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garbage water alien chill sesh


Caressing The Earth Once More

Posted by Hahli Husky , Nov 06 2006 · 188 views
i was so weird, no arguing and 1 more...
Posted Image
Soji from Kaze Hikaru, by Taeko Watanabe

The rain has come back. Aside from summer, this is the time of year I feel at peace. It's hard to bear spring and early fall in Washington. If there's to be a gray sky, I want rain to tumble from it. And a cold, but sunny, day drives me haywire. Rain is beautiful.

It decended on me: a single glance,
Like a young bud to bloom,
New as a heart unspoken,
Sweet as the rain of May.
And then,
Like the youth of all,
As a snowflake to a warm hand,
To a tear of loss,
Like a life stolen by night,
It was gone
As a clap of thunder,
And the lightening who follows him

Trying my hand at free verse. *chuckles* I'm better with ballads, but I haven't written for fun in a long time.

Sorry for the absence; I had another busy week. But the next few should be calm, or else I'll force them to be.


The Week From...down Below

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 29 2006 · 196 views
school, seriously?
My week was like this:

Posted Image

Pure unholy heck, for lack of that filtered word. At least, everything fell apart after Wednesday.
From Monday-Wednesday, an evangelist came to our church, and preached every night. Hard. It was really good. He preached in our school's chapel services too. So I was busy then, having to go to church every night. Because the school is directly linked to the church, whenever we have revials like that, we get 1-hour late starts for school. Awesome! ^^
Wednesday is the most stressful day of any week. After school, the teens go out soul-winning. That's when we pick a random neighborhood and go door-to-door, passing out tracks. Yeah, we're those religious peeps who knock on your door at random hours and ask if you've heard the good news. Only we don't argue with you about religion. We give you a track and the two-minute spill, then leave.
Then we head back to the church, eat dinner, and goof around for 1 1/2 hours until evening church starts. The youth group there is pretty okay...some of them are rather shallow and rebellious, though. But it's kewl; we laugh a lot. But by the time I get home, I'm ready to burn my nylons and rip someone's eyes out. Keh-heh, only the shallow people, don't worry. I go right to sleep. Last Wednesday, I didn't reset my alarm, which had me waking up an hour later. Because of that late-start.

The next morning I wake up right as mom and my siblings are headed out the door. An hour late! Luckily Dad was still home, but I was still late for school. Which gave me the first demerit I'd gotten all school year! *cries* And somehow the story got out (via my sister, no duh), and I had to relate the entire story to everyone who asked. And they laughed. At lunch, I ripped my sister's eyes out. Or, something close to it.
The cookie dough tubs, all nine-hundred of them, came in that afternoon. It's apart of our annual fundraiser. There are about 8 different cookie dough flavors. Chocolate chunk, maple-something, german chocolate, white chocolate, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, oatmeal rasin, and M&M.
By lunch, I'm done with school for the day. The secretary was like, "Oh, this is perfect! Go ask Bro. Minge (the vice principal and talkative government teacher) if he needs your help with the cookie dough shipment!"

He did. "FILL ORDERS!" He waved papers around, which declared who sold what. One kid sold about 70 tubs. I got to fill his order. Oh and this year, there were pretzels too. Only thing is, about 12 crates of them didn't arrive! But the 2 cookie dough crates were HUGE. As in tall. Mrs. Oceltree was like, "I need 4 tubs of oatmeal rasin! Where are they?"
They were at the bottom of the second crate, crushed by the massive amounts of chocolate chunk. I took a knife and dug out the oatmeal rasin. It hurt. I filled a bazillion orders, went home, and went to bed.

Friday was somewhat okay. But Megan and Lindsey, the only other unshallow girls at the school, weren't there. And this government test scared the light out of me. Luckily, I only missed 5 questions. At lunch, I raced home to finish my art entry for that library manga contest. Which was due that day. 4 hours later, I hadn't finished the shading yet. But Mom got home, and she was ready to run her errands. That included stopping by the library for me.
I didn't enter after all. But when I got back from errands (which were actually fun, just me and Mom), I looked at the would-be entry again. It looked terribly flat and lifeless. So I was glad I didn't enter.

