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Excitement Building

Posted by Toaraga , Feb 20 2010 · 126 views
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The future looks brighter every day.
And summer is but months away.

Haha, random poetic moment.

Anyway I'm so full of amazement and excitement for this year, but there are so many distractions to getting things accomplished, things I couldn't quite finish when Christmastime was around. I'm trying to force myself to focus on what's really important to me. (I'm still kind of figuring that out.) I'm looking forward to summer, not because school is out (though an added bonus I assure you), but so much more than that is planned. I guess I'll have to wait to see what transpires between now and then. I did say 2010 was going to be better than 2009 to me personally, and it's shaping up that way, in spite of the obstacles.

Also, I made an 88 on my algebra exam from Monday. Considering that's not my strong point, I'm really happy about that. I remember numbers, not formulas... I've memorized so many personal numbers (ones pertaining to identification, etc.) over the years, it's insane. I even used to be able to remember phone numbers so easily, but with speed dial and people getting new phones/numbers so often, that kind of became a semi-active trait.

Summer can't come soon enough, but soon enough, the spring will pass too. Life is so short.

Here's to the future!

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


The Last Airbender

Posted by Toaraga , Feb 11 2010 · 298 views
Computerized Stuff
Super Bowl spot was mediocre, but the theatrical trailer is full of win. Go, watch it!

Also, Industrial Light & Magic.

The effects should be top-notch, so here's hoping for a just as good or better story. I don't want an overpowering special effects show to make up for bad storytelling. So far, the movie looks promising.

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


Depression Sucks - Or - Why I Stepped Down

Posted by Toaraga , Feb 01 2010 · 238 views
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Let me say this right off the bat. I am a Christian, yet I have struggled with depression. No matter who you are, depression is never a fun thing to go through.

This is not something I like to broadcast, but I do like to help people. I prefer to do behind-the-scenes stuff with little or no attention on myself. I'm terrible at spearheading projects from scratch, since that's not how my thinking works, but I do like to help people when I see a need. The problem with helping people is that sometimes others will take advantage of that generosity, especially if you're not a person who can easily say no. I did stuff for people, not because I was the best person for the job, but because I didn't know how to say no to helping out and am willing to try. Yes, I like to help, but I don't like to feel manipulated into helping.

For who knows how long, I was doing things that may or may not have been important but feeling miserable and pretty much questioning my self-worth and what I was doing in the real world; I didn't find much enjoyment in a lot of what I did. I even quit giving it my all eventually because I didn't see the point or feel a reason. I did not realize what was happening in my life; all I knew was something was not right, but I didn't know anyone I could really share my problems with, since I didn't trust people. I proved myself to be trustworthy, but I was hesitant about trusting anyone else. I didn't know who I could talk to that cared about and really knew me, and being the introvert that I am, I learned a long time ago how to keep my emotions and thoughts to myself; so often I didn't even think deeply about what I was doing with my life. I was just going through the motions of day-to-day and week-to-week living.

So what does this have to do with BZPower?

I'm going to admit it. BZPower was one of my escapes; it was how I coped with the real world because I didn't know how to face my problems. I felt disrespected, ignored, or used by too many people I had once trusted: family and friends alike, people I grew up with or who watched me grow up, but on here I had developed respect, friendships, and a sense of belonging from people I have never even met. I felt more welcomed here than in the real world. What I did here was contributive, and my opinions were valued; I had even worked my way up the ranks of the staff. People "listened" to what I had to say.

Through some events that began in 2008 at least (maybe before, but I didn't notice), my life began to turn around for the better. One event in particular caused my focus to shift, and I began to make changes in my life. As I was going through these changes, my faith began to be rekindled; I never lost my faith, but it had been weak. I even made new friends over the summer, and I started to really enjoy life outside the Internet and video games... things I once used as an escape. These things just didn't feel worth my time as much. As great as my position at BZPower was and as wonderful as the staff was during my time, my heart wasn't in it anymore, and dealing with moderating was adding to stress I was still dealing with; besides, Christmastime was rolling around, so I knew I was going to be extremely busy with work anyway.

Now don't get the wrong idea. BZPower was neither a cause nor an effect of what I went through; it didn't cause me to be depressed, and I wasn't here just because I was depressed. In fact, it was a great asset in my life. I've gotten to know some wonderful people and even had an excuse to travel last summer, an event that's really made me want to travel more than I already did. It's something that allowed me to really try what I might not have otherwise done.

As I was able to open up with my problems to someone I found I could trust and even took a serious look at my life, I saw the misery I had been through for what it was. I can't say for sure when I really knew I had been going through depression, but I know it was during recent months that I figured it out. Just before Thanksgiving, I was even able to write something for the first time to tell friends and family what I had been through, to confront a part of me that I had learned a long time ago how to keep hidden.

