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Lone Star Blog


Fan Created Games Contest YES!

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO, Game Dev, Uncategorized Jul 21 2013 · 705 views
My home forum is finally getting another contest if its own. And guess what? You don't even need to be a programmer or an artist! No, the entries in this contest are going to be detailed ideas for games that (if they're BIONICLE) will probably never get made. (Of course, OTC game ideas are allowed as well, but make sure those go into the OTC forum). 
Here's the link to the advert topic.  The only thing I can say now is that this contest really needs the skills of non-FCGers in order to work. If you written up an idea for the RPG Contests, what I expect for this contest isn't terribly different (mostly that it's not text-based and that you can't edit your entry once it's posted). 
Putting this entry in all three categories because YEAH!
SIE SIND GERMAN GERMAN GERMAN (that's German right? Or is it Spanish? ;) )


In Case You Haven't Heard

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jul 17 2013 · 633 views
brickfair, lego convention
I will be attending Brickfair in two weeks, from Friday to Sunday (I leave Monday morning). I look forward to putting many names to faces, as well as seeing Chantilly set the bar on LEGO conventions once again. 
You will likely find me either with Black Six's crew or the BZPRPG crew, or both, if we merge, haha. I hope to meet everyone who's attending sometime that weekend! 


Brick Fiesta

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jul 06 2013 · 371 views
dallas, lego convention, texas
... was awesome! I'll just put that out there right now.
I'm going to do a full write up of everything I remember from my few hours in the Mesquite convention center tomorrow. Hopefully it can get posted on the front page along with my pictures.
Until then, good night. 7+ total hours of driving with no one to talk to. I'll take a break tonight. 


Ninjo Appreciation Day

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jun 25 2013 · 364 views
ninjo, awesome admin
I don't mind this being a thing.
Thanks Ninjo, for setting the bar high. :) 


Brick Fiesta Announcement

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jun 22 2013 · 917 views
brickfiesta, texas
Hello BZPers,
If you happen to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the weekend of July 5th - 7th, I recommend making a visit to Brick Fiesta. I will be there on the public hours on Saturday (around 10:00 am and leaving at 4 PM). I believe Toaraga also is planning to be there. You'll know it's me because I'll be wearing one of the BZP shirts that I own. 
Definitely consider it, if you have an opportunity to attend. More info on Brick Fiesta is here


A Lesson in More Money Than Time

Posted by Emzee , in Game Dev May 16 2013 · 573 views
fantasy ai, new game
Hello everyone, I'm back with another entry.
I never thought that I would get to this point, but I can't say that I'm surprised. Since I started working last year, I have been able to get a steady cash flow, which means that I can set some income aside for savings and for feeding my hobby. This has led to me buying assets that I normally would not have purchased (mostly graphical assets, but sometimes I do spring for robust coding solutions like this AI code package that I bought).
Obviously, this income requires a lot of my time, so I don't have the free hours I once had trying to hack together an AI system or a 3rd-person character system. And that's just coding! There's still all of the modeling and animating that has to be factored in (fortunately, thanks to old friend Mihunai I don't have to do that much 3D modeling. Hope to see you around the forums again someday!) 
So, I thought I'd share a visual of my progress since my last entry. The bare, bare basics of the combat system are done, there's still a lot to be done though, including:
  • New and accurate sound FX (the ones there came with the AI package)
  • possibly altering the enemy's AI (right now it just looks a little awkward, though that may actually be due to the size of the monster. I have no issues shrinking certain Rahi to make things more smooth)
  • Graphical indications that a character has been hit (e.g. sparks, color flash)
  • A "death" (the Rahi's actually just disoriented :P ) sequence for the enemy. The player model already has a death sequence that isn't shown in this video.
  • An actual HUD
  • Other aesthetics that will come during the polishing stage of development. 
I almost didn't want to post this video because it's not that impressive, but then I looked at the combat video for my original 3D project, Influx. That video doesn't necessarily look worse (it has a lot of things that this video doesn't yet have), but some things like the player characters animation really highlight the need for buying solutions (as I know that natural looking animation isn't my thing). 
Check out my website's home page to see all three of my videos and make your comparisons between the first two and this one I just made. 
Next on my agenda, I plan to do much of the tasks that I listed above. Further down the road, I will start on the trap laying system or the NPC dialog system, whichever one is easiest. :P Thanks for reading!