Saturday was okay.

But today was the worst. Once again, the Sunday school teacher preached on the SAME THING he's been preaching on the past....four months. "Do right do right obey the Lord do right!" I wanted to scream in the middle of class. At my last church, the pastor preached on this for six months before I left. Next hour I had nursery with my mom. That was fun; the kids are so cute! But during that one hour, all this happened:
  • Mrs. McPhearson went into labor, and was rushed to the hospital with two other women to help her.
  • The Nolans' house was broken into, and the police came into the church service to get Bro. Nolan. Mrs. Nolan was frantic all morning.
  • A teenage girl took serveral young bus kids away in her car, without permission, and couldn't be located. (This isn't allowed at our church. Only parents/guardians can take the bus kids home, or the go back on their bus. This prevents accidents/kidnapping/whatever)
  • Another bus girl ran away, left the property, and still can't be found.
  • This heavy, screaming kid was brought into nursery, and it took forever to shut her up. She sounded like knives were driven into her.
I came home and died for a few minutes. Then I had to make drinks for lunch. I was putting ice in the glasses, staring out the back window and the heavy wind. BOOOOMMM!! The dead portion of the backyard tree crashed onto the deck! I screamed and dropped the ice and went O.o . The huge, dead trunk broke the backyard table completely in half. The tabletop was made of glass, so that was all over the deck. Several chairs were busted, plant pots cracked and spilled, and our potted tree went flying off the deck. A considerable portion of the deck railing was crushed and busted.
And I could do was cry, "Sydney!" The tree had fallen where our malamute, Sydney, usually paces. I was sure the tree had fallen on her. But, those [insert angry words and names] losers next door had partied all night and kept her up. So she was napping in her usual spot, by my window, and had no idea there was a tree on the deck.

Now you know why I haven't posted this week. I'm almost too afraid to go outside now. Thus is Halloween. I actually like Halloween, but only the pumpkins and dressing up and candy.

This was my week:

Posted Image


*front Page'd!*

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 22 2006 · 898 views
BZP, janus, library, library tip
Blog of the Week for me! As I clicked the link, I was actually thinking, "Not me not me please not me my blog is so not sparked-up enough yet...". But apparently it is! I'm happy!! But puppygirl? C'mon, Janus. :P BTW, the Japanese in my subtitle means, "What is it that's truly important?". And yeah, Library Tip of the Day is so not consistent. Maybe it should change to "Library Tip #[whatever]". Anyway. Thanks Janus! *big glomp, tail wags*

Here we go:

Library Tip #4: (that sounds better and doesn't make me guilty :D) You've worked hard on your epic. You've poured hours into your writing; the characters, the setting, the use of words and placement of stunning events. How proud you are of your little darling! Then you send it into the world, ready for the eyes of the BZP public....and you get 2 reviews. In a month's time. Oh mee na. How can you get more reviews?
The first thing to do is get out there and review other stories. Read other epics and short stories, and give reviews longer than a paragraph, at least. I've told about 50 different members this, and still counting. It works like a charm, pardon the expression. ;D It may take time and effort, but eventually, some of the authors you comment on will feel indebted. Which could get you some reviews, and maybe some new friends. This is a tested theory; I climbed up with it, and other members have told me that it worked for them, too. Try it.

End tip.

Fangirl ranting ahead. I now add Tales of Phantasia to my loved stories list!! On an unmentionable video site, a great Inu AMV to the song "Doctor Jones" was deleted. So, still wanting to hear the song, I searched for another anime AMV to it. A really great one, pairing Klarth and Arche, popped up. The expressions and magic hooked me. So I searched for uploadings of the show. Apparently, there are only four episodes, but that's okay. I've watched the first one, and I'm all Phantasia'd out. Arche is the best! She's so giddy and lighthearted, and such a fangirl! "That Cless looks so great when he's battling desperately! So I was thinking, if I help him out a little, I get a little closer to him!!" Even though he apparently likes Mint.
But this show is awesome. Yes, I'm aware of the game. And I'm buying it asap.

