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Global Blogging


I'm Me Again, But The Chameleon Lives

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 20 2006 · 95 views
Well, nothing lasts forever, and now I have to go fix those blog entries... or not. It's not that important for now.

I've decided I liked that sign-off I had as the Chameleon (or am I still him now?) that I decided to dedicate one of the content blocks to him. He's like a virtual pet that needs no attention: I just hope he doesn't die like the last one... I knew I shouldn't have given a virtual animal real water. Oh well.

RIP, Spunky, RIP

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


You Get What You Pay For

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 19 2006 · 106 views
Ever wonder why LEGO's prices seem so high? Well, wonder no more... or wonder until I give you a possible answer. Then do whatever you want with this information.

Anyway, when you purchase a LEGO item, you're not just purchasing that item, you're also paying for excellent customer service. Now I've seen numerous topics with letters and what-nots of people's experience with LEGO, and I can vouch that it has got to be one of the best companies I've had to deal with.

The times I've had to communicate with them, someone was quick to address my problem and provide a a solution. Sure it was something as simple as the comics and magazines, but the way things were handled still says a lot about them.

Now, I just need to get these broken pieces replaced... eventually. happy.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Working Title

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 11 2006 · 122 views
Ha, that's the best title ever, and it works for just about everything because it means nothing and something at the same time. There's no deep thought behind that statement... just trust me.

Anyway, on to today's "BZP Breakdown," as these little staff segments should be called. *Hint, hint* Okay, so how important is a title, and why should you care?

As someone who constantly names his creations without much problem, I know that a name can sometimes make or break something. If I give something a strange or unique name and people actually know the item exists, they might ask about it; in fact, I might later go, "What was I thinking?" and try to figure out how I started something and explore further possibilities. If I put something generic, people are less likely to go, "Hey, what were you thinking when you named that dog MOC 'Spot'?" In fact, they might be less inclined to care because Spot is such a common dog name. If you say "air" is inside a box, it's obvious and means nothing; if you say "money," there's something worth checking out... whether it's true or not, it's still worth investigating.

Okay, so I wrote that tangent to get to my point.

A lot of times (mainly in Q&A), there are topics with generic titles like "Question" or "I have a question." Well, that's obvious you have a question, or you wouldn't (or shouldn't) have made a topic, but if you want fast help, it's better to have a title with words related to your question. It's like going up to store associates in a grocery store and asking if they can help you find food. Or it's like going to Toys 'R Us and saying, "I'm looking for a toy; can you help me find one?" If you say what you're looking for, people can help you find it better and more quickly.

Not only does being specific with your title get your question answered faster and more efficiently, it also helps those that may not know about what you're asking decide they're not going to try for a random guess approach-- random answers are spam: if you don't know, don't post. Or it might even help someone else who doesn't know but wants to find an answer without having to make a similar topic. Also, titles about specific subjects help people with similar interests find your topic, or if your title and subject are unique enough, people will actually want to stop in and see if the topic is worth their time.

Now suppose you want to know something about a particular forum like COT, so you put "COT" in part of the title; someone who knows COT is more likely to see your topic and answer your question rather quickly. Granted, if you actually have a question about a particular forum, it's best to just ask one of the Forum Leaders or Assistants of said forum. Yeah, we're the store associates in this grocery store, and we're more likely to help you find the bread... it's aisle ten, next to the toy aisle. psychotwitch.gif

So how important is a title of a topic? Let's just say there are two important parts of a topic: content and title. Content is the most important thing; title is second. Everything else is third. psychotwitch.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Laugh-nesia: It's That Funny

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 06 2006 · 135 views
"That's so funny I forgot to laugh." That's got to be one of the stupidest phrases I have ever heard: it never actually made any sense to me. I am aware that when people say that phrase, they are usually being sarcastic, but for the love of humor, they should at least say something that makes sense.

That gets me to thinking though. What if there really were comedians walking around telling jokes that made people forget what they should do? "He said something funny; am I supposed to sneeze?" Sometimes I think some people just don't think. rolleyes.gif

Thought provoking... or just over thinking? You decide.

