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Lone Star Blog


Blog Is Back

Posted by Emzee , Mar 04 2009 · 33 views

Expect revamps and updates soon!



Posted by Emzee , Sep 05 2008 · 42 views
Well, after many years, I've finally done it. 4000!

Just 8000 more to go and that Vahi is mine! biggrin.gif


Lomz: Fall Of The Conqueror Walkthrough

Posted by Emzee , Jul 30 2008 · 93 views
Walkthrough: LoMZ: Fall of the Conqueror
This is the first episode of the Legend of Mata Zuto series, while not my favorite episode, I will always treasure it as the one that started it all. This game was first developed in early 2003 with RPG Maker 2000. Instead of Fall of the Conqueror, this game was simply known as "Genesis". After many revamps and remakes, this final version (made with RPG Maker 2003) was first released to the public on February 10, 2007, and is now completed. If you are having trouble progressing through the game, please take the time to review this walkthrough to keep you on the right track.

Part 1: Curse of Nightmares
The game begins with a cutscene of Gali's canister being launched from the Red Star and landing in the water. After the introduction, you see Gali on the beach and you are now free to explore. You can take this time to run through the Menu commands and get your self acquainted with the CMS (Custom Menu System).

Tutorial Battle: Issle Bat
Very simple battle that will help you get used to the battle commands.

Go up into that crevice in the cliffs to meet more enemies in this land. You will then be abducted onto the Spaceship of the Roko Tribe. The Roko are extra-terrestrial beings who serve the Makuta in exchange for protection from a more violent alien tribe.

Roko Spaceship - Enemies:
This Roko are tough, but they tend to drop potions for you. You can fight these guys are try to avoid them, it's up to you.

Now, navigate through the ship, pulling and pushing any switches you see.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Boss: Mokoshama
Mokoshama is the leader of the Roko Tribe. Use your potions, and just keep attacking him. Fortunately, since it's your first Boss, it is impossible to get a Game Over from this battle - you will keep fighting him and receiving Potions to help you.

After that, Gali will make a beeline for the escape chute. She will be back on the beach (at dusk), where she will meet Luka for the first time. After several scenes, you will be free to explore Ga-Koro.

Ga-Koro - Enemies: None
Go to the Store and buy what you need, then go to Nokama's hut. After talking to her, Macku will rush in, saying that the Roko are attacking Ga-Koro. Head to the northeast lilypad of Ga-Koro and fend off the Roko.

Mid-Boss: Group of Roko
Just regular Roko. Shouldn't be too bad.

After the battle, all the Roko will have to return to the ship because it has run out of ammo. The attack on Ga-Koro is over. Now, go back to Nokama's hut. While Gali was outside, a Nui Shama barged into the hut and poisoned Nokama. In order to save her, you have to go to the Nui Jaga Nest next to the Hura-Mafa waterfall to obtain a flask of healing waters.

Nui Jaga Nest - Enemies:
Ga-Fikou: These things are not hard at all. Use normal attacks.

There are two paths you can take: one leads to a giant lake that you can swim in (make sure your Kaukau is equipped to go underwater) and the other leads to a shallow lake with earth platforms and broken walkways. Hop across them to get to the room on the other side. There, you will find the healing waters. Return to Nokama.

Nokama will congratulate you on a job well done. It's night time now, and you are allowed to stay at the inn (for free). In the middle of the night, Tailua and his army of Kofo-Jaga will attack Ga-Koro. Luka will be wounded, and Gali will exile herself from the village, feeling that she has failed to protect the villagers.

Le-Wahi - Enemies:
Fikou: These can shot needles at you, which hurt a lot. If your Cure spell works, I would recommend using it. If you Water spell works, I would hold off and save that for the boss.

After a heated exchange with Shredder, navigate through the jungle until you see a sign next to a giant lake (with a giant tree in it). Read the sign and watch the scene.

Le-Koro - Enemies: None
Talk to Matau, then the screen will shake. Shredder is attacking Le-Koro. Lewa will join you and you will both fight this Rahkshi.

Boss: Shredder
This is kind of a long battle, but far from difficult. Just make sure you keep giving Lewa potions and you'll be alright. Keep casting Water and Shredder will not last long.