Posted Image

XD Klarth's like, "SIX INCH RULE!! AUGG!". Which is a rule at our school, between boys n' girls. You know I abuse it. When that one strange, reaking boy gets too close---
HH: SIX INCH RUUUUUUUUUUULE!! *shoves him over the desks*
Megan: You've touched garbage! Quick!! *goes into attack stance, with that anime-fight background behind her* DOUBLE HANDSANITIZER DOUSAGE!!

My school's weird. :o That is all for today.

I am a pioneer,
Naive enough to believe that
I am a princess,
On the way to my throne
Destined to seek,
Destined to rule.

- Wunderkind, Alanis Morissette


Can't Take It In

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 18 2006 · 318 views
Quizzes, such an otaku and 2 more...
Listening To: Can't Take It In, Narnia Soundtrack, Imogen Heap

Assignment all over with!! And now there's only one left. I feel so free; I could just fly off right here. So everything's great these days. Christmas is coming, too....heehee. Freak you out?
I finished coloring this today, finally. My new markers rock! It's a picture from that oddly-captioned InuYasha coloring book.

~ The link died because MajHost sucks. You're not missing anything. ~

If the drawing were mine, it'd go right into that manga contest. style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif But actually, I'm thinking about entering that Asaki and Tetsuo pic from the last entry, or some variation of those two together. As LMK pointed out, Akina and Tetsuo reminds one too much of Akira and Tetsuo of Akira. Which is like, the most famous manga in America. Bummer. So I'm trying out Asaki to replace the name Akina. It would work well for my manga, in which Asaki's sister is named Sayori. The name Sayori means "born at night", and Asaki means "born in the morning". This may go over your head, but Sayori has a link to stars, while Asaki has such to the sun. I can't elaborate at this point. But it's a triple-play on names! Which is seen often in manga. What do you guys think?

So here I am, taking another text quiz, and dying to post it. Read it or not, but it's kinda funny. I was on a sugar high while filling it out! style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif

FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR (things you can't live without)

Something important on your desk: InuYasha First Season Boxed Set. Yes. That is more important to me than my PC, for some weird fangirlish reason. But the computer comes in a close second, along with my stack of drawings.
If you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: Paintshop Pro. Well, I can afford it, but Mom and Dad have to pay for it through a card, so it'll be a month before I get it. Other than that, I would buy many CDs, the second season of InuYasha, and all 27 of the translated InuYasha graphic novels.
When you sleep you wear: Whatever shirt I was wearing that day (if it's not dressy), and sweatpants...
If your house was burning and you could only save 3 items what would they be: My computer tower (I would pull all it's plugs out and run. You can always find new monitors and power cords), my drawing file, and my Bible. It has many missionaries' signatures and important notes.


If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: Shopping
A time when you purposely hurt someone emotionally: I yelled at this girl I didn't know. She was being a complete cool dude [I love the filter, don't you? XD] shallow-case and everyone in the room was already irritated. I haven't done it since.
One person you have killed in your thoughts: There are people I dislike, but I never thought about killing them mentally. I have killed off several of my characters, but usually not because they're hated. style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif And other people's characters, too, out of sheer anger with them. Like the Piraka and Toa Inika when they spout all this taunting garbage, while fighting. I'm like: Stop acting so full of yourself and just SHUT UP AND FIGHT! Come on! [No bashing intended on Lego, BTW]
I've also killed Jaken, from InuYasha, several times. I was glad that first time he died, but in the next book, Sessho-Maru revived him. AUGG.
I also imagined how Kikyo might have died again. But that was more out of curiousity than anything. I wish their relationship would've been explained and furthered, after her resurrection. The only reason they seem to love one another is because of what happened in the past, not because of who they are now. It felt like they were always on the same square, never moving ahead at all. There was no freshness to the relationship. Probably because Kikyo was already dead, just living through her soul housed in a clay body. With Inu and Kagome, though, there are always new discoveries and movements in their relationship. It feels real.
Anyway, Kikyo did die again recently, and it seemed final. I do love her as an individual character, and cried while reading about her final death. But in light of that whole Kagome-Inu-Kikyo love triangle, I'm excited to watch Inu and Kagome's relationship now. Kikyo and InuYasha became very pensive and dramatic with each other. And Kikyo hardly acted like she loved him, anymore. It more InuYasha who kept their relationship up, due to his memories (which is understandable); but she didn't seem to care. It was irritating.