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Spoiler Free Superman Returns And Bryan Singer

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 05 2006 · 110 views
So for US Independence Day, I didn't see the live space shuttle launch. However, I did see Superman Returns, and it had a scene near the beginning with a space shuttle... does that count? tongue.gif

Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about: I'm talking about the movie. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. Most of the movie felt if it was building to this great moment that never actually happened; there was too much filler, if you will. Now I understand there's supposed to be another movie or two, but that's no excuse to build up to something that never happens.

The battle between Superman and Lex Luthor just seemed so weak and over too quickly, and the ending of the movie just seemed to draw out too long. Shouldn't it have been reversed: the battle longer (not drawn out though) and the ending shorter (to the point)?

Okay, I guess Bryan Singer isn't a bad director, and many people are disappointed with the way X3 turned out because Bryan and others left to make Superman Returns. I just wonder what each of the movies would have been like if he had finished the X-men trilogy before changing ships. How much more screen time would Cyclops have had and storytelling possibility would there have been if James Marsden had stuck around? shrugs.gif

So yeah, it wasn't necessarily a must-see, but it might be worth viewing again. happy.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Computer-based Alphabet: C Isn't Computer.

Posted by Toaraga , Jul 02 2006 · 140 views
Computerized Stuff
Just for the heck of it and because I was inspired, I decided to make an alphabet based on computer stuff. (Oh dear, I think I'm turning into a geek/nerd... with the glasses, computer knowledge, jokes, and everything.)

A is for Application
B is for Byte
C is for COBOL
D is for Data
E is for ESC
F is for Format
G is for Gigabyte
H is for Hardware
I is for Input
J is for Jumper
K is for Kilobyte
L is for Linux
M is for Megabyte
N is for Nanobyte
O is for Output
P is for Processor
Q is for Quicken
R is for Right-click
S is for Software
T is for Terraflop
U is for URL
V is for Virus
W is for Word Count
X is for X-Axis
Y is for Y-Axis
Z is for Zip Drive

Well, I wasted a few minutes of my life... now how do you feel? If you understand all that (maybe more than I do on some of those), than you might want to feel scared... really scared. tongue.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


I'm Collectibly Collectible Too

Posted by Toaraga , Jun 27 2006 · 157 views
Okay, so I don't just collect Care Bears and BIONICLE; I also collect the hard-to-find Zodiac Beanie Babies.

So far, I have seven of twelve, so that means I only need five more: snake, dog, goat, dragon, and tiger. Though I don't have the dog, I have seen it in pictures, and it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of them. My personal favorite is the rat (kudos if you know why... and I haven't told you).

These things were probably discontinued as quickly as they came out, and almost nowhere can they be found... and I don't want to pay an arm and leg on eBay. So I'm still looking for them affordably. happy.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Do I Care? I Care-a-lot.

Posted by Toaraga , Jun 26 2006 · 219 views
For those that have been paying attention to my current avatar, you should have figured out that I do indeed like Care Bears (and even the lesser Care Bear Cousins). Laugh if you must, but I've been collecting the stuffed animals and a few other memorabilia since I was a little kid... you already know I collect BIONICLE sets, so there's no shame in your knowing this. (Who can resist such cute faces with tongues sticking out?) Mind you, I collect the real deal, not the recent comeback specials that are made from cheap-looking, low quality material.

Bedtime Bear is the one that started my collection. Years ago, I lost the original one I had, but my mom found this one at a garage sale or somewhere, and I started collecting the others afterward, usually either buying them or receiving them as gifts. As time has gone by, they have become harder to find, so my collection hasn't grown in years. But that doesn't mean I won't stop looking for them.

The rest of my collection:

Care Bears
Birthday Bear (one of my personal favorites)
Cheer Bear
Friendship Bear
Funshine Bear
Good Luck Bear
Gram Bear
Grumpy Bear
Love-A-Lot Bear
Tender Heart Bear
Baby Tugs and Hugs Bear, respectively
Wish Bear
Little Versions
This little guy sets on my computer monitor.