After that battle, Shredder will retreat. As a token of their thanks, you'll receive a free stay at the Inn (nice, I know). Go there, and the next morning you'll be confronted by Kapura. Tahu is waiting for you two at Ta-Koro. When you get there, Tahu will join your party and you will have to go to the Fire Dungeon for some Kanohi hunting.

Ta-Wahi Forest - Enemies:
Ta-Fikou: They're just a weak as the Water Fikou.

Fire Dungeon - Enemies:
Ta-Fikou: They're just a weak as the Water Fikou.
Hoto Bug: They have a nasty Bite attack that stings a little, so be careful. Use your mask powers.

Navigate until you find two staircases that you can go through. Go through the one on the left. Flip the switch and then go down and push the barrel on top of one of the stars. Stand on the other one to activate that switch. The next room captures voices from several minutes ago.
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
The chest will open and a key with fly out. Go down into the next room and find the gargoyle. Pull the switch on that, and then go back up. Make a right, passing through hallway that used to be blocked, and head up the stairs. Prepare to fight the Laka.

Bosses: Tahnka, Vohka, and Pahka
Tahka can make one of you go bersek, losing control of the character. It's not terrible, but it can be annoying at times. Vohka and Pahka both have more devastating attacks. As long as your characters HP are in check, you shouldn't have any issues with this battle. Use Water on Tahka, and make sure Lewa and Tahu's masks are activated.

When you open the chest, you'll see that it is empty and the mask has been moved. After a scene you'll be in Ga-Koro, on your way back to the Nui Jaga Nest.

Feel free to talk to the Matoran in the village, and it would be wise to buy items and rest to gather your energy.

Nui Jaga Nest - Enemies:
Blue Nui Jaga: These aren't so bad. They just cast a beserk spell on one of your characters. They're not especially weak to anything, so just use normal attacks.
Purple Nui Jaga: These are a killer, casting Poison all too often. It will be a good idea to kill these guys as quickly as you can, and have Antidotes handy!

If you remember last time, there was a glowing red barrier that prevented you from swimming all the way across the lake. Well, that barrier is gone now (go underwater again too; you'll find an Upgrade Stone down there). Get across that lake and keep going up and into a room with a lot of boulders. Push the boulders around to get to the switch, and if you brave enough, you should also go for the Alpha Stone that in the corner. Once the switch is pushed down, go back into the main cave and head across the broken bridge. Make sure you're saving often (including right here) and down into the unblocked room in the lower right. This will be the first time you've encounter the infamous switch puzzle. It's challenging, and unfortunately I don't have a solution on hand. However, if you know that the corner switches push down their adjacent switches and those switches, while the middle switches only push down the adjacent switches, you'll hopefully not have too many issues with this logic-based game.
After you've activated the switch in the left crevice, go out and go right. This is where you'll fight the boss: Nui Laka.

Boss: Nui Laka
This boss is probably the hardest one you've fought yet. Immediately activate Tahu's Hau and Lewa's Miru, and have all them use their magic. Have Lewa cast Poison on Nui Laka and that will cut the battle time in half. Beware of Nui Laka's Hyperbeam attack! Though, Great Gale and his Sword of Elements can be deadly too.

After Nui Laka retreats, you will not find any masks, but you will find a Summon Orb and 10,000 widgets. Go outside into Ga-Koro and you'll see Kongu and a Kahu. Now you're going to head to the Cabana Tropic.

Cabana Tropic - Enemies: None
After a scene, feel free to play some of the games here. When you're ready, head to the bar and talk to the Toa with the gold Kakama. He will introduce himself as Wokapu, and will offer you drinks. He will keep doing so until Gali is drunk, and she will be placed into the Fire Dungeon.

Fire Dungeon - Enemies: Nui Jaga, Hoto Bugs
This area can be treacherous. I would avoid the Jaga and fight the Hoto sparingly. Be sure to get all the goods that are in that dungeon though. When you get out, you'll meet up with Tahu and Lewa. Make your way up the stairs to fight the Boss.

