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Posted by Sumiki , Mar 29 2009 · 52 views
Other Stuff
I heard this song just the other day. Set to the tune of "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

It's by a fellow by the name of Tim Hawkins.


I could eat there seven times a day
Where the people laugh and children play
Oh I'm in love
With Chick-Fil-A

I need waffle fries in front of me
With some nuggets and a large sweet tea
Oh Chick-Fil-A
You set me free

Kids get in the van so we can go there today

But their stores are closed, 'cause it's Sunday...

Oh what dirty rotten tricks a-play
Now I have to settle for Subway
Oh I'm in love
With Chick-Fil-A

-=< s.gif >=-


Emo Vs. Emo

Posted by Sumiki , Mar 28 2009 · 32 views

huh.gif VS. confused1a.gif

Who would win?

-=< s.gif >=-


Proper Emoticon Usage - Part 3

Posted by Sumiki , Mar 25 2009 · 29 views
It has come to my attention that this blog has had proper Emoticon usage entries in the past. Since there are not to be any more in that blog, I will post Part 3 now.

huh.gif - Reserved for confusing S&T topics ONLY.

talk2hand.gif - Use only when you are not going to talk about a subject anymore for the rest of your life.

blush.gif - Use only when you do something reeeeaaaaaaaly stupid.

ph34r.gif - If you are a comedy writer, abuse.


dry.gif - Use only when talking about the server.

sleep.gif - Use when it's 3:00 in the morning.

rolleyes.gif - Use when guilty but when you don't want to admit it.

Part 4 coming soon!

-=< s.gif >=-


I Can Has Cheeseburger?

Posted by Sumiki , Mar 10 2009 · 41 views
Other Stuff

-=< s.gif >=-


A Slight Guessing Game

Posted by Sumiki , Feb 20 2009 · 49 views
For other reasons which I will not disclose, I will refrain from using any terms that may exactly pinpoint where I went when I was away from BZP. However, you can probably figure it out.

"We" in this story mean me and my family.

We packed up from our house, which is 4 and a half hours north of our destination. We went the entire distance in one day, eventually arriving at our hotel room. The service wasn't great, as we soon discovered. The bathroom had a door on it that we were barely able to squeeze in and out of, the TV controls wouldn't work, a lightbulb was burned out, and the sink was busted. Luckily, with all of the things to see and the history involved in the city we were in, we didn't spend and more time than we had to in out room.

We arrived at a seafood restaurant across from our hotel after the sun set. We cam right before the crowd did, and it was so noisy we barely even heard each other across the table. And the table wasn't that big!

It was slow ordering, and a huge party stood right behind where I was sitting. I could not hear a thing besides the overall clatter of the restaurant.

The food was tasty, though, and we got back to our hotel soon without any problems.

The next day, Wednesday, we prepared for much walking, to see the sights left over from our country's history, mainly wars. We must have walked miles. But as I type, my feet feel no worse for wear.

After a breakfast of "burnt coffee" (as my dad called it), cold waffles, and strange syrup, we got out into the city. The first site was a place where ammunition was stored during one of our nation's wars. We then ambled through a graveyard (creepy) when it stared to rain. Luckily it cleared itself up.

We traveled to an old mart where a certain horribly commodity was bought, sold, and auctioned off. There were two ladies there that kept wanting to interject into our conversations, so we decided to move on.

Next we went to an old house that was a beautiful specimen of architecture. I impressed the tour guide with my mentioning of two types of symmetry and insightful questions. Here's how the conversation generally went:

Tour Guide: [name], could you tell us what symmetry is? [The guide was talking about the architecture of the house, probably thinking of the answer "Equal on both sides"]

Sumiki: Symmetry is when there is a certain line, or two lines, that run through a figure, but on either side of the line is a mirror image of the other side. Now there is also rotational symmetry, where a figure can be rotated and looks like an exact reproduction of the original before the figure rotates a full 360 degrees.

Tour Guide: blink.gif...

Later the tour guide mentioned to my parents that I should be in a gifted class. I, overhearing, thought to myself, I could teach the gifted class.

Afterwards, we continued to a major body of water that, along the coast, had sealed-up cannons on them. I would have climbed them, but the gusts of wind that day were so big that my mom lost part of her earring.

Also, we ate at an award-winning restaurant. I got a Po'Boy, a type of sandwich. Our waiter told me there was a rule that came with ordering a Po'Boy: You had to get all the ingredients on one bite. The Po'Boy included gigantically enormous bread, shrimp, onions, tomato, and lettuce, complete with a Roumelade sauce. I was assured that he was joking, but I took him up on the offer and did it. Even he was surprised I managed.

Later, after relaxing a bit, we tried to find a place to eat. The first place we tried was a very loud place, so we came out of there and ended up in an Italian restaurant that really wasn't Italian at all. The pizza came back...burnt. That was okay, as we weren't that hungry.

The next day, we were all pretty beat. We managed to skip breakfast and get back out. We visited an old dungeon that was kind of a let-down, and the anima-tronics that were installed were sort of childish.

We soon got back out and started towards a smokehouse. I ordered some Calimari, better known as squid. It was the best I ever had, but it had one feature they could have left out:

It was spicy. Really, really spicy.