Official BZPRPG 2012 News Archive

Posted by Emzee , May 11 2013 · 372 views
Good evening, role-players. Please find all the news updates from this past season in this blog post for your convenience. Feel free to discuss items here, and if someone wants to port this over to the Wiki, that's perfectly fine with me.

Happy new season everyone! :D


Mata-Nui Daily
  • Rahkshi! Makuta's most feared seem to have crawled out of the darkest depths in droves. Defenders are quickly on the move taking up positions around each of the villages, in what is looking to be a last stand against Makuta's wrath.
  • Prison Break: Notorious criminal Dorian Shaddix has escaped from captivity in Ta-Koro. The public is urged to report any sightings of this man and his accomplice to authorities. 
  • Traitors Revealed! On the day that Toa Ketan was to assume leadership of Ga-Koro, one of their own unveiled a twisted plot to control the floating village and use its people of dark ambitions. Shortly after the revelation, fighting broke out and is continuing currently. Stayed tuned for updates. 
  • Makuta's Servants Repelled: After what seemed like a hopeless fight, group of fearless defenders not only held back the monsters and servants from the Kini Nui, but eventually disabled or forced them into retreat. Shortly after the battle ended, however, the mysterious Toa of Light disappeared. 
  • Toa of Light and Friends Stand Up to Makuta's Might: Between powerful Rahi and clever servants, the Kini Nui's fate looked bleak. However, Toa have flocked to the Suva to help a Toa of Light defend it from the Makuta's servants.
  • Bright Light Seen From Center of the Island: There have been many reports of an explosion of light coming from the Kini Nui area. This has also coincided with a slight decrease in Rahi activity. Stay tuned for future updates. 
  • Po-Koro Saved From Bizarre Attack: A strange flying object was seen hovering over Po-Koro, seeking to wreak havoc it seems. Such a bold attack resulted in a harrowing response from a team of Toa who, after a struggle, were able to bring down the massive aircraft. 
  • Kumu Islets Destroyed: Heroes, theives, and civilians alike a still stunned by the absolutely devastating attack on the Kumu Islets. What began as a normal day for the southern village turned into a nightmare as explosions rocked and eventually sank the islets. Many are simply bewildered at who prompted this attack and why; many people who were allied with Makuta made their homes in Xa-Koro, thus erasing the likelihood of an attack from the same people behind the North March cablecar destruction. So who WAS behind the attack?
  • Fighting Continues in Pala-Koro: It seems more attacks have been thrown towards the ILF. We have not yet confirmed whether the fighting is against more Makuta followers or other enemies.
  • An Offer to Improve Le-Koro: It seems the Toa Arete's work in Ga-Koro has led to the idea spreading. Now, the Cultured Gentry seeks to do the same to Le-Wahi, improving Le-Koro's military and rebuilding everything that has been destroyed or damaged in the last several months, including even Pala-Koro. Stay tuned to see how this deal turns out. 
  • Island Liberation Front Defeated: The war that broke out a few nights ago ceased the following day, ending with scattering Pala-Koronans and a heavily damaged village. The opposing forces seemed to have been satisfied with their work, and they moved into the jungle as quickly as they came. The leader of the ILF's location is currently unknown, as is whether the Front will recover from this devastating blow. 
  • Toa Team Wanted: A group of Toa known as the Toa Massi are being wanted for extensive damage to Ga-Koro, making threats to shopkeepers in Ko-Koro, and several crimes in Onu-Koro. The reward for their capture is 10,000 widgets.
  • War! Pala-Koro was ambushed in the night by a group of Makuta worshippers. After a period of fighting and killing, parts the walls of the Island Liberation Front's village appeared to explode. Fires are still blazing and the area around Lake Pala has now been marked as an official War Zone. Villagers are urged to avoid the Laka Pala area until fighting ceases.
  • Benefit Concert Postponed: The violent breakout in Pala-Koro worried concert planners to the point of them pushing back the wonderful sounds of the Windriders for one day. Cultured Gentry Chief of Operations Niici said that the outbreak was "disappointing, but inevitable, given the hostility and dogmatism of the two parties." The Chief sends her regards and prayers for the families affected by this brutal burst of violence.
  • Ga-Koro's Economy Flourishes: Four new enterprises have opened up in the shining seas of Ga-Koro: The Ga-Koro Bounty Hunters' Guild, Kojar Art and Art Supplies, CosiMano Elemental Tutoring, and a Manuscript Copying Service. Between this and the rebuilt docks, Ga-Koro may be the most thriving village at present time!
  • Windriders in Concert: Tickets are being sold in Le-Wahi for a reunion benefit concert starring the Windriders and including performances by Corciano and the Matoran Tarkis. Reserve your spot today by visiting the concert booth in Le-Koro Town Square.
  • Ta/Ko Cablecar destroyed! Dozens Killed: Breaking news from our MND headquarters in Ta-Koro; The cablecar used bu many Guard members and approved passengers has been destroyed by what we believe may be a Makuta follower. Left in the hands of one of the victims of this terrible incident was this note:

    Your own people rise against you.
    Nowhere is safe.
    Po-Koro was merely the beginning.

    Ta-Wahi is not the end.
    Join the shadow or be consumed by it.

    Anyone with any leads or clues should meet with the Ta-Koro Guard immediately. Please pray for the families of our victims.
  • A Center for Peace? A Toa of Iron has built a small temple on the hills of Mt. Ihu. He is offering it as a refuge from the (possibly impending) war as well as a place for meditation.
  • Concert in the Works: The Windriders, the Le-Koronan band known for providing music during Lewa's Golden Kanohi ceremony, is regrouping for a benefit concert. The Cultured Gentry is currently taking applications for opening musicians. If anyone is interested, make your way to Ko-Koro and set up an appointment at the Cultured Gentry info booth.
  • New Toa Draws Attention from Villagers: Joske, the famed Ta-Matoran athlete, has been transformed into a Toa under mysterious circumstances in Ga-Koro. We are trying to get in touch with the Kolhii champion, but he has neglected to speak with anyone save a single Toa of Water.
  • Wanted Toa: After two months of being frozen inside a Ko-Wahi cave, the dreaded Dark Toa Echelon has been freed from his icy prison. The Necromancer who helped Vidar kill Tamaru and kidnap Hafu walks Mata Nui once more...
  • Wanted - Alive: The Po-Koro Guard has demanded the capture of an individual named Quoribay. Turning him over to the guard (alive) will get you 650 widgets.
  • Hostage Crisis in Ko-Koro! The citizens of the icy village are in shock at the news of a savage hostage situation, orchestrated by the dark Shadow Hapaka. They demand 22000 widgets total for the 11 Matoran that they have in custody. The ILS (Island LIberation Squad) has tried to help, but has had little success.
  • Turaga of Mata Nui Rescued: The turaga were captured by Makuta and infected with Parakuka. The ILS rescued them in the hive attack and the turaga are now being held in Pala Koro safely until their Parakuka can be removed.
  • New Force for Good? A group called the ILS made a base named Pala Koro near lake Pala, and with many allies, destroyed the Nui Rama hive.
  • A Bizzare Sight Near Naho Bay: Tarakava were seen massing in large numbers blockading Ga-Koro by the route to the sea. Numbers like these have not been seen since the Third Great Tarakava Raid. Civilians are nervous and the Marines are being tight lipped on whether or not a Fourth Great Tarakava Raid is possible. However Chief Head Commandant Kotu has recalled a great number of Marines from abroad to reinforce the city against a possible Rahi attack. "We're taking precautions but right now it's a standoff to see who blinks first." She said in a statement.
  • Mass Murder: There have been reports of a strange Toa wandering throughout Ga-Wahi muttering of a strange brand on his shoulder before slaughtering everyone in the villages he enters. The Ta-Koro Guard is launching an investigation into the subject.
  • Terror in Onu Koro: An unknown person has hurled an explosive into a crowded Onu-Koro bazaar. At least two deaths and multiple injuries have been reported.
  • Onu-Koronans Beware! A number of strange murders have taken place in Onu-Koro, three out of four times with bodies being found on the doorstep of Thedar Chronn.
  • Search Party: Enya, a female Toa of Fire, has disappeared from her hut in Ta-Koro.
  • Honoring the Fallen: Toa Incommodo is having a funeral in Onu-Koro after an incredibly painful death. Attendance is free and food will be provided.