Okay. Fan rant over. style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif


Three traits you look for in a friend: considerate of other's feelings, open to new things, and of course trustworthy
Which friend makes you laugh most often: Josie (Felicia). We howl and fall over laughing all the time. Kristel and Anela make me laugh really hard, too.
A friend who you can tell anything: My absolute closest friend. Those of you who know me well probably get who I'm talking about. style_emoticons/default/wink.gif
A friend you can go to for advice: Most all my friends, for advice on varied things. Girls for girl stuff and boys for school, artwork, and writing stuff. Though, girls give good writing advice, too.
Two things appealing about people: They can be so random and varied, one from the next. Also, you can find a way to crack most people open, if you watch and listen hard. I love that part of any relationship; busting them wide open. Heh, kinda like Howl from HMC.


Your 3 best qualities: Make almost any situation fun, and can draw you in five minutes. I am also the Trove of the Deepest Secrets for many of my friends. I swear I've forgotten half the secrets in there anyway, and the other half I shall never tell.
Your 3 worst qualities: Can loose temper when tired or provoked too far; I'm forgetful, and I don't like being touched. No poking, pulling, or patting, especially of my hair!! Hugs and shoulder-leaning are perfectly welcome. ^^
You are embarrassed when: I get too excited, and talk too loud or like an cool dude.
The greatest physical pain you ever endured: Fishhook stuck in foot once. Doesn't THAT make you feel comfortable? style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif
The greatest emotional pain you ever endured: I used to get lingual hold-backs. Like, I would suddenly start observing the shapes of things, or how shadow was cast across them. Then, I couldn't talk for awhile. I just couldn't. I'd start crying instead. This was back when I was teaching and expanding my right-brain. Right brain controls visual and artistic talent Your left-brain, the language side, is dominant in most people. But you can learn to switch between both sides. However, once you start feeding your right brain, especially after age 10, it's hard to gain control over it.
Anyway, I eventually learned. To this day, though, I have trouble finding the right word for things now and then, and at times cannot pronounce words.
Your best physical feature: Face shape: smooth, parallel, and elvin. I like my body shape too. It's small but strong and not chunky at all.
If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be: Get rid of these stupid glasses. I look great with them, but they're too hard to maintain correctly.
Your secret passion: Why don't you look up "secret" in the dictionary? Secrets are things not meant to be revealed to the public. You have received an ounce of FEH.


Emotion you hide most: Irritation
The emotion you tend to experience most: Happiness
You have a huge amount of guilt regarding: Not witnessing to people I KNOW I should've witnessed to. And not confessing a past love. *sigh*
When you are angry you need: A piece of paper and a pen. Then, I can write everything I hate about the person or situation that made me angry, furiously tear the paper into tiny bits, and throw it out.
When you are sentimental you need: My stuffed husky toy. Hey, it's an important childhood item that is cuddly and worn. You have a stuffed animal hidden somewhere in your room too, don't you? *digs around your room* Don't you?!! style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif
When you are in love you need: To be around the person I love, to think and ponder about him.
Who/what makes you happy: my family, my friends, Bible, and a sharp pencil, thick paper, and several color markers.
Who/what makes you sad: Going away to college in a year, and when people I know die. It's not hard when they've gone to Heaven, but then I cry because everyone else is so sad, and I want them to be happy again.


One of your most peaceful memories: Whenever I color in Paintshop. It's so peaceful, and you have to concentrate, so other thoughts are blocked out.
One of your most tragic memories: You know, I sat here so long thinking. I don't have any really tragic memories. Because everything worked out for good, so I can't exactly call anything in my life tragic. It was just life working.
One of your angriest memories: Certain times when my parents scolded me and I truly didn't deserve it. Also, when we moved from Seattle to Spanaway.
Seattle: close to bustling happy city, lots of friends, perfect room, five minutes from mall! Spanaway: Just look at the freaking name. It's no forgein word. I'll bet some hick woman came up with it. "We should call it Spanaway because the land just spans away from everything!" AUUGG. I SHALL KILL THE NAMER. Where there are not trailer parks, there are housing developments with the houses six feet apart.
Some wicked part of me wishes one would catch on fire. That way, they'd all burn down, and somebody would sue the penny-pinching cool dude developers, who would stop tearing down every tree in sight to build six houses where each one once stood. Then somebody else would start a petition to make the legal minimum-feet-apart bigger. Then they'd realize we don't have a city council or anything, and we'd get one! Then we'd have a police department, instead of a sheriff who is never around. AND THEY WOULD TRACK DOWN AND SLAY THAT PRINCE CITY GANG THAT'S WRITING CUSS WORDS ON ALL THE DEVELOPMENT SIGNS DOWN OUR MAIN ROAD.