Check this out. I never used any kind of medication to deal with depression (honestly, I'm not sure I would recommend any, since the side effects sound worse than helpful). If something is seriously bothering you, don't be afraid to deal with it. If you're going through depression, find a way to talk about what is bothering you. You might also need to get your focus shifted because your priorities are probably wrong.

I'm not going to lie and say I never get sad or feel down anymore, but now that I'm aware of what I went through, I can better sense when something is going to pull me down. I also find myself wanting to be more optimistic and encouraging... I've think I've always been an optimist at heart, but I was surrounded by pessimistic people for years.

This is why 2009 was the best year of my life.

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


Things That Don't Exist

Posted by Toaraga , Jan 22 2010 · 263 views
Writings And/Or Ponderings
Status quo- The world changes its views too often for this to realistically exist. The only thing that's achieved by submitting to such a notion is thinking in stereotypes. If the status quo really did exist, things would be much more bleak than they really are, and history would not be that: history.

Fear of commitment- This is mostly applied to relationships, but in reality, whoever or whatever one dedicates his/her life or time to is what that person is committed to. It can be work, family, fun, etc. The truth is we all commit ourselves to someone or something without even considering what happens if we don't.

I'm sure there any many more everyday things that people mention which do not, in fact, exist.

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM



Posted by Toaraga , Jan 10 2010 · 163 views
I finally have it.

Endure was such a pain to get. annoyed.gif

Advice for Endure: Teamwork and communication. It might take a few tries to work with your teammates and know the terrain/enemy drops. Choppers on Lost Platoon also help. The people I was playing with and I ended up with about 20 lives by the end of the 4th set; after that, we took it less seriously. happy.gif

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


Bionicle Captcha Device

Posted by Toaraga , Jan 07 2010 · 305 views
What Was That?

It's missing a letter, but it's still pretty neat. happy.gif

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


I Just Realized...

Posted by Toaraga , Jan 02 2010 · 161 views
Computerized Stuff
The first day of this year was totally binary... except I think I saw a two. Confounded 2 making binary not binary.

Also, at first I pasted the phrase "I'm very versatile" that I had copied earlier from elsewhere; thus, I made the title/entry combo initially "I just realized I'm very versatile." I wish I had known sooner that I was versatile. biggrin.gif

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


Wait, What!?

Posted by Toaraga , Jan 01 2010 · 220 views
and 1 more...
It's a new year already? When did that happen, and why did nobody inform me that 2005 was over? ohmy.gif

©1984-2010 Toaraga EAM


The Day After Christmas

Posted by Toaraga , Dec 30 2009 · 268 views
Writings And/Or Ponderings
As I lay down
To take a nap,
Suddenly at my door,
I heard a rap.

I sprang to my feet
My door to open
And before me stood
Some suited-up men.

These guys in suits
Said that I owed
Money for presents
That I had borrowed.

What should I do?
Money I can't pay
I hoped I'd be able
To pay it some day.

Then to my wallet
For money ran I,
But all that came out
Was one little fly.

How it got there
I'll never know,
But I swear it flew out
Like in an animated show.

If I don't get money,
I'll go to jail
And I won't be able
To post my bail

Even if I pay it
I cannot relax
Because starting next month
It's the season of tax.

©1984-2009 Toaraga EAM



Posted by Toaraga , Dec 29 2009 · 190 views
Not staff anymore. I can't handle your requests, so please stop sending those PMs.

I had no idea my name was so recognizable as staff, even after stepping down. It's nice that people still think I'm on staff, but I'm not.

©1984-2009 Toaraga EAM

My Badge


Lego Staff That Have Joined Us

Blog Entry: This space is to catalogue all the staff of LEGO (and affiliates) that have joined the ranks of BZP. (These are in order of Join Date.)

Swiftone: I'm not sure what he does, but he works for LEGO. In his words: "I'm a writer here. Pretty much the same job description as Greg, but my focus is on Knights' Kingdom while his is on Bionicle."

GregF: Greg Farshtey- Current book author and comic book writer of our beloved BIONICLE, Knights' Kingdom, and other LEGO series. He is also the go-to guy when you need questions answered about the storyline.

Binkmeister: Kelly McKiernan- Former Admin of BZPower, he is currently filling the role of BIONICLE.com Webmaster while Leah is on maternity leave.

Brickgirl: Leah Weston- Senior Producer, LEGO Virtual: she is the webmaster for the BIONICLE and LEGO Factory sites.

poetryinmotion: Lee- "Among his accomplishments he is an adult fan of LEGO, a former employee of the LEGO Company, and is a solid supporter of the Bionicle line."

Stuart Sayger: Stuart Sayger- Comic book artist beginning with the 2006 storyline and running throughout 2007.