  • Whenua to Pass Judgement on Murder Attempt: Whenua has been summoned in Onu-Koro to settle a murder dispute. Judgement and sentencing to be revealed next time!
  • Maha Chucking! Kalama and his group of Toa were spotted at Golyo the Maha Herder's place for a small bout of chucking Mahas. What purpose this served is unknown but apparently it was a warm up for the Toa to defend Golyo's Maha herd against a group of hungry Nui-Jaga! The Scorpion Rahi were successfully beaten off in a dazzling display of Toa Martial prowess in which no elemental powers were used to combat the Jaga. Apparently a first in recent history! Kalama then was seen leading the unnamed Toa Team southwest toward Ko-Wahi. A clue to the location of the missing Kalama's Raiders?
  • Batmen in Le-Koro! The species now confirmed as the Mystix who attempted some sort of takeover of Xa-Koro which ended in some kind of draw in which no clear side is the victor, have attempted an attack on Le-Koro! Members of the Gukko Force scrambled and quickly quashed the 'invasion' with the leader now in the devious hands of Turaga Matau.
  • Hope for the Island? The Island Liberation Squad ( a group dedicated to freeing Mata Nui from Makuta's influence.) has begun constructing a new village on the shores of Lake Pala.
  • Learning Center In the Works: An academy is currently being built in Ko-Wahi. Some have said that this academy intends to help students improve their skills and knowledge. More information will come as we get it.
  • Po-Koro Infected: A conga of tribulations has befallen the stone village. Many citizens, including village elder Onewa, have fallen ill to the Makuta's infection. Matoran are currently looking for the cause of this outbreak. In the meantime, Hewkii has been named temporary leader of Po-Koro.
  • Is Hafu Alive? Rumors have been spreading all over Po-Wahi about Hafu's ultimate fate. A thorough examination confirmed that the burned Po-Matoran is infact, a member of the Po-Koro Defense Force, meaning that Hafu has been taken away from Po-Koro. However, no one has been able to find the carver, and many of presumed him to be dead. The Defense Force refuses to make any final announcements regarding Hafu's death until a body has been found.
  • Hafu Murdered: Hafu was electrocuted and burned by Ronkshou, Makuta's most powerful sapient servant. A traitor was partly responsible for Hafu's capture, and has been arrested. Ronkshou and the other servants have not been captured at this time.
  • Disaster in Po-Koro! Makuta's most favored servants have waged an attack on the village of stone. They kidnapped the heavily guarded carver known as Hafu, likely to leave him to the same fate as Tamaru, another member of the Chronicler's Company.
  • Hunter Become Hunted? The Shadow, an insane Vortixx who planned to kill every being on Mata-Nui, has disappeared, and is believed dead.
  • Unknown Species Spotted: Mysterious winged creatures (Mystix) have been spotted in Onu-Koro.
  • Attack from Mysterious Creatues: There was an attack on Xa-Koro from a strange group that some have called 'Mystix'. The situation is still being investigated.
  • Marine Commanders Gives Status Update on Macku: Marine Commander Kalama finally set out to track down the rogue Ghekula unit Kalama's Raiders and their protectee' Macku. The unit went rouge with Macku following an attempted assassination after a successful assassination of Le-Koro's Tamaru. Hafu is under heavy guard in Po-Koro while Kopeke remains cut off from society. Two members, Kapura and Taipu, have not be seen recently.