Yes. That would be perfect. Though, I can't complain too much. Our church here is wonderful!
A memory that makes you laugh: Any hilarious moment with my siblings. When we all think something is funny, we DIE laughing! Crazy TV shows, online movies, Patch dancing to music, something on a video game, making special catch phrases we alone understand.
A memory that makes you happy: Sitting and talking with somebody I really cared about. Yeah, it was a guy. style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif


If you had no commitments what would you be doing: Drawing
If you could have one super power what would it be: To project whatever image I'm thinking of onto a screen and save it. THAT WOULD ROCK. Can you imagine?!? Mind-movies!! You could tell a story in your head and everyone could see! I've always wanted to do that.
If you could start all over: No! Childhood is just too long for me to live everything through with the knowledge I have now.
If you had more time alone you would: Draw more. Create that manga I've been wanting to.
If you had more patience you would: Get a job teaching piano. I have no patience for teaching or monitoring children who are unrelated to me! Don't know why! However, I have no problem moderating on BZP. Maybe because of the power. Heeee. style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif


Windmills Of Your Mind

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 16 2006 · 674 views
BZP, it looks like, library and 1 more...
Hope this doesn't stretch the page out. Oo

Posted Image
Tetsuo and Asaki. No, you won't be recognizing them from any manga and anime...they're mine. No stealing, or I'll steal your head. Just in time for Halloween, too.

Library Tip #3: Edit and rework your story, at least once or twice! Usually, it's not wise to post the first thing you've written up. Create your story in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or even Notepad, if you can. Then save it, and set it aside for a day or two. Even though this can be really hard to do, especially if you're excited, don't return to it until 24 hours have passed! That way, when you do give it another look, the content will be fresh in your mind. Read it for grammar and spelling errors, and you might find yourself rewriting parts, also. Maybe you've rethought a place in the plot, or a better way to describe what a character is doing. Overall, if you seriously edit your story before posting it up, it will appeal to readers even more.

End tip.

Nothing has been going on as far as life. I'm just living, breathing, and drawing. Though today, Patch, Dad, and I spent about three hours on Starfox Assault. Basically whipping the fire out of each other. ^^ It was fun. And I helped in the 4-year-old class during church today. Those kids are insane. I got a headache, but still, they were all really cute! They ask the funniest things. They kept calling me certain kinds of fruit...naturally I argued back.
Little girl: *giggle* You're a banana!
HH: You're a kiwi!
Boy: Well, well, you are an apple.
HH: You're a pomegranate.
Kids: *laugh because they have no idea what a pomegranate is*

Lately, Josie (aka Senjo or Jo_Shmo, one the most clever and hilarious gals around) and I were discussing our last year in school, how busy everything was, and how suddenly we'd found ourselves beyond childhood's borders. Just those things 17 and 18-year-olds talk about. She sent me the lyrics to a song, Windmills of Your Mind. I really love it.

Round, like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel.
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that's turning
Running rings around the moon

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on it's face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of it's own
Down a hollow to a cavern
Where the sun has never shone
Like a door that keeps revolving
In a half forgotten dream
Or the ripples from a pebble
Someone tosses in a stream.

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on it's face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Keys that jingle in your pocket
Words that jangle your head
Why did summer go so quickly
Was it something that I said
Lovers walking along the shore,
Leave their footprints in the sand
Was the sound of distant drumming
Just the fingers of your hand
Pictures hanging in a hallway
And a fragment of this song
Half remembered names and faces
But to whom do they belong
When you knew that it was over
Were you suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning
To the color of her hair.