Care Bear Cousins
Bright Heart Raccoon
Gentle Heart Lamb (Yes, I have two of them.)
Lotsa Heart Elephant
Swift Heart Rabbit

I may have others somewhere that I missed. So, yeah, if there's anyone out there with ones I don't have (originals, not modern), I might buy them from you... or even trade something. happy.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Dedicated To Dimensioneer... Return That Thander!

Posted by Toaraga , Jun 23 2006 · 170 views
As promised, I'm dedicating this blog to Big D, but I actually have something to say. (Yeah, gasp.)

Seriously, you are awesome: though a full-grown adult, you created a site for a child's toy line that you weren't afraid to say you too liked. With some help, your site combined with another, and in just a few short years (as opposed to long years?), the site managed to gain the attention of over 30,000 people and growing. Now that's an accomplishment.

But you didn't stop at just having a basic website that does its best to stay kid-friendly: you pulled out all the stops whenever possible, and like the toy company you celebrated, you too (with your staff) listened to your fans (or however it should be said). From allowing us to express ourselves creatively with BIONICLE to even giving us the ability to blog and speak our minds (within reason). In under a month, even that has gained 100+ unique bloggers and over 700 entries.

Here's to you, Dimensioneer, and celebrating 37 years of life. No, I'm not just sucking up: I really mean that rambling... just remember that it was your day before it was Than's. tongue.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM


Think Before You Quote

Posted by Toaraga , Jun 16 2006 · 355 views
Okay, something I noticed people doing is quoting a post that has something against the rules, and they want to kindly bring it to the poster's attention that something in said post is against the rules. Provided that's not the only thing someone's posting, it's good to let someone else politely know that there's something wrong in the quoted post.

However, if you're going to quote the post, please remove the rulebreaking content out of the quote before you hit that post button. If you quote the post and leave the offense, you are breaking the rule by proxy. Sure it's not the same thing, but it's just as bad.

So please, for the love of editing, take the time out to delete the content from the quote, so the Forum Leaders won't have to. smile.gif

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM

My Badge


Lego Staff That Have Joined Us

Blog Entry: This space is to catalogue all the staff of LEGO (and affiliates) that have joined the ranks of BZP. (These are in order of Join Date.)

Swiftone: I'm not sure what he does, but he works for LEGO. In his words: "I'm a writer here. Pretty much the same job description as Greg, but my focus is on Knights' Kingdom while his is on Bionicle."

GregF: Greg Farshtey- Current book author and comic book writer of our beloved BIONICLE, Knights' Kingdom, and other LEGO series. He is also the go-to guy when you need questions answered about the storyline.

Binkmeister: Kelly McKiernan- Former Admin of BZPower, he is currently filling the role of BIONICLE.com Webmaster while Leah is on maternity leave.

Brickgirl: Leah Weston- Senior Producer, LEGO Virtual: she is the webmaster for the BIONICLE and LEGO Factory sites.

poetryinmotion: Lee- "Among his accomplishments he is an adult fan of LEGO, a former employee of the LEGO Company, and is a solid supporter of the Bionicle line."

Stuart Sayger: Stuart Sayger- Comic book artist beginning with the 2006 storyline and running throughout 2007.

Pompeyblue: Arthur Parsons of Travellers Tales Games (TT Games)- he was the guy interviewed by Binkmeister.

Hero Rich: "I work for TT Games and have been lucky enough to work on the campaign for BIONICLE Heroes."

jennyj: Writer of the HarperCollins BIONICLE mini guides, which are meant for the younger readers.

David Seidman: Publicist for Papercutz, a company which publishes BIONICLE graphic novels.

popm: Pop Mhan, current comic artist.

David White Illustration: David White, illustrator of "Challenge of Mata Nui" and other LEGO comics.

pretoa: Faber, only one of the co-creators of BIONICLE... nothing big or anything.

