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Round 2


Consumed By Light

Posted by Iruini Nuva , in MOC Sep 06 2016 · 384 views
makuta, rebrick, moc, contest and 1 more...
Posted Image

"You wanted our power, monster. Let us see if you can handle it!"

Successfully got my entry in for Bionicle's last hurrah! See more pics and learn the complete backstory over in BBC or give it a like over on Rebrick!


Ode to the Bohrok Liftarm

Posted by Iruini Nuva , in MOC Aug 29 2016 · 415 views
makuta, moc, bohrok, contest
Posted Image
Image via BrickLink

This is the most amazing piece.

As I'm wrapping up the finishing touches on my Makuta contest entry, I've really come to appreciate how versatile this little critter is.
  • Great size for limbs. I'm using 6 on each leg alone.
  • Tons of connection points, both pins and axles
  • Just enough greebling to keep it interesting
  • Little dips give room for more complex filler and armor mounts
  • Functionally a straight line, but visually better than one (can use the pistons as an implied curve, etc.)
Found my new favorite part for MOCing. ^_^


Your Rebrick Makuta...

Posted by Iruini Nuva , in MOC Aug 24 2016 · 415 views
rebrick, moc, makuta, sketch
...how's it coming along?

Finally getting into a groove on mine. I'm realizing how rusty I am at MOCing. Been...probably 5 years since I built something that wasn't just a G2 set following the manual.

To that effect, my first attempt at a CCBS/Technic hybrid has a way steeper learning curve than I expected.

On the flip side, it does give me a chance to sketch ideas for something other than software for a change:

Posted Image


Always Vote for Yourself

Posted by Iruini Nuva , Aug 12 2016 · 456 views

Playing a game of Civ 5 as Bismarck, year is 2047 on Emperor.

Outlasted some AI, fallen behind others by ~40%. Maintained a strong diplomatic and cultural presence, but ultimately got into a nuclear war with China--assumed cultural/diplomatic victories were now out of the question.

Making a mad, hopeless dash for a space-race victory when World Leader came up for vote again at the UN. Voted for myself with majority control.

I now rule the world.



The Storage Dilemma

Posted by Iruini Nuva , Aug 10 2016 · 406 views

Top shelf of the closet in my office. Surely I'm not the only one.

Posted Image

Anyone have any decent solutions? Gen 2 boxes break down great, but I hesitate to break these down on account of the glue. They're pretty densely filled with smaller boxes anyway--so this is fairly efficient.

I've thought about moving the canisters up to the attic. How well do they hold up outside of a climate-controlled environment?


Incoming Haul

Posted by Iruini Nuva , in General, Collection Aug 05 2016 · 359 views

Gearing up to build my JtO Makuta! Gonna use the parts to assist with my ReBrick contest entry first, then will swap them over for the real deal. :)

Posted Image

Still need to scrounge up a Tahu Uniter someplace (prices are like...$25 minimum :/ ). Also, the second Ikir is just there for fun (and potential contest parts), and Uxar will likely end up on my desk at work.

The other Umarak the Destroyer and Quake Beast (backordered) are the final sets I "officially" need to wrap up G2.

Gonna be epic!


Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Posted by Iruini Nuva , in General Aug 01 2016 · 411 views

Amazing to think that it's been 10 years since I dropped a post in here.

Also looks like I was terrible at it.

Just to reintroduce myself: Hi! I'm Iruini Nuva. Those of you with particularly long memories may remember me as a former BZP Forum Lead (most notably in Fan Created Games). I was also the lead for Biotech Game Productions, the team behind fan-games like The Insurgent and Havoc (for those who need a blast from the past).

The confluence of G2's launch and life stabilizing (graduated, job, married) finally gave me some time to get back into the Bionicle scene as a proper AFOL. I even spent some reconnecting with folks on LinkedIn (shoot me a PM!).

To that effect, I've got a new app in the pipes I'm hoping to show off soon. :) Huge bummer that they canceled G2 a year early (kinda makes launching an app awkward), but I'll see what I can do. I've also got some new goodies on the way for the collection (some G2, some G1)--will toss a post up here once they arrive.

Thanks for reading, and forgive the retro mess! We'll get a cleaning crew in here soon enough.


The Insurgent Is Coming...

Posted by Iruini Nuva , Nov 07 2006 · 470 views
Yes folks, Biotech has stepped up the development of 'The Insurgent'. As many of you know, we've been working on a massive graphics upgrade. Now you can see how it's turning out:
IPB Image
(this pic is only a clipping from a larger image)

Pretty cool no? You can see another pic over in the Biotech Menu to the right. Keep yours eyes open for more updates. biggrin.gif

IPB Image

Well folks, I can't post new entries, but I can still do some sort of edit to the old ones. Ordinarily, I'd refrain, but this is a special occasion. tongue.gif

I just got promoted! Woot! So now I get to have the pretty rainbow Huna and close all those nasty little spam topics that everybody likes to make. evilgrin.gif

Anyhoo, just thought I'd put that out there.


Servo, Ergo Sum.

Posted by Iruini Nuva , Nov 05 2006 · 723 views
Normal Life
I just realized I've been completely ignoring this thing. So now I'm returning. On a whim, I decided to try to figure out what the server message 'Servo, ergo sum' means. I'm taking my second year of Latin right now, so that helped. I knew that 'servo' means 'I serve', and that 'sum' means 'I am'. But the 'ergo' confused me. After a bit of conversation with my teacher, we determined that the phrase meant 'I serve, therefore I am.' rotflz.gif You've gotta admit, Binky's been creative with these.

I was in another fencing tournament yesterday. I did pretty well during my preliminary rounds. I made it through the first direct elimination fine too. But then a problem arose. Because of my standings in the prelims, I ended up having to fence the top fencer in the event for my second DE. I held out for about half of it, then I pretty much bombed the rest. The guys been fencing for probably 20 years, so I wasn't surprised. Even so, making it that far was pretty good. I ended up becoming 7th in the state. _icon_joy_.gif

IPB Image


Free Candy And Computer Games

Posted by Iruini Nuva , Nov 01 2006 · 220 views
Normal Life
As everybody knows, today was Halloween. People know today even better as the day that you get free candy. Naturally, I decided to go out and get some myself. This time, my dad let me go a little farther than usual. I ended up getting about 3 pounds of goodies! drooling.gif For a person used to getting 15-20 pieces, that's pretty incredible. For my costume, I was lazy and just put on my fencing gear. That was actually a very good choice. It was around 30 degrees outside. That stuff is thick enough though, that I was able to maintain a comfortable body temperature. I was going to go out as something along the lines of 'My Dog Ate My Homework'. But we were having a hard time keeping the stuffed dog attached to the paper. After I got through gloating over my hoard, I went upstairs, and took a math test.

There has also been another event in the past few days that I've neglected to mention: My Mom's birthday. I think she turned, well... *subject change* As a present, I decided to make her a nice little computer game. Seeing as she enjoys fall-related things, I chose to base the game around that. You play as a little girl wandering through a corn maze seeking the perfect pumpkin, picking up fall leaves along the way. Sounds kinda boring, but for a person who avoids computer as much as possible, it's pretty neat. I decided to make it more interesting for me by making it isometric. For those of you GM users out there, you know how difficult that is to do. wacko.gif I also decided to put in a nice little day-night engine to take the place of a timer. You have to have found the pumpkin and be out of the maze by dark. Here are some pics of the game:

That's all for now.

IPB Image

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