Beautiful. *sigh*

Listening To: Hallelujah, Rufus Wainwright


Honorable Mention!

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 15 2006 · 199 views
Art, such an otaku and 1 more...
Can't believe I never got around to telling anybody this. Maybe I was too busy when it happened. Last spring, the county libraries held a manga drawing contest. I entered! Behold The awesome Link-ish entry! Never very confident in my work, I sorta forgot about it after entering....

Then came the glorious call. Link had won me an honorable mention! And, my imformer said, it was the top honorable mention. Which means almost third place. *chuckles* Look here, just scroll down to the 9-12 grade winners, and I'm there with an entry called "Link - Courage". Even though I only got a ribbon, dang was I proud. Second art contest I'd ever entered, and I placed fourth!
[The first contest was in elementary school, where my "Save the Earth" poster won first prize. I had been up against the whole school, and I was only in kindergarten. But now when I look at the poster, it looks terrible. Keh-heh.]

Now the libraries are announcing the second manga contest! And my drawing has gotten much better. In the Link entry, his legs were too long and his pose too stiff, thus it's problem. Time for another go! *clutches Sanrio pencil, the all-powerful tool* Cross your fingers!

Listening To: Taijiya Sango, Kaoru Wada


Soundtrack Of My Life

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 13 2006 · 389 views
Quizzes, such an otaku
Fun little thing I found on a music site. Just another "try it!" diddle.

Movie Soundtrack of Your Life:

The rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Post in blog, pass it on!

Opening Credits: Hanyou InuYasha, by Kaoru Wada (YAY!!)

Waking Up: Beyond Belief, Petra (Good one ^^)

An Ordinary Day: Angel of the Morning, Dusty Springfield (What sad days I must have)

The First Date: Sekai no Yakusoku [Howl's Moving Castle credits], Chieko Baisho (I. Love. This. Song.)

Falling in Love: Toki wo Koete Kagome. Kaoru Wada (Another fit ^^)

The Rumble: Overture [Phantom of the Opera], Andrew Lloyd Webber (XD, SO fitting)

The Break-up: Windy, The Association (What? This is a feel-good song!)

Getting Back Together: Eru-Hu, a beautiful sample of the Chinese Eru-Hu being played (good for a smooth renewing, I suppose)

Life's Okay: Howl's Moving Castle Main Theme, Joe Hisashi (Aww, this one's so pretty)

The Mental Breakdown: Notes/Twisted Every Way, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Haha! Perfect! They're all having mental breakdowns in this song)

Cruising: Things I'll Never Say, Avril Lavinge (Yay!)

The Flashback: Itazurana KISS, Day After Tomorrow (XD, what a flashback!!)

The Party: Every Heart, BoA (Very slow party. Like, calm. *yawn*)

Everybody Dance Now: My Will, Dream (NOW the party picks-up!)

Regretting: When The Rain Falls, Zetta Bytes (Fits. Truly)

The Long Night Alone: Henkashita InuYasha, Kaoru Wada (Must be a very scary night Oo)

A Death: Now That I'm a Woman, Mia Farrow (Whoa. It's NATURAL. This is such a sad song about loosing oneself)

End Credits: Tokyo Girl, Ace of Base (Yay! Good ending)



Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 12 2006 · 722 views
BZP, library, library tips
Today's tip details on something I'm seeing a lot in SS and Epics lately. So, what better topic to discuss?

Library Tip Numbah 2: When you're a writer, especially a darker or more "emo" sort, dealing with the word filter can be hard. Your character is undergoing an intense, distraught-filled moment, which must be detailed upon! The only way, that you can see, to express their rage is through this certain word. But the word filter blocks it. Wait, you think, maybe if I just spell it wrong, it'll still pass the filter...
No! Stop!! Do not take this "shortcut". Even if you can post it now, you will pay for it later. Several authors on BZP have lost proto for multiple offensives of filer bypassing. Especially in the past two months. It's -not- the way to go. The filter is used to make BZP a friendlier place for all ages. Plus, studies (and General Common Sense©) show that forums with less swearing last longer.