Now don't get me wrong, I normally handle spicy stuff really well. I sometimes can eat Jalapenos without getting bothered that much. But the sauce the applied to the squid could not be quenched with the pink lemonade I ordered. I went through two or three tall glasses and my mouth was still on fire. (onfire.gif + blush.gif) It was the first time I ever got red in the face because of a spicy food. I eventually got some milk, and that quenched it, but my stomach was on fire hours after.

We rested from the long two days in our room, until the first vestiges of hunger appeared. Then for ours we semi-debated: Stay and eat a nice dinner, or leave and pick up something on the way back? Eventually electing the latter, we called up our car from the Valet parking and we were off.

Soon into our trip northwards, we decided we wanted something to eat. So we pulled into a fast-food chain's drive-thru and waited for a while. The woman five cars up was visibly frustrated that her order couldn't be taken, so we got back on the highway and headed for another exit.

The next exit we pulled in and went inside, as the drive-thru line was pretty busy. The workers didn't look too enthused about taking our order, and they didn't, so we again headed for a different exit.

We finally got some food at another drive-thru and got home at 12:30 A.M. After a quick unpack, we all dozed off.

Now I'm awake and typing.

Try to guess where we went for our trip.

-< s.gif >-


Bbtc Bbcc #1: Teal Freebuild!

Posted by Sumiki , Feb 16 2009 · 45 views

Credit to Kohila

At long last, the first Bring Back Teal Club Bionicle Based Creations Contest, or BBTC BBCC #1, is underway.

The challenge: Build anything you want...with teal in it.

Your MOC could be previously posted on BZP, Brickshelf or other hosting site, entered into another Blog or BZP BBCC, or could be specifically created for this contest. The only rule is that it has to have teal in it, and prominently. You can't enter it with a gigantic MOC that has only one teal part on it.

You can enter if you are a member of the BBTC. If you are not a member, you may specify that you wish to join in your comment.

If you do not have any teal parts but wish to enter the contest, you may color parts. The catch is that you can only color parts teal that were released in that color. I don't want members who don't have any teal parts get any unfair advantages.

And as a final rule, absolutely, positively, NO CHEATING. Cut parts or colored parts that aren't recolored teal and on parts that were released in that color are not allowed. If I suspect anyone of cheating, that member will be DQed.

You can only make one MOC.

To enter an MOC, use this form:

Entry Pic (jpeg, gif or png):
Entry Topic URL (optional):

The entry period will last until March 16.

All questions shall be asked in the comments below. No PMing me about this contest with questions. They will be ignored.

What are you waiting for? Get building!

-=< s.gif >=-

EDIT: I'm shutting this contest down. There aren't any entrants as of late, and ChocolateFrogs is not going to have access to parts until summer. (Not to be biased, but hey, he's an MOCist and a BBTC member.)


Bubble Wrap

Posted by Sumiki , Feb 04 2009 · 30 views
What happened to the bubble wrap on the board messages? I loved it. I'm about to bug the staff to bring it back.

-< s.gif >-


A Better Emo

Posted by Sumiki , Feb 03 2009 · 29 views
Think for a moment about the wink.gif emo. A good emo, but if used in a bad way it can seem smart-aleck-y. I propose a permanent replacement for wink.gif in the psychotwitch.gif emoticon. psychotwitch.gif is just awesome cool.gif.

-< s.gif >-


Bring Back Teal!

Posted by Sumiki , Feb 02 2009 · 311 views

QUOTE(-Toa Lhikevikk- @ Feb 11 2009, 05:20 PM)
For victory! For glory! FOR TEAL!

Teal: It's such an awesome color. Of course, we only got a hint of it in Kongu and a Tarakava (plus some pre-Bionicle Slizers), but I for one love teal. It's just...cool. There's no way to explain it.

Who else wants to bring teal back?

Post a comment and join the Bring Back Teal Club! You will have your name listed in a custom content block on the side of my Blog and a chance to participate in official BBTC BBCCs!

-=< Banners >=-

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Chunky4/Art/tealsig.gif[/img][/url]Credit to Chunky!

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Chunky4/Art/tealsig2.gif[/img][/url]Credit to Chunky!

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Chunky4/Art/teal_banner_new.gif[/img][/url]Credit to Chunky!

Many thanks to Chunky! for making these three.

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/BS01Waffles/Banners/bbtbanner.png[/img]Credit to Waffles[/url]

Thanks to Waffles for this one.

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.majhost.com/gallery/majjy/personal/bbtcban.png[/img] Credit to Nidman[/url]

Thanks to Nidman for this one.

[url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?&automodule=blog&blogid=530&showentry=56633"][img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/christo1096/KLI/1BZPBanner/bringbacktealbanner.png[/img] Credit to christo1096[/url]

Thanks to christo1096 for this one.

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If you learn one thing in life, learn this:

You should never, ever question why demons would possess a soda.

just a heads up - Cthulhu would probably eradicate mankind before bringing back Bionicle
so yeah, all I'm saying is, please think twice about this okay

nothing gets democracy flowing like erratic capitalizatION

[the NSA] couldn't say no when I offered them an ostrich farm in exchange

Sumiki -- nice try but we all know Toa Mata Nui stuffs its bra




You have a great understanding of history, but don't forget, war, murder and other poor decisions are also huge characteristics.

Also a long line of really great hats.

Shhh, I'm trying to focus on the negative to justify my dislike of history.

have we mentioned hats

To be fair, I am the one responsible for the invention of Mafia in the 1320s by seventeen bored italians locked in a mine shaft.
It's a long story.


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