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Moon in the Water


Recent and Future MOCs

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Feb 24 2018 · 210 views

So I've been notably absent on BZP for a long while now, in large part is because of the site slowly plunging further into a death spiral of inactivity. Which I somewhat regret, as I more or less grew up on here. But, leaving reflections on BZP's importance for another time, my main point now is to direct everyone to where my recent MOCs can be found, as they certainly aren't in BBC anymore.

All MOCs of mine going forward can be found on either my Instagram (@ballomnomnom), or my Flickr (Ballom Nom Nom).





A Terse BrickFair Recap

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Aug 07 2017 · 252 views
BrickFair was pretty awesome! I got a lot of neat Bionicle/CCBS loot, I met a lot of cool people who I hadn't met when I last went, and I had a lot of cool conversations with people there (especially since I'm marginally less socially awkward than when I was there before lol). A very good time overall!

More detailed entry to possibly follow?


I'm Alive! And Attending BrickFair!

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Jul 18 2017 · 275 views
Title kind of says all. I look forward to once again seeing folks at BrickFair VA! I'll even have a couple of MOCs to display, despite being way away from most all my parts.

How's everyone doing? Excited for BrickFair too?


Ten Whole Years (Plus a Month)

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Jul 19 2016 · 320 views
*Obligatory "hey you're not dead!" goes here*

As of about a month ago in June, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary on BZPower. Ten years is a really long time! Longer than I've done just about anything else, really. Probably something to be celebrated in some fashion. At least I get a sweet Tohu spinny. Granted, for the last four years especially, I haven't exactly done much at all on BZP other than be alive, occasionally lurk, and also post a MOC now and then because college intruded frequently.

But! I have in fact graduated college, also as of this past June. This means I have time for BZP, with which I can ... lurk more actively, I suppose? I also made a thing for the latest BBCC which was destroyed horribly in the first polls (tears shed) viewable here, and have been working on some other MOCings and the things which accompany them, such as digging up the lamps used for the lightbox from their nearly-final resting places among the mountains of refuse of a distant deserted house room.

Which is all well and good that I have time for it now, since in roughly a month I'll be off to graduate school! Entirely across the country actually, in Maryland to be specific, which I've heard for a third of a year or so turns into frigid wastes as a part of the things I'm told are called seasons, experienced by people who live in places other than Southern California, where the depths of winter produce weather merely in the 70s.

And so, as Ballom continues to git hisself edycated, I will be hundreds (thousands?) of miles away from those troves of pieces used for the MOCenings, which means I'll probably in what I think AFOLs call a dark age. The grim times of no building. Alack, alack.

On the plus side, I think in years after this one I will be able to attend BrickFairs in Virginia, since my school is barely outside DC, and Chantilly is only a little further off. So I will be able to meet BZPower peoples and hang out with y'all, at least sometimes.

And, of course, I'll continue to lurk around here, maybe even posting now and again (-gasp-), and otherwise hanging around this corner of the Internet for hopefully many more years to come! Can we get a toasting glass in here or something?


Nine Years!

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Jun 17 2015 · 383 views
A few days ago I had my nine-year anniversary on BZP. One more and that's an entire decade on this site. Another year after that and I'll have been on BZP half my life. Wow, isn't that one scary? Crazy to think that it's been so long. But it's been a fun journey with all you folks! Here's to many more years, eh?

Anyway, hopefully this summer I'll have some free time to MOC, since I haven't really built anything since New Year's. I still have those unused parts draft pieces, as well as a birthday present BrickLink order, so there's definitely going to be fun stuff to toy around with. We'll have to see.

Otherwise, I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate since I got my copy a few months ago. If anyone has the game and wants to hunt sometime let me know so we can set up a hunting party!



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