So, what's a fan author to do? You might try the old "sugar-coated swear word" trick, replacing filtered words with stuff like "darn", "stupid", or "freaking". In some situations and stories, these do work. Characters under a 15-year-old mentality (characters who are or act younger than 15) can use these without sounding dumb. Also, stories with a lighter or happier tone don't suffer from these words.
We must, however, consider the darker side of all fiction. If your story deals with multiple good character deaths, or holds more serious tones, a simple word-replace will weaken it. If your main character's companion is gravely wounded, making them shout "Darn it!" just won't cut the butter. At all. Still, don't bypass the filter. Replace the word with description. Example: (Hahli and Jaller are Matoran here)

"%*$# it!" Jaller yelled, seeing Hahli's deep cuts. He turned on the Rahi, braced for attack.

"Hahli!" Jaller yelled, and rushed to inspect the wounds from the Kane-Ra. Hahli's side was deeply gashed, and blood began to trickle down onto Jaller's hand. Gasping in pain, the Ga-Koronan held her injured side. The Kane-Ra roared impatiently, then advanced upon the two Matoran. Jaller clinched his fists. He felt rage pouring out with every breath. The beast had gone too far.
Jaller snatched up his spear. "You hurt her!" he practically screamed, rushing at the cumbersome beast. "Die!!"

There. Isn't the second one better? By giving a lot of description on why Jaller's angry, and what actions it causes him to take, it's clear that he is really mad. Build-up to a character's anger, instead of letting a word describe it.

End tip. That was like, longer than I thought it would be. :P But needed.

Back to the subject of this entry's title. Life has been a little strange lately. I don't have too much homework, there's just all this stuff suddenly piled up. Writing assignment, a few artwork commissions to fill, driver's test to study for. Which is partly why most of my PMs are unanswered right now. Don't freak; it's not like I read your message and thought you were unworthy of a reply. The problem comes when I juggle all this and an online life at one time. So I'm on hiatus for my instant-messengers, and only visiting this site. But once I knock this work out, your PMs will be answered. Won't be long. Also, I'll be editing and amending the SS and Epics Rules, and repairing the SS Library topic. Among a handful of other small things. So bear with, thanks for the patience!

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Break The Barriers

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 09 2006 · 228 views
nintendo, quotes
"What if everything you see is more than what you see—the person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a secret door to another world? What if something appears that shouldn't? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think. Perhaps it really is a doorway, and if you choose to go inside, you'll find many wonderful and unexpected things."

- Shigeru Miyamoto

Even though he can be slightly off-rocker at times, he does say some of the most intriguing things.

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From Cricket To Cannibals

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 08 2006 · 1,208 views
school, what was this, my diary? and 2 more...
New purpose for this blog! People constantly send me PMs asking for fanfic posting tips, ranging from "Should I post it now or wait awhile?" to "Will these characters appeal to the readers?". So there's a log of answers hanging around up here. *taps forehead*

Library Tip #1: Now is the time to post more adventure and self-discovery themed stories in Short Stories. After an amazing wave of romance titles this last summer, many readers are looking for more simple adventures. I mean, look at some of the recent comments. Don't think wrongly; the romance fanfics were beautiful. But there were so many of them at once. *dizzy*

End Forecast.

Dang. I sound like a fortune teller.

After the past couple weeks at school, in which the teachers threw every assignment possible at the students, and we had to counter-attack with either quickly-written papers, "free homework"s, or knives, I looked at my writing assignment today. It came a while ago. I take a correspondence course in writing for children and teenagers, from a very stately-looking place called The Institute of Children's Literature. (dramatic music plays) And guess what? My instructor, Troon, (who is an awesome fantasy writer!) wants my next assignment turned in by next Saturday!! I just went:

Posted Image

I come to you now after intensive studying and researching. Brain's gonna explode. Luckily and strangely, of three ideas I gave her, she wants me to write the nonfiction one. About the missionary, CT Studd, who worked with cannibals in Africa. On a wild tangent, I called it "From Cricket to Cannibals". Nonfiction is waaaayy too easy. Just pretend it's a story, and you've got it! Oh, and add lots of adjectives.

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