    As for the rogue Marines, Chief Head Commandant Kotu had this to say: "I'm confidant that we can successfully locate this group and bring them back under control safely. I would advice the public however to remain cautious about venturing into the wilderness and please try to stick to the main roads until Kalama's Raiders have been successfully brought back into the fold. They are highly trained Special Forces and should not be engaged by anyone other than Kalama at this time."

    Accompanying the Commander and son of the Turaga were Tanuka, a local Toa of Water from Ga-Koro, Agarin, a Toa of Sonics, Kamaehu, a Toa of FIre, Cyrax, a Toa of Crystal, and surprisingly the would be assassin of Macku, Argentum, Toa of Magnetism. Skeptics have questioned this move wondering if he would attempt to murder Macku again while Marine Officials have said, "Kalama is aware of Argentum's attempt having personally brought the Toa down once. He will take the proper precautions to ensure it does not happen again."
  • REOPENING OF Soli's Sword Forge: The following sign was posted in Ta-Koro:

    Come one come all
    For the Best Swords in the Wahi.
    I accept custom requests as well.
    Open Now
    Located at the Base of Mt. Mangai, just follow the old dirt path.

  • Battle Aboard the Infernavika: Miha(and co.) attacked the Infernavika in Ga-Koro. The fight was a draw, with neither side badly injured.
  • A Coward Killed: Wadro, friendly coward of Le-Koro, was killed. Found upon his dead body was a tablet with the word NEX carved into it.
  • A Splitting Among Pirates: Odhran the Pirate has gotten into a fight with his crew. This fight resulted in the firing of Moylan, and the hiring of Xxeth.
  • Execution Gone Wrong: An attempted public execution was stopped, when the guilty person who was to be executed escaped, with the help of two others.
  • Interrogation: Macku's would be assassin was re-captured by a Toa Team while the Marines drove off a mercenary group that attempted to spring the assassin. The Marines have taken custody of the assassin and he is currently undergoing interrogation in Ga-Koro. Tensions due to all the recent fighting are high and Ga-Matoran are slowly becoming mistrustful of all the newcomers with news of Tamaru's death at the hands of a Toa.
  • Fight in Ga-Koro: News of Tamaru's death reached Ga-Koro just in time to prevent the assassination of Macku. The assassin was brought down by Commander Kalama and the brave Marines of Ga-Koro. Turaga Nokama has since ordered for Kalama and his unit to take and hide Macku inland. While preparing, the assassin escaped custody and continued to rampage. Kalama leaped back into the fray with Toa of Water, Tanuka buying time for his Ghekula unit, Kalama's Raiders, to escape with Macku. The unit has since gone to ground with Macku and gone rogue. Their location is currently unknown.
  • Assination in Le-Koro Square: Aexias has been publicly assassinated in the main square of Le-Koro, by the notorious assassin Zadron. Or has she...?
  • A Tragic End: After a long battle outside Le-Koro, Tamaru, the Le-Matoran member of the Chronicler's Company, is dead. Echelon the Necromancer held off four Toa before being incapacitated, while Vidar - one of Makuta's most favoured - captured Tamaru, interrogated him, and killed him. Despite his fear of heights, the Matoran stayed brave and incorruptible until the very end.
  • Serial Killer on the Loose: After serial killing Toa succeeded in murdering two Turaga the killer was arrested by by detectives from the Dark C Investigations agency. After an attempt at interrogation he was able to escape from the investigators and
    is now attempting to flee Onu-Wahi.
  • Wondrous Discovery in Po-Wahi: A recently unearthed temple in Po-Wahi by Onu-Koroan archivists was seized by a group of renegades led by the Toa of Water "Lady Yorlonda". Lady Yorlonda is a well known private collector of ancient artifacts and is known for not necessarily having other people's well being at heart, using her finds to exert political power over the Koro's for her own gain. The Onu-Koroans were run off by the tomb raiders.