Boss: Nesira
This is where Tahu and Lewa shine, as Gali is completely useless against this Dark Toa of Water. Fire and Air will make short work of her, but be careful. She can cast Water too and it's not uncommon to have Tahu or Lewa be KO'd from Nesira's Water spells.

Nesira will be severely weakened the Toa will just leave her there. The scene changes to the entrance of the Dungeon, where Gali hopes that they will never return to the Fire Dungeon. The Toa then head to Tears Point. Your next stop is Ga-Koro, but not before you head to the blacksmith's cave and upgrade your weapons!

There was a path at the left end that was blocked by a bamboo tree. It's gone now, so you can explore Ga-Wahi. Check out your home first, and then when you're ready, head up between the two Mata Nui Statues into Po-Wahi.

Po-Koro - Enemies: None
You wind up here after you pass out in the desert. Onua and Pohatu will join your party, and you'll have to head out to find Lewa and Tahu. Before you do that, talk to Turaga Onewa. Head by the shop if you are low on supplies, and then head back out into the desert.

Po-Wahi - Enemies: Nui Jaga
Look for an enormous round shadow. You'll see Tahu and Lewa tied up and being levitated into a spaceship. Gali, Pohatu, and Onua rushed to join them.

Spaceship - Enemies: Hoto Bugs
To the left, move the Kohlii balls around to get to the floor switch. Once that's done, head through the door and pull the switch to open the door in front of you. Don't forget about the Stone Armlet in the leftmost room, though! The next room is rather tedious. You have to jump over holes in the floor and activate switches in a specific order. Here's how you do it:

1. Go forward, turn left, then go up to a T intersection. Make a right, go down, right, up, and go through the passage on your left, jumping over the hole. Path through that intersection and jump over the second hole. Go right, up, left, and up again. Turn right and keep walking in that direction until you reach the switch. Pull it.
2. Now go back the way you came. Return to that first T intersection and go left. Look inside the chest, and then go into the room adjacent to that and pull that switch.
3. Go back up from the switch you just pulled and make a left. Go through that hallway, eventually crossing an intersection. Continue up, and you'll find the next switch.
4. Now you have to make your way to the complete opposite side of the map. To do this , return to that intersection and go right. No matter what, keep going right until you can't anymore. Once you're at the other end, go up and you'll make your way to the exit.
5. Another tricky (and sometimes annoying) part. When the floor is blue, you're safe. When it's orange, you'll be pushed back two tiles. When it's gold, you'll be teleported back to the other side of the map! And when it's purple, you're pushed forward two tiles. What ever you do, avoid the gold ones, but this is rather easy if you're patient but timely. Study the pattern carefully, and then when you're ready, step onto the first blue flooring. Then, time yourself for the last two.

You've made through probably the most tedious part of the spaceship, but you're not done yet. Before you is another Kohlii ball room. You know what to do. Go through the right hallway that curves up and make another right. Turn down, and push down the floor switch. Then go back and go across the room, making your way to the Save Point. Leave and return to the Kohlii ball room that you started in. From there, head left, then up. Pull the switch and open the chest that's down the right hallway. Once that's done, go back to the Kohlii ball room and go up. Get across the floor tiles and push the Kohlii balls around to get to the chest and to get to the door (the door's closer, but you should always go for those chests).

Go through the door and you'll (finally) confront Ronkshou. This is also the end of Part 1.

Part 2: Distorted Persona

You're now in the spaceship prison. Talk to both Pohatu and Onua and a key will appear in the middle of the floor. Make your way to the next room over to get a bunch of goodies. Make your way to the next room over and you'll meet Tahu and Lewa. Save your game, then talk to Lewa. Talk to Tahu last. Your group will split up, and you'll take two Toa of your choice through the hallway.

Spaceship - Enemies:
Kavinka: These aren't too difficult, but they have the annoying tendency to completely heal themselves a lot. Disable them quickly.

When you enter this map, go left, then go down to get a Fire Armlet. Go back up and continue left until you approach a wall switch in the corner. Pull it, and leave that area. The next part is a little confusing: go up, then head left the first chance you get, but don't keep left. Quickly turn up again and make your way to the next wall switch. Go back the way you came, and go through that hallway I told you to avoid before. Before going to the next map, replenish your heroes -- it's gonna get rough.