Pompeyblue: Arthur Parsons of Travellers Tales Games (TT Games)- he was the guy interviewed by Binkmeister.

Hero Rich: "I work for TT Games and have been lucky enough to work on the campaign for BIONICLE Heroes."

jennyj: Writer of the HarperCollins BIONICLE mini guides, which are meant for the younger readers.

David Seidman: Publicist for Papercutz, a company which publishes BIONICLE graphic novels.

popm: Pop Mhan, current comic artist.

David White Illustration: David White, illustrator of "Challenge of Mata Nui" and other LEGO comics.

pretoa: Faber, only one of the co-creators of BIONICLE... nothing big or anything.

Vezok's Friend: Corvin Stichert, set designer for LEGO City line
I don't think I've missed anyone, but if I have or made any errors, feel free to let me know, and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Just because Binkmeister's a LEGO Ambassador, it doesn't mean he needs a spot: he runs this site, after all. Posted Image

Thanks go to Kahu Rider 13, Clark Kent, Sidorak, Turaga Dlakii, Sumiki for the helpful info.

I Said Them Once, I'll Say Them Again!

  1. "What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular." -Unknown
  2. It's not wrong to say something's wrong, nor is it right to say everything is right.
  3. "I have to believe that as long as anyone who enjoys freedom is alive, there is still hope." -Takanuva
  4. "We do what we must because we can." -GlaDOS
  5. We're computer nerds; we don't run... we write programs that run.
  6. I'm in your profile, editing your interests.
  7. I don't fear the unknown; it's what I know that scares me.
  8. Percentages are for squares... so is multiplication; division is for square roots.
  9. Every time someone writes "TBRPG," a taco dies.
  10. Being added as a friend by people you don't know is like standing around with the only name tag on.
  11. You have the right to read; use that right, then act accordingly.
  12. Pronouns baffle Toaraga.
  13. I bet you're reading this line of text just to see what it says. It says, "Hi."
  14. Talent is for people too lazy to make excuses.
  15. If life is a play, we're all characters... and you're ruining this scene.
  16. I'm from the nation of Pelica; therefore, I'm a Pelican.
  17. The fine line between fantasy and reality is lived by the masses but enjoyed by the few.
  18. I'm the replacement Janus munkeymunkey me.
  19. To look above and beyond yourself makes you more human.
  20. "Visorak" must mean "server busy." It strikes fear and anger in all those that hear it. -Busy Server
  21. He who fights and runs away... will be called a chicken behind his back.
  22. It's all so highly technical you wouldn't understand. Allow me to explain with puppets.
  23. My inner child says, "Nah, nuh, nah, nah, boo-boo!"
  24. I am never surprised by my own ignorance.
  25. Don't beg the question... it's not interested.
  26. I'm currently trying to resist the urge to look stupid. Sadly, it's not working. *Reverse Than Maneuver*
  27. In lieu of flowers at my funeral, please send money while I'm alive.
  28. One who can't accept the past won't believe the future.
  29. Ignorance of incorrectness: millions of people don't know they're wrong.
  30. A double dose of helium is represented by laughter on the periodic table.
  31. Tufi or not Tufi? That is the Puffin.
  32. Move FAST; act quickly.
  33. Truth shall lead to freedom.
  34. "Imagination" is a made-up word.
  35. If I explain the joke for the thousandth time, then will you laugh?
  36. "Easy chair"!? Are the others complicated!?
  37. Life's not fair: it's a circus.
  38. Texas: no seasons, just days minutes.
  39. English: many speak it; few actually understand it: I'm not sure I do.
  40. Humbled to be who I am plus AFOL (especially BIONICLE)
  41. "Bejabbers" -Dave the Barbarian
  42. We all make mistakes. 2=2=5.
  43. I'm an idea man, but I have no idea, Man.
  44. We're all unique; that's what makes us the same.
  45. I'm a man of my word... now what was I saying?
  46. "If I could say a few words, I'd be a better public speaker."-Homer Simpson
  47. Nothing is taught: it must be learned.
  48. In Short, Happy B-day to the people with birthdays today.
  49. If no news is good news, does that mean it's all bad news?
  50. "Some people talk because they have something to say; other people talk because they have to say something." -???
  51. Corrected: "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." -Plato
  52. Study history to know the past.
  53. I'm not anonymous... I know who I am.
  54. SPAM: the anti-post.
  55. ~I am a flower quickly fading
    Here today and gone tomorrow
    A wave tossed in the ocean
    A vapor in the wind~
    -Casting Crowns
  56. The hardest part of comedy is getting people to take you seriously.
  57. I laughed; I cried... I went to a clown's funeral.
  58. If you can read this, my post and sig haven't been deleted.
  59. I converse profusely with inanimate objects; so far, I'm doing all the talking.

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