    The Onu-Koroan archivists run off by Lady Yorlonda's renegades were last seen talking to a freelancing tomb raider Tokain, a Toa of Stone, offering him payment if he could swipe some of the more ancient artifacts from the heart of the temple out of Yorlonda's hands. He was last seen in Ga-Koro attempting to recruit Ga-Koroan Marine Commander and Nokama's adopted son Kalama to aid him.
  • Search for the Cure: A Vortixx named Fov, and a Toa named Brekan, were commissioned by Nokama to save a rare plant with medical properties.
  • Wanted: A pirate named Odhran has been busy recruiting a crew. Naturally, authorities are hunting down this criminal, and any tips on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.
  • Beware, Ta-Koronans: Two Matoran were recently found dead in Ta-Koro, near the Kohlii field. The murderer has not been found. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • Another Pirate: The infamous pirate Lohkar has formed a new crew, and will soon begin his piratical activities. Honest sailors beware!
  • Close of Business: The Black Spot Inn in Ga-Koro has closed down, and is moving to Xa-Koro, due to the threat of a raid by the Ga-Koro authorities.
  • Wanted: A large bounty has been placed on the head of Aexias, a Skakdi assassin; however, she has managed to evade all would-be bounty hunters so far, with the assistance of Cipher and Zadron - a fellow assassin, whose motives are currently unknown.
  • New Defensive Tool or Possible Terrorism Fodder? An inventor named Stralix has created a revolutionary new - and extremely potent - type of explosive, which he is now selling (for very reasonable prices).
  • The Mask Bearer plot has been updated with the identity of the Evil. See here for details.
  • Leah has joined the Wanderer's Company
  • Benefit Concert tickets are being sold right now. Auditions are now closed! If you're interested, head over to Le-Koro to listen to some tunes. The music will start sometime this weekend.
  • A very small settlement in Ko-Wahi named Ihu-Koro has been rebuilt after its former inhabitants were all killed off.
  • A Vortixx named Sinezh and a Ta-Toa named Axeron are starting an assassins guild in Ko-Wahi.
  • The cablecar from Ta-Koro to Ko-Koro is no longer usable. Keep this in mind when RPing from now on.
  • The Great Mine is also still flooded. Remember this as well.
  • Takua has met with the Oceanic Six, but were later ambushed by Rahkshi. Aurax was slain and Takua's whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Mark Bearer Saga has entered its Final Chapter. Read this post for details.
  • Word is spreading about the benefit concert in Le-Koro: proceeds are said to be going towards improving and rebuilding Le-Koro.
  • Sulov has been found, and he's being convinced by Reordin to join the Wanderer's Company
  • The group of Makuta followers have migrated to Xa-Koro to complete a transaction with Ahkmou, the infamous Comet Ball Traitor.
  • A Ko-Matoran named Reordin was found by a Matoran of Crystal named Aurax, and now five of the Six are gathered and are planning to look for an Onu-Matoran named Sulov.
  • Echelon and several other Makuta followers met at the shrine in Ko-Wahi to discuss their plan to beat the ILS. While it took place, Ambages of the Cultured Gentry, and Ronkshou, one of Makuta's most powerful servants, appeared at the meeting. Ambages offered secrets to defeat the ILS and Ronkshou was there to offer medicine, equipment, and weapons.
  • Joske, the famed Ta-Matoran athlete, has been transformed into a Toa under mysterious circumstances in Ga-Koro. The new Toa of Fire was immediately beset by many beings, causing him to have a dangerous outburst. Two fellow Toa of Fire, Merror and Agni, helped him come to terms with his new stature, Agni by offering him traning, and Merror by testing Joske to make him show control. He is currently under the care of Cael, a healer.
  • After his encounter with Joske, Merror finally seems to have come to terms with his troubled past and decided to found a Toa Team to fight the forces of evil and provide the Matoran with a symbol of hope. Six Toa have already assembled: Merror, Skeldan, Skyra, Pirok, Weta, and Elianne.
  • After receiving a vision from Makuta, Echelon the Necromancer has set about uniting the forces of darkness under one banner. Several of Makuta's disparate minions have already been gathered, and are planning an attack on the Island Liberation Squad, while another group plans to bring order to Xa-Koro - Makuta's order.
  • Pirate Schism: The crew of the Infernavika, led by Raknar, have undergone a schism after they decided to go after the Mark Bearers. As the crew fell apart, the Infernavika's newest recruit, a sailor named Kelp, revealed himself to be none other than Captain Lohkar, original captain of the ship. Lohkar has relieved Raknar of his command, and agreed to help two former crewmates, Perkahn and Grochi, to hunt down the Bearers. Together, they managed to capture a bearer named Nikarra in order to get to Dorian, but the plan backfired with Dorian rescuing her.
  • All members of the chroniclers company have now been removed from the game.
  • Kopeke has been removed from the game.
  • Onewa has fallen to the Makuta's Infection. Hewkii is now in charge of Po-Koro, and players should expect to talk to him in Onewa's hut instead of the Turaga.
  • Hafu has been removed from the game temporarily.
  • Tamaru has been killed
  • Macku has been removed from the game.
BZPRPG Announcements
  • Emzee will be taking a more administrative role since he has a lot of coursework to go through and activities to help run. Feel free to keep sending him weapons, powers, or species requests, as well as news -- responses may just take a little longer than usual.
  • Emzee is taking 1/12/12 to 1/15/12 off. Please send any requests to Nuju Metru during this time.
  • Friar Tuck has implemented a new rule regarding elemental sub-powers. Click here for details.
  • Please remember the note on zamor launchers before equipping your character with one.
  • If there is a situation when role-playing, please PM a staff member about it. We cannot check the discussion topic daily, so your issue may be overlooked unless you send a message directly to either Friar Tuck, Nuju Metru, or Emzee.
  • The above also applies to any approvals that you are requesting. Approval requests inside the general discussion topic will not be recognized.


