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garbage water alien chill sesh


Lemme See Now...

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 19 2007 · 175 views
ask me, ask blog
So, I am finally following this huge fad everyone else seemed to follow last month. Ask me any 3 questions and I will answer them fer you. Any 3 at all. I don't care.

This is done mostly out of curiousity. XD It will kill a cat; it can kill a husky, too.

Virginia Tech just leaves me stunned. Getting shot, though, IS one of the risks you take in being alive. It happens anywhere. Which is scary. And really really sad. :(

Listening to: Sakura Kiss (the Ouran Host theme)


Welsh Corgis And Commissions

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 17 2007 · 106 views
Art, lol, bionicle and 1 more...
Posted Image

Well, the car insurance went up, on my account. No car wrecks or anything bad, my parents just decided to put me on insurance, now that Mom has her SUV back and doesn't drive my Rav4. Dad promulgated that I need a better, higher-paying job, and he looked very serious.

So I'm finally opening artwork commission slots! 'Cause I'm too lazy to search the job ads! ^^ Basically, you pay me to draw whatever you want. Within reason, of course. Commission slots and a little info will be kept over there. --->
B6 said it was okay. If you guys want, I could list all the info and rates here. Lemme know.

Rainy nights are so dark in Washington. I had to drive to Wal*Mart to buy double-sided tape for Mom, and I was spooked. People in Spanaway do not believe in street lights, apparently. I miss my city.

....at least I get my own room!

Yesterday I heard tell of the return of the Toa Nuva. Not anytime soon, just eventually. I didn't put that in a tag because everybody's supposed to know or something. It really made my day, though! Who else misses those hardly-bickering, loving, lovable, well-rounded-personality Toa? I especially miss my Lewa!
I could fangirl over him for the rest of my life, but I'll leave you in peace.

(BZP has had really bad hiccups this past week *coddles Bertha*)


A Map?

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 07 2007 · 120 views
neat stuff
This is way awesome:

Posted Image
Create your own visitor map!

It tells you where all your site vistors are from! No worries, though, it won't tell who's from where. Hopefully it's alright to post it on here. I think it's fine...

It was nice a sunny this week, but today it's gross and cloudy outside. So my parents decided to make me do everything for them today. Blaaaaaah!

Listening to: Loud music from Dad's radio. ><


Jet Blue

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 07 2007 · 166 views
school, life and stuff
For our Sr. Trip, we are flying in a plane that has big seats, lots of leg-room, and TVs for every seat with 40 channels and 3 movies.

That sounds like the Promised Land, for I have never seen such a plane.

I can't wait for the trip!! It's the first full week of May! We have so much planned, and lots of spending money, since we raised $7,000+ in all, and only 6 people are going. Keeeee.

Listening to: Kesenai Tsumi, Nada Kitade


Guess What :p

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 05 2007 · 225 views
bzp, anniversary
Today is my member anniversary! Which means I've been here for 4 years now! This site is da bomb and more.

This message is so short cause I'm posting from my Wii. It's harder than cell phone texting! They should make a keyboard for this thing ya know??


Aishas Rule

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 05 2007 · 141 views
Art, haha
Posted Image

Come on. You know they are the best Neopet. This is a pic of my Aisha. It took me about 6 hours, over the course of a week, but mostly because I was playing with different color scemes. I'm actually happy with it. I know I'll get better in the future, and then look back on this and say "Ewww". XD But for now, I am pleased.

I would do kiribans for this blog, but I reach them too quickly! I went from about 2,600 to 3,054 views overnight. And it goes up like, several hits a day. Keehee.

Can't believe how popular my room was! 15 comments is a first for me. Then again, I never think that letting people in on your life will turn out popular ... but it always comes back to smack me for it. It's the same reason we watch reality shows and sitcoms??

Listening to: My Sweet Heart, Rika Komatsu


My Pad

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 04 2007 · 576 views
life and stuff, my room and 1 more...
You guys really loved CoT and LGD, didn't you? As a former mistress of LGD, I wish they'd have shut LGD down while I was working on it. Or at least closed down M&B. *chuckles* Naw, I'm not that bad.
The topic made me fall on the floor laughing. People are so adamant about this whole thing.

Lately, some friends of mine have been showing off their rooms on AIM ... and since I have nothing better to post about here, I decided to put mine on display. Endure! *evil laughter* A lot of people say my room is tiny, but because I'm so short and small, it doesn't bother me. And I can't believe how dirty the pictures make it look. Actually, my room is neat and insanely clean (as in clean floor and no dust). But ah well. On to the show! *marches*

Posted Image

The entrance. Bad grainy pick, 'cause the hallway's so dark. My parents painted it dark red. Since my room is the only one downstairs, and at the end of this hallway, my brother calls it the monster's lair. "The dark red," he says, "is the blood of your past victims."

