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Farshtey Feed (p248-250)

Posted by Planetperson , Jan 01 2010 · 1,003 views

Farshtey Feed
Friday, January 1, 2010
Happy New Year! 2010!

• Tahu's adaptive armor is still functional and should innovate some sort of cooling system for use in Bara Magna's desert.
• The Ignika devolved Tahu because the Golden Armor was not designed for use by a Toa Nuva.
• The three armor pieces on Tahu's Stars model represent what his adaptive armor looks like in neutral form.
• Greg's understanding is that Papercutz will be publishing a smaller, hardcover version of Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna in 2010.
• The control room depicted in Comic 6 is inside the prototype robot, not the one in Mata Nui's original body.
• "Click departs when Mata Nui prepares to activate the robot, because MN feels it will be too dangerous for him to stay. The Ignika is not a power source for the robot, but it is inside the robot, since MN was inside when he took it off. The power source is the box MN returns to the city with."

• According to Mata Nui's original mission, the Great Beings were to construct a third robot body for Mata Nui to transfer his spirit into upon his return to Bara Magna, leaving Teridax to take the reins of his old body, and the two would cooperatively reunite Spherus Magna.
• Energized protodermis stabilizes the power source of the Matoran universe by continuously mutating the energy produced into a more stable form. The source of the Pit mutagen is radiation given off by the engine of the robot.
• The two Glatorian-species pilots voluntarily entered the Mata Nui construct.
• The inhabitants of the Red Star are aware of Mata Nui and the Matoran universe.
• The Red Star is now orbiting Bara Magna.

• The two brains of the Spikit work in concert with one another so as to have one mind.
• On what would happen if one of a Spikit's heads were chopped off: "I think there would be a period of adjustment for it, but eventually it would be close to normal as the functions of Brain B got taken over by Brain A."

• On the Great Beings' feelings about the Element Lords: "Initially, they felt relieved they had someone to handle the day to day. Then they were upset because the ELs were going to war and refusing calls to stop."
• On whether another robotic body was supposed to be built for Teridax to help Mata Nui complete his mission: "Yes. But for unknown reasons, the GBs never built it. The mystery of why not is most likely something that will be dealt with in future story."
• Spherus Magna was larger than Earth.

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A cooling system? Neat, Tahu's head always needed one of those.

Also cool how they intended to give Teridax his own robot. It's like they were meant to be brother spirits all along. ^^
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