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Influx Soundtrack! (demo Songs)

Posted by Emzee , Feb 14 2011 · 328 views

Update 2: "On a Quest" has also been added. Like "Cy-Wahi," I was also going for the feel from the MNOLG soundtrack. Let me know what you think!

Update 1: The 'Cy-Wahi' theme has been added. To give you a frame of reference, I'm trying to go for the MNOLG feel (Le-Koro especially), with the techno/vaguely tribal feel. Please tell me how close I've gotten to achieving that. It would really help.

Part of any game development process is music composition (or music ripping if you're lazy =P). I've been having dozens of melodies and rhythms swimming around in my head for the last several months, and only I've recently built upon some of those melodies to the point that they're tolerable to listen to. I'm now in the final stage of these pieces. Usually, I wait a week or two after I finish a piece, and then go back and listen to it again. It allows the song to be fresh to the brain again, and I'll make it easier to spot issues. I'm impatient though, so I'm allowing you to be my ears.


If you click the link above, you will see the music section at the bottom. You can use the buttons to navigate through the 7 tracks. Just to make clear: these are DEMOs and definitely subject to change.

Also, I can't really explain the context of most of these tracks, except that Hub is the central location in the game where you will access all the levels, and Sa-Koro is the first level. Any additional information falls under spoilers.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy!

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Wow, these are all quite excellent! I especially enjoyed the Hub.
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Jan 29 2011 06:33 PM
I like them. They sound rather 'RPG-ish', if you get what I mean. I've played old RPG games, like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, before; their soundtracks sound similar to the ones you've composed.

EDIT: "Cy-Wahi" sounds awesome, indeed similar to MNOLG. I hope you won't mind if I take some inspiration from that for a piece I'm working on. tongue.gif As for "On a Quest"... it sounds a little off. I'm not sure what it is -- maybe it's that instrument that produces a sound in between a steel drum and xylophone, or perhaps that instrument that came in and played what I suppose was meant to be the main melody.
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Great, got one right! biggrin.gif

The truth about "On a Quest" is that I don't have any samples (sounds) for the melody that really mesh well with the other samples. The sounds that do fit better are out of tune (which means that I'd have to manually fine to each note in the sequencer). I'll probably end up doing that though - just not right now, and I generally pleased with "On a Quest" as of now.
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