Vezok's Friend: Corvin Stichert, set designer for LEGO City line
I don't think I've missed anyone, but if I have or made any errors, feel free to let me know, and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Just because Binkmeister's a LEGO Ambassador, it doesn't mean he needs a spot: he runs this site, after all. Posted Image

Thanks go to Kahu Rider 13, Clark Kent, Sidorak, Turaga Dlakii, Sumiki for the helpful info.

I Said Them Once, I'll Say Them Again!

  1. "What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular." -Unknown
  2. It's not wrong to say something's wrong, nor is it right to say everything is right.
  3. "I have to believe that as long as anyone who enjoys freedom is alive, there is still hope." -Takanuva
  4. "We do what we must because we can." -GlaDOS
  5. We're computer nerds; we don't run... we write programs that run.
  6. I'm in your profile, editing your interests.
  7. I don't fear the unknown; it's what I know that scares me.
  8. Percentages are for squares... so is multiplication; division is for square roots.
  9. Every time someone writes "TBRPG," a taco dies.
  10. Being added as a friend by people you don't know is like standing around with the only name tag on.
  11. You have the right to read; use that right, then act accordingly.
  12. Pronouns baffle Toaraga.
  13. I bet you're reading this line of text just to see what it says. It says, "Hi."
  14. Talent is for people too lazy to make excuses.
  15. If life is a play, we're all characters... and you're ruining this scene.
  16. I'm from the nation of Pelica; therefore, I'm a Pelican.
  17. The fine line between fantasy and reality is lived by the masses but enjoyed by the few.
  18. I'm the replacement Janus munkeymunkey me.
  19. To look above and beyond yourself makes you more human.
  20. "Visorak" must mean "server busy." It strikes fear and anger in all those that hear it. -Busy Server
  21. He who fights and runs away... will be called a chicken behind his back.
  22. It's all so highly technical you wouldn't understand. Allow me to explain with puppets.
  23. My inner child says, "Nah, nuh, nah, nah, boo-boo!"
  24. I am never surprised by my own ignorance.
  25. Don't beg the question... it's not interested.
  26. I'm currently trying to resist the urge to look stupid. Sadly, it's not working. *Reverse Than Maneuver*
  27. In lieu of flowers at my funeral, please send money while I'm alive.
  28. One who can't accept the past won't believe the future.
  29. Ignorance of incorrectness: millions of people don't know they're wrong.
  30. A double dose of helium is represented by laughter on the periodic table.
  31. Tufi or not Tufi? That is the Puffin.
  32. Move FAST; act quickly.
  33. Truth shall lead to freedom.
  34. "Imagination" is a made-up word.
  35. If I explain the joke for the thousandth time, then will you laugh?
  36. "Easy chair"!? Are the others complicated!?
  37. Life's not fair: it's a circus.
  38. Texas: no seasons, just days minutes.
  39. English: many speak it; few actually understand it: I'm not sure I do.
  40. Humbled to be who I am plus AFOL (especially BIONICLE)
  41. "Bejabbers" -Dave the Barbarian
  42. We all make mistakes. 2=2=5.
  43. I'm an idea man, but I have no idea, Man.
  44. We're all unique; that's what makes us the same.
  45. I'm a man of my word... now what was I saying?
  46. "If I could say a few words, I'd be a better public speaker."-Homer Simpson
  47. Nothing is taught: it must be learned.
  48. In Short, Happy B-day to the people with birthdays today.
  49. If no news is good news, does that mean it's all bad news?
  50. "Some people talk because they have something to say; other people talk because they have to say something." -???
  51. Corrected: "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." -Plato
  52. Study history to know the past.
  53. I'm not anonymous... I know who I am.
  54. SPAM: the anti-post.
  55. ~I am a flower quickly fading
    Here today and gone tomorrow
    A wave tossed in the ocean
    A vapor in the wind~
    -Casting Crowns
  56. The hardest part of comedy is getting people to take you seriously.
  57. I laughed; I cried... I went to a clown's funeral.
  58. If you can read this, my post and sig haven't been deleted.
  59. I converse profusely with inanimate objects; so far, I'm doing all the talking.

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