovit cordem
Quo musica mortua est

Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

Scripsistine librum amoris
Etne Deum sursum versum credis
Quod Biblia dicit debere te?
Credisne vibrandam et volvendam?
Musicane possit servare tuam animam
Et potesne docere modum quo saltas tarde?

Immo, scio amare te eum
Quod vidi vos saltantes in gymnasium
Amovetis calceos vestros
Eheu, amo melancholium numerumque illos!

Vivebam solitari indomite
Cum tollente plaustro caryophylloque
Scivi esse infelicem me
Quo musica mortua est

Incipio canere
Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

Nunc decem annos fuimus soli
Et muscus pinguiscit in lapide pervolventi
Sed illud non modo quod erat
Cum ioculator cecini regi reginaeque
In paenula mutuā ab Iacobo Vallete
Et voce qui tibi mihique erat

Et dum ille rex despexit
Ioculator coronam spinosam cepit
Basilica ampliata est
Sententia non redita est

Et dum Lennon lexit Marci opus
Quattuor meditatus in hortibus
Et nenias in tenebris cecinimus
Quo musica mortua est

Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

Nolens-volens in aestatis ardore
Aves evolaverunt cum tegmine
Octo milia passuum altus cadens celeritate
Egressus est in gramine
Lusores temptaverunt pilam prorsus iacere
Cum ioculatore in fulcro in latore

Nunc, intercapedinis aer erat dulcis odor
Dum sagati canibant cantus incedendo
Omnes surreximus ut saltemus
O, sed numquam potestatem habuimus

Quod lusores temptaverunt aream capere
Symphonia recusavit cedere
Quid recluserit revocasne
Quo musica mortua est?

Incipimus canere
Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

O, et omnes sumus in loco
Aetas pertata in spatio
Cum non tempore reliquo quo
Ioannes es agilis, Ioannes es citum
Ioannes Fulgor sedit in candelabrum
Quod ignis est solus amicus diabolo

O, et dum spectavi eum in tabulis
Mei manus comprimuntur in pugnis furoris
Non angelus inferorum posuerunt
Frangere Satan incantatamentum

Et dum flammae ascenderunt in noctem
Accensum ritum sacrificalem
Vidi Satan beate ridentem
Quo musica mortua est

Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

Obviam puella quam maeste cecinit ivi
Et eā bona nuntia petivi
Sed conversa est subridetque
Subivi ad sacram tabernam
In quo audiveram iam dudum musicam
Sed vir ibi dixit musicam non canere

Et in viae, liberi vagiebant
Amantes flebant, poetae somniabant
Sed non verbum est dictum
Campanae omnes fractae sunt

Et tres quos maxime amamus
Pater, Filius, et Sanctus Spiritus
Ceperunt hamaxostichon ad litus
Quo musica mortua est

Vale, Americana Crustum
Egit Chevrolet ad molem sed moles aridum
Et prisci pueri bibibant temetum
Canens hic est dies nostrorum mortum
Hic est dies nostrorum mortum

Likey? No likey? Feel free to tell me!

- vahi.gif

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