The next several maps feature Metal Gear Solid style systems. Keep out of the Kinloka's line of sight and you'll be alright. Use the large jars to hide in. If you get into battle with one, they're not too hard to finish off -- if you have a lot of Harakeke plants.

When you finally make it out, there is a save point there awaiting you. This is pretty straightforward; just head through the door with the sign "WARRIORS" over it. You will then be in a cutscene, preparing for the next mini-game. You'll be in an escape pod, and you have to dodge Wokapu's attacks.

You will land in Ga-Wahi, and Luka will fear that Ronkshou is going to attack Ko-Wahi. He quickly rushes northward, and that's where you'll be going as well -- AFTER you've gone to Ta-Wahi and upgraded your weapons. psychotwitch.gif

Important: Now the time to start looking out for Kanohi masks. When you see one, take it!

Ko-Wahi - Enemies:
Green Nui Rama: They can cast White Wind, beware.
Orange Nui Rama: Depending on your weapon level, Gali's hooks might have 0 damage on these guys. They're immune to all things Water.

Keep going north.

Ko-Koro - Enemies: None

Go to the Sanctum (top of Ko-Koro) and talk to Matoro. Massive Rahi called Gapuha plan to attack Ko-Koro. You must go to the Gapuha Haven and stop them -- no matter what the cost. Leave Ko-Koro and go to the store to buy flags. You'll need them.

Coming Soon: Ko-Wahi Western Drifts


The Next Chapter Of My Epic

Posted by Emzee , Jul 30 2008 · 22 views
For those of you who have finished The Infestation, I recommend you read To Die For. Here is the most recent chapter.


The Next Chapter Of My Epic

Posted by Emzee , Jun 22 2008 · 27 views
I happily present the next chapter of To Die For. I highly recommend to read it if you're into the Legend of Mata Zuto stories. happy.gif


A Returning Story

Posted by Emzee , Jun 12 2008 · 35 views
None of you remember, but a long time ago I started (and nearly finished) an epic called To Die For. Now, I'm proud to announce that the epic has returned, bringing you the untold story between The Infestation and the upcoming 3D RPG, Influx.

First, some background history...

Since late 2002/early 2003 I have been making a series of fan-stories surrounding the BIONICLE storyline. No different than what many others do. This series is known as The Legend of Mata Zuto, and it tells my version of the BIONICLE saga for the first three years of the franchise. Mata Zuto is a Great Being who, partnered with Metru Zutra, another Great Being, created the Matoran Universe. The two beings also combined their powers to create the Great Spirit Mata Nui and the Makuta (I should point out now that in this series, there can only be one Makuta in existence at a time).

Now, to set you up...

The very beginning of the epic takes place in the region simply known as the Western Region (Influx takes place solely in this part of the Matoran Universe). Zuto Nui is a massive city that's on the Southern Continent, and this is where Mata Zuto is said to hold favor over. Here, in Zuto Nui, a Matoran named Tarus sells his inner spirit to Teridax for ultimate power. Upon doing so, his named is changed to Ma-Taru, which means "Tarus of Death", (which means he is Death). However, here is when everything changes. Over twenty Toa from Gaia Nui, a neighboring city adjacent to Zuto Nui, go after the Spirit of Death and lock his spirit into a Kanohi Mask. So basically, Ma-Taru didn't last very long in his new form. The Kanohi Mask that his spirit is trapped in is taken to the island of Mata Nui for safe-keeping. Teridax finds out the location of Zuto Nuiian spies, and quickly goes to Mata Nui along with a hypnotized Mata Zuto and hundreds of followers.

...and that's the prologue! tongue.gif

At this point, of course, you know hardly anything about Gaia Nui or Zuto Nui, and that's if you played Fall of the Conqueror. If you haven't, then those two names are completely new to you. That's fine, but as I said earlier, both these cities are in the Western Region. Here is a map of the area. Ignore Metru Hexi because I've changed some of that, but everything on the Southern Continent is accurate.

I hope looking at that map gave you a little insight about the locations of Zuto Nui and Gaia Nui. I would also like to point out that To Die For has another chapter added: Chapter One. The view changes from that antagonist to the protagonist: Hahli. This story takes MNOLG2 and BIONICLE: Mask of Light and mixes them together, along with sticking to the Legend of Mata Zuto storyline.