Funny how that happens

Posted by Emzee , May 10 2013 · 310 views
business, moving
As soon as I announce my devlog I realize that I'll be quite busy these next couple of weeks studying for this Google Interview, finding an apartment, packing, and moving to Austin. Ah well, this time next month should be smooth sailing. :P Of course, that's not to say these aren't exciting times. 


This is a good week

Posted by Emzee , May 07 2013 · 1,273 views
google, austin, bzprpg
Man, so many good things this week:
  • BZPRPG 2012 arc is finally over
  • I'm working on fan games again
  • Found at that the BZPRPG staff will likely be rolling deep at Brickfair VA (yes, I'll be attending this year).
  • I scheduled a video interview with Google yesterday
  • Found out today that I'll be moving to Austin, home of Rooster Teeth, Bats, Brick Fiesta (sometimes), and "Austin Java" (don't know much about that) because I accepted a job offer there.
  • I'm still doing the Google Interview though; just to see how well I hold up.  
And we're not even halfway done with the week yet. Yay! :happydance:
Anyone else having awesome weeks?


Obligatory Iron Man 3 Entry

Posted by Emzee , May 06 2013 · 215 views

I definitely enjoyed the movie. I went in with low expectations and was presently surprised. Kept me engaged throughout the whole thing, and I actually enjoyed most of the twists. Some parts of the movie I kinda groaned at (they're at the end, so I can't explain in detail), but overall it was a fun experience. 

My Bio

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Favorite color: Cyan
Occupation: Software Engineer
Games I'm current playing: None
TV shows I'm watching: Parks and Recreation
Interests: Bionicle, Ninjago, Game Grumps, RWBY (Rooster Teeth in general), assorted genres of music (electronica, alt. rock, classic rock, instrumental, classical, and hip-hop), music composition/remixing, programming, and game development.
Attended Brickfair VA '09/'13, Brickfair AL 2012, Brick Fiesta '11/'13/'15, Bricks Cascade '14/'15, Brick Universe Dallas
Also attended PAX East 2013 and RTX '14/'15.
Hates Lactose
Still working on Power Lies Beneath
Actually a liberal arts guy who just majored in Software Engineering

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