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Lone Star Blog


Blog Design

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Dec 09 2012 · 154 views
boring old blog, blog theme
I've been meaning to make a theme for this blog for some time now.
I'mma be honest: I'm probably never going to get around to it. 


RIP Big Tex

Posted by Emzee , Oct 19 2012 · 234 views

RIP Big Tex Sure, you were Nightmare Fuel that disturbed the minds of countless children (and some adults too), but you were also a 60-year old tradition and official mascot of the State Fair. Farewell, big guy.


Rain is Poison Here

Posted by Emzee , Oct 01 2012 · 192 views

My city can't handle rain.

The people can't drive in this, streets flood everywhere, and the traffic lights go out. Because apparently San Antonio is a desert and the city wasn't built to withstand a thunderstorm.

Leaving work was even less fun than normal.

At least I'm home now though. Today is really a stay-inside-and-read kind of weather. :)


New Car!

Posted by Emzee , Sep 17 2012 · 182 views
new car
New Car! Item by item, I'm getting the things that I require in order to lead a rather stable life.

Life in San Antonio has been different... way different than I had expected. Work is work and will always be work, and I'm still getting used to my shorter evenings.

The most recent item in my list of things I need is a new car. My old one looked okay, 2003 Ford Taurus, but it wasn't dependable. Going to work every morning was like playing a game of Russian roulette with being late. Had that not been an issue, I would've held off, but not that I have it, I gotta say I like what I've acquired!

It's a 2013 4-cyl Nissan Altima. Redesigned, black, sleek, all black interior, and a cool display up front. And the ride's a lot smoother.

I'm not a car guy so I won't be able to give you all the specs off the top of my head. I just know it has good MPG rating, automatic transmission (always - I'm never going stick), and 182 HP engine.


Gah, Writer's Block

Posted by Emzee , Aug 27 2012 · 170 views
This Wokapu role-playing post I've been trying to write for the BZPRPG isn't as easy as I thought. I don't want to spoil what happens, but it's supposed to be rather emotional. I'm currently searching the 'net to try and see if there's a similar story out there that can give me some inspiration.

Only took about a month for this to happen -- I'd say that's pretty good. :P


Ninjo Appreciation Day

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jun 25 2012 · 162 views
Giving my shout out to Ninjo, the former admin here at BZPower. During his time, he was the Admin that seemed least threatening. Certainly counts for something.

I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. :)


It Never Stops

Posted by Emzee , Jun 10 2012 · 170 views

I thought that graduation would hit me with a brick-like force. It turns out that I've gotten over with it quite well. My head-first dive into my new career is probably to blame for that.

So I've spending much of the past month transitioning and getting ready for my change in scenery. I'm currently at a six-week training stint in Cincinnati, OH. I'm working for a software company, and I'll be moving (and staying) in San Antonio, which is alright I guess. This does mean that I have to learn yet another city (it took me a while to just learn Dallas). On the upside, I've met my future coworkers that are from San Antonio, so I won't be completely lost.

Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoying summer so far, assuming it's a summer vacation and you're not busy like me. :P


This Is It

Posted by Emzee , May 16 2012 · 181 views
graduation, college
I can't believe that in just two days, my days at the University of Texas at Dallas will be over. It's crazy really. I gotta say that I'm really happy about it though. The coursework was really hard, and at many times it wasn't very rewarding at all, but I managed to complete this degree and land a full time job!

While my GPA isn't anything to brag about, I personally that achieving this Software Engineering degree in four years and getting employed more than makes up for it.

Naturally, it still hasn't truly sunk in that I'm leaving this place. I wonder what I'll do then. :cry:


Congratulations To The No-Longer-New Staff

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO May 14 2012 · 125 views
not really new anymore
This is very late, I know -- but I still wanted to shout out to Velox for climbing the ladder, and also Sumiki for joining the ranks of the BZPower Staff. You'll do a great job. :)


He Speaks

Posted by Emzee , May 14 2012 · 105 views

Hi everyone. Remember me?

I'm still a bit exhausted from exams and my senior design project. To get you guys up to speed, this is my last semester for my undergrad degree in Software Engineering. This was my most difficult semester (admittedly due to bad planning), but the good side is that I get to start my full time job this summer.

I know what would typically post in all caps or use a thousand exclamation points at this news, but I'm not finished yet. Classes are over, but some hiccups in our senior design project has left us still working to complete it (it's an Android app). There's a good side to this too though: I'm fairly sure we'll all get A's for our are work. Long story short, we had to pick up some slack after a member dropped the course.

I still don't have time to get completely caught up on here, but expect my activity to steadily rise through the remainder of the year.

To those in the BZPRPG, sorry for going dark. Real LifeTM, as you know. Don't send me BZPRPG-related requests yet though -- I'm still trying to decide if I'll still be participating in the RPG.

That's all for now. How have you all been? I heard something big went down about two weeks ago. And Staff Shipping's finally a reality. :) Anything else that's interesting?

My Bio

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Favorite color: Cyan
Occupation: Software developer
Games I'm current playing: TES: Morrowind
TV shows I'm watching: House of Cards, Community, 24: Live Another Day
Interests: Bionicle, Ninjago, Game Grumps, RWBY (Rooster Teeth in general), assorted genres of music (electronica, alt. rock, classic rock, instrumental, classical, and hip-hop), music composition/remixing, programming, and game development.
Attended Brickfair VA 2009 and 2013, Brickfair AL 2012, Brick Fiesta 2011 and 2013, Bricks Cascade 2014
Also attended PAX East 2013 and RTX 2014.
Lactose Intolerant
Pumping more iron than I probably should
Actually a liberal arts guy who just majored in Software Engineering

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