Once again I urge you to read To Die For. Even you don't play the games, this is a growing tale filled with betrayal, violence, romance, and lots of death.


Music Theory Exam

Posted by Emzee , May 16 2008 · 43 views
I just took the Music Theory AP Exam this past Monday. It was fun, painful, and enlightening all at the same time!

... so yeah.


Devlog 4: It Was The Best Of Times...

Posted by Emzee , May 16 2008 · 61 views
This won't be very long. Today (or tonight, rather), I want to talk about the highs and lows emotionally involved in my upcoming RPG, LoMZ 2: The Infestation. I won't spoil anything, but I will point out that in the original Infestation (that's still up for download and still being played) I had intended on achieving a sort of catharsis from the players. Seeing innocent characters brutally murdered, friends about to kill each other, and enemies sitting back and laughing as if they already won. These feelings of sadness, shock, and anger (among other emotions) are important in enhancing a storyline.

I'm just here to tell you that the storyline in this new version in like Infest. on 'roids. The villains are crueler, crazier, and in some cases, cooler. As for the heroes, they still have their various flaws, and I've made effort to make them more noticeable this time, which will intensify the diversity in the 8 characters that the player will be allowed to control.

That's pretty much it for now. Sorry I don't have a screenshot this time. I'll try to post one later. smile.gif


Spring Break Is Here!

Posted by Emzee , Mar 17 2008 · 86 views
Finally after months of labor, we get a break from school. I'm not going anywhere though, and I have even more work to do at home. You can't win -- you just can't.

Well, happy St. Patrick's Day at least. I hope you wore green, because I didn't! tongue.gif


Devlog #3: Lights! Camera! Action!

Posted by Emzee , Feb 27 2008 · 57 views
This title of this devlog comes from my most recent series of projects for my upcoming RPG, Legend of Mata Zuto 2: The Infestation: and that is cut scenes. There will be around nine or so cut scenes in this new edition, and I've just finished making four of them.

Cut scenes are a very fun to code, because not only are they easy, it allows for a great deal of storyline input, which I value almost more than gameplay. There were quite a few "holes" in the storyline in the Silver Edition of The Infestation, and one of my "fixes" for this new edition is to fill in all those holes, or just remove them. Because of these cut scenes, you will learn more about the individual characters as well as the villains. For example, you guys who played The Infestation knew (and still know) hardly anything about the Bahdraak in terms of personality, and they were the final bosses of the entire game! Also through the cut scenes, you will learn more about Haci (who was the blacksmith in Fall of the Conqueror) and become immersed in a love-triangle involving him, Kai, and Kaj. I will also flesh out the romance involving Luka and Gali (who hooked up in Fall of the Conqueror as the try and free Ra'lhen (who calls himself Ronkshou) from the new Makuta's influence.

Yes... there will also be hints concerning a "new" Makuta to replace the Makuta of Metru Nui who was killed by the Toa Mata. The third side-story (along with the quest for Ronkshou and the love-triangle) is the Dark Vengeance, founded by Nui Laka. It's a team of four consisting of Nui Laka, Wokapu, Ronkshou, and Tailua's confidant (if you payed attention to Tailua's last words in Fall of the Conqueror, you will recognize this name), Kenzor, the Toa of Nightmares.

As I said, I use cut scenes to bring out the story aspect of The Infestation. They will be shown almost as a reward after every dungeon, nest, etc. Some of these cutscenes will not be your average little book-on-a-screen either. Three of the cutscenes will involve the WIP Particle Engine, and these are the "battle scenes". The first one is the fall of Makuta. That'll be cool, and then there are two more near the end of the game. I can't really discuss those without giving away spoilers, but they will be awesome. The only thing I'm worried about is the possible lag that may come, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Well, that's it for this week. Here's a screenshot from one of the cutscenes, and thanks for reading!

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Attended Brickfair VA 2009 and 2013, Brickfair AL 2012, Brick Fiesta 2011 and 2013, Bricks Cascade 2014
Also attended PAX East 2013 and RTX 2014.
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