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LSO 2012 - Epics Event Archive

Posted by Hahli Husky , Aug 02 2012 · 373 views

lso 2012 lso 2012 archive
[Since this information was replaced in the LSO 2012 topic, a copy of it is being kept here.]

Current Event - Epics Unlimited Prompt Relay

How It Works

In this event, teams of members will be working together to create their own, awesome collaborated epics. Now, I know just what you're thinking. "But HH, that's like a round robin! Those aren't allowed in the library!" And you know what, you're absolutely right! The difference is, it will be a controlled effort by teams of co-authors, arranged by myself. The teams will have from July 8th until July 25th, 11:59 pm PDT to write and post their stories.

Entrants will be required to do the following:

- Work with a team to write a BIONICLE-themed epic based on a given prompt. Each prompt will be the first sentence from a popular book (that Janus or I happen to own XP), and each team will be given a different prompt.

- Each team member can only post one chapter per 24 hours, but other than that, there is no limit on how many chapters each team can have in the end.

How To Enter

Before July 6th, 2012 at 11:59 pm PDT, post a reply in this topic with the information below.

-Your name
- An example of your writing, less than 100 words (this can be from one of your already-posted works)

Special Rules

- One story per team.
- No arguing, fussing, or flaming with/at team members or other teams. The first time I call you down, I'll let you walk. The second time, you'll be automatically disqualified from every event. Also, appropriate action will be taken (ie proto drop, suspension, etc.)
- Each chapter must been related to the story.
- No original characters allowed. Official storyline characters only, please.
- There is a limit of one chapter per member per 24 hours. All the members of a team can post a chapter in the same 24 hour time span, however. So if there are 4 members, there can be 4 chapters a day.
- No pre-writing planning among teams. The fun of this is writing something that is completely your own, not planned with your team beforehand. Read what your team has already written, and then expand upon it as you see fit. :)
- You must post your chapters in the member order I specify. For instance, if I list: 1. Billy, 2. Suzie, and 3. Todd, then Billy would go first, Suzie second, Todd third, and then Billy could post again.
- If you keep your team waiting for a new chapter for more than 48 hours, you will be removed from the contest. That is to say, if 2 days pass and there is no new chapter, then the person whose turn was next will be disqualified. If you find that you do not have the time to write your team's next chapter, please notify me immediately. If you know you will be gone certain dates (more than 48 hours at a time) please notify me so I can adjust the schedule accordingly.


Q: Do we have to resolve the story before the contest ends?
A: Not at all, but it would be awesome if you did!

Q: What do we do if one of our team member just disappears or doesn't post?
A: If a team member keeps their team waiting for more than 48 hours, they will be removed from the contest. Their previous chapters will still be legal, but they will not receive a prize if their team wins.

Q: How many members per team?
A: We won't know until I get a head count on Saturday, but I'm going to cap it at 4 members per team. Posted Image

Q: But why can't I choose my team mates?
A: I would love to let people choose their team mates! Posted Image However, I've tried this before, and absolute chaos ensued. Everyone wants to be paired with the "good" writers or only their friends. Part of the challenge is writing with people you may not know. Contests aren't supposed to be easy, and this is no sweepstakes!

Q: Who gets prizes?
A: Each member of the winning team will receive a prize!

Q: Do I have to enter all the events?
A: No, you can enter however many you like. It will have no effect on your standings.

Q: Can I enter both the Library and COT version of this contest?
A: Sure!

Q: I'm a staff member but I really want to enter. Can I?
A: I feel that we're in a good place to accept staff entries. You won't be given special treatment, but I would love for any and all staff to enter!

This contest is a little complex, so if you're confused, please don't hesitate to ask a question!


Each Gold Medalist (first place team member) will receive a custom member title and their choice of either an orange Kanohi Vahi or two random metallic silver and gold Great Kanohi!

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Have you been wronged recently? Are you suffering from the strain of a car accident? Do you think Bionicle's "No relationship" canon destroyed your childhood?

You don't have to take that! Call Hahli & Husky Legal and we will make your wrongs right.

Bionicle Comic Readings
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Dating: Makaru
Stats: Pansexual/panromantic, Polyamorous, Cis (she/her), Virgo

Loves: My boys, all my friends, kittens, fashion, crafts, creepypasta, Animal Crossing, Sailor Moon, plushies, rainbows, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Game Grumps, singing, simulation games

Dislikes: Loud noises, broken things, bad smells, waking up before 9 am, The Discourse

Favorite Artists: Janelle MonĂ¡e, Daft Punk, Skyhill, Starbomb, Paramore, The Pierces, John Denver, SNSD/Girl's Generation


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do you even realize how many gifs are over 500kb these days i mean seriously