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The Triumphant Return Of Wi-Fi

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , Apr 02 2011 · 804 views

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Yes, bought a DSi, have Wi-Fi going now in my 5th Gen games. Only White at the moment, but eventually Black as well. Hence, new 5th Gen Pokemon entry. To contain Friend Codes, general rules for battling, and battling records. This will be linked to in a content block for easy reference.


Friend Codes:

Pokemon White: 4083-5513-1038



Okay, here are the rules that I would like to adhere by in any Pokemon WiFi battles that I take part in. They're basically the standard rules, or rules used on well-respected areas of competitive battling. When battling me, unless we have agreed upon something else, I ask that you please follow these rules, and naturally I will also. If you think one of these rules is unnecessary, post a comment and see if you can convince me.

1. Ubers Clause. No Ubers. Ubers include:
Deoxys Normal Forme
Speed Boost Blaziken

2. Sleep Clause. No person may induce sleep on more than one of their opponent's Pokemon at a time. If this rule is broken, it counts as an automatic loss for the offending party.

3. OHKO Clause. They're cheap, so they aren't used. Simple as that.

4. Accuracy Clause. Also very cheap. This does not include Brightpowder, Sand Veil, or Snow Cloak. For this, the Sleep Clause, and the OHKO Clause, if Metronome, Assist, Me First, or Copycat chooses a move that breaks one of the rules, that is allowed because the chances of that happening are very slim.

5. Hax Item Clause. Basically, no Quick Claw or Focus Band. Soul Dew is also banned until it is released in-game legitimately, if it ever is.

6. Ability Clause. No unreleased Dream World abilities, Imposter Ditto, or Pokemon with Moody.

7. Miscellaneous. No use of Drizzle + Swift Swim, or illegal move/ability combos.


Ballom's Battle Record
Person: Ballom's Wins, Ballom's Losses, Ties

Alku: 0, 1, 0


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Too bad I don't have either of these games. :\
    • 0
Ballom Nom Nom
Apr 02 2011 10:38 PM
You should get them, lol. I'd recommend them highly.

    • 0
If I was gonna get these, which do you think I should get first?
    • 0
Ballom Nom Nom
Apr 02 2011 10:45 PM
The only differences are which Pokemon appear, so it's up to personal preference. Personally, I think White is better, hence why I've played it more than my Black version.

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Ah. Well, I like the color black better than white, so I guess I would get black. tongue.gif
    • 0
Why would you buy a DSi when the 3DS just came out? rolleyes.gif
    • 0
Ballom Nom Nom
Apr 03 2011 11:32 AM
Because it's $150 cheaper, and I don't really have any interest in the current 3DS games. tongue.gif

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I thought Deoxys D was OU now.
    • 0
Ballom Nom Nom
Apr 19 2011 04:46 PM
Not really sure about that one. It's been Uber to two generations with some reason, right? I'd have to battle one with OU Pokemon to see if that changes my mind. Same for Deoxys-S.

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Visorak Horde Infiltrating
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