Posted Image

Go in further, and there is my bed! Complete with fat orange cat, Mango Anderson. There isn't a theme to my room, but I use green, blue, purple, and red shades to make up for that. As you can see, I LOVE having artwork everywhere. Mine, my grandma's, some I bought at Ikea. I keep a lot of foreign decorations around, too.

Posted Image

Behind my door. Messy! The whiteboard is my to-do list, and the magnet and cork board hold ... things. I love my Gentlemen's Alliance poster! (on the back of the door)

Posted Image

Reading corner. ^^ My CD player and all my CDs sit there, too, but I hardly use them. That is my anime wall, too. The posters, from left to right, are of Love Hina, InuYasha, and Zelda. Under the InuYasha poster is a ShojoBeat calender, and a picture of girl Ranma (by me!) Beside the Inu poster is a picture a Korean friend drew for me, of Zelda and Link. And finally, (XD) under the Zelda poster is another pic of mine.

Posted Image

My loverly window. Since I'm downstairs, half my room is underground, and the window is inches off the ground. So during the spring and winter months, I take off my window screen and use the window like a door. *snickers* I've even got a little stone patio to step out on.

Posted Image

This is only HALF of my clothes!! > :D

Posted Image

Mr. Mango Anderson does not appreciate a camera flash! He has also told me that he's not giving out autographs.

Posted Image

My desk, where I now sit typing away. My collection of ShojoBeat can be seen up top, along with the scanner and several drawing books and sketchbooks. A marker pick of Tetsuo and Asaki hang in the desk, behind the screen.

Posted Image

This is actually embarrassing ... I don't organize cords well.

Just to save you loading time, I'm only posting some of them up. The rest of the pictures are below:

Closet doors. That's my artwork, except for the Narnia poster. Duh.
My fan, which Daddy brought back from Hong Kong!
School, Awana, Art contest, and Science Fair awards.
Jade-handle mirrors! The middle one is from Hong Kong. The other ones I bought at a fair for cheap.
Also from Hong Kong! XD I have stuff from Arabia, too, but I forgot to take pictures of them. Opps.
All my books. I'm not as big a novel reader as you might think...I mostly read manga.
Jewelry and another Inu calender!
I love my current desktop.

Listening to: That "deru deru!" music from the old Link to the Past commercial. XD It's like they're doing a Zelda version of "Thriller"


Let's Try It!

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 02 2007 · 137 views
such an otaku, lol
Posted Image

Ed always has the best ideas!

XD This Hamster Dance song is making me crazy, but I love it. Back when Hamster Dance came out, the music sounded nothing like this ... I just love the disco racket. *plays it again* The HD site isn't much fun anymore. Oh well!

Yeah, that Google thing was an April Fool's trick. It was really believable, though, by the way they laid it out and how extremely helpful and innovative they're always trying to be.

Thank goodness the forums are offline!! *dances around BZP getting things done*

I found this on Wikipedia:

"Amoeba: Most ameobae range from about 1 mm. But in Japan a 30 foot long amoeba was found after the atomic blast in Hiroshima. It is the largest recorded amoeba in history and has devoured two human beings. if you see this amoeba it is recommended to run for higher land. if you are in water dive under and swim to the safety of the land. Do not feed this amoeba because it will become even hungryer and chase you until it has devoured you too. This happened to the two humans. Many small dogs are missing so if you have a small pet keep it inside and away from water!"

Listening to: As if you couldn't guess...


Gmail Is Desperate?

Posted by Hahli Husky , Apr 01 2007 · 219 views
I don't get this. Isn't it just the same as printing the email out on special paper after making it look nice? I guess some people don't have the skills or the printer for it.

They wanna be helpful but this isn't nearly so innovative. You either pay for your own paper or wait for the shipment. Maybe I don't get important emails.

Listening to: Mom chatting


It's Over!

Posted by Hahli Husky , Mar 31 2007 · 133 views
life and stuff, school and 2 more...
Senior Auction is OVAH. We made $3,000, which is kinda low, but there's only 4 seniors this year. Anyway, my feet hurt and now it is over. No more fundraisers for the trip. Next destination: Florida!

So now there is all the time in the world. I'm not giving my time for more church activities for a little while. I have to get my freelancing job started, anywho.

Reading chapter 5 of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga made me realize how selfish people really are. I can't believe Shou Tucker actually used his daughter and her dog to make a chimera. That was way too twisted. And then Scar comes along ... that made me sad. Ah well. Just drawings. Someday I hope to render stories that well.

Listening to: A Gentle Wind Blows, FF:CC Soundtrack


Posted Image

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