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Announcing My New Game Devlog!

Posted by Emzee , in Game Dev May 06 2013 · 76 views

new game unity3d
Announcing My New Game Devlog! Hi everyone! 
I'd like to take this time to unveil a new project that I've started today. Some of you may remember way back when I used to make fan created games in my spare time. I was attempting to do a 3D RPG follow-up to my first two jRPG-style games. Tragically, I undertook this endeavor right as I started my college career studying to be a Software Engineer. The fact is that I simply couldn't attempt both and still expect to get a degree. 
I think I made a wise choice to go with the whole get-a-degree thing too, since I now have the paycheck to buy a few more prefabricated game assets and scripts, things which I couldn't hope to afford on a college budget. :P
Anyway, here's the description of my project, followed by a synopsis:
Working Game Title: Power Lies Beneath (alt titles include: The Power Lies Beneath and BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Zuto - Episode 3: The Power Lies Beneath)
Genre: 3rd-person Action-Adventure
Game Locale: Mata Nui
To better understand the story, it's best to assume that nothing revealed after 2002 is canon. When I first wrote this story (and subsequently, the series as a whole), the only information I had regarding the 2003 storyline was the promotional poster of the Toa Nuva and the "bumps". This poster showed some large cavern or chamber full of protodermis, and I used that to kick-start the game's villains' motivation (and thus, the plot). 
The game's story is set right after the Bohrok saga (or, after the events of Mata Zuto 2). In this alternate universe, there is another island in the Endless Ocean that's more technologically advanced. The Matoran on this island (named 'Zuto Nui') worship a god that they built themselves, and in this game, this god wants them to take over Mata Nui and colonize it. Why? Because of the "power that lies beneath" a.k.a. the energized protodermis that was discovered underground. It should be noted that references to the other two games will be minimal; optimally, anyone will be able to play this game without knowing anything about the other two games. 
Here's the synopsis I have so far:
On the island of Mata Nui, the discovery of energized protodermis has lead to the technologically advanced nation of Zuto Nui (led by the enigmatic Recruiter on behalf of the Great Being Mata Zuto) to launch a full-scale invasion to take the vital liquid for themselves. After sending eight mysterious beings called the Kanorak to steal the six Nuva Symbols, the Toa Nuva are captured, leaving only a single False Toa and his friends to save the island from colonization by Zuto Nui.

“In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended onto our world from Paradise.

He illuminated us with the Three Virtues, and in gratitude, we named our home ‘Mata Nui’, in the Great Spirit’s honor

However. Not all of our brothers accepted the Great Spirit’s generous gifts...

A sect of our people gave more credence to building and rejected the Virtues.

Instead, they accepted Independence for Unity, Perfection for Duty, and Liberty for Destiny.

This sect continued to build, inventing contraptions for their own benefit, each one more terrifying than the one before.

They kept building... until one day, they had built the Perfect God

Who is the Recruiter and who is the False Toa? I'll explain all of that in the next entry. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshot of the Le-Wahi level that I'm carving out right now (credit for Toa model goes to BZP member Mihunai)

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Awesome! It's good to see you getting back into game design. What are you using to make it?
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Thanks man. Very excited about this one. I'm using Unity, since I know that program and how to work with it best. Not to mention it's both Windows and Mac compatible. 

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Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Favorite color: Cyan
Occupation: Software developer
Games I'm current playing: Titanfall (PC), Mortal Kombat (2011), Batman: Arkham City
TV shows I'm watching: House of Cards, Community
Interests: Bionicle, Ninjago, RWBY (Rooster Teeth in general), assorted genres of music (electronica, alt. rock, classic rock, instrumental, classical, and hip-hop), music composition/remixing, programming, and game development.
Attended Brickfair VA 2009 and 2013, Brickfair AL 2012, Brick Fiesta 2011 and 2013, Bricks Cascade 2014
Also attended PAX East 2013. 
Lactose Intolerant
Actually a liberal arts guy who just majored in Software Engineering

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