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Farshtey Feed (p280-284)

Posted by Planetperson , Mar 12 2010 · 1,548 views

Farshtey Feed
Friday, March 12, 2010
• Months have passed since Teridax took over the Matoran universe by the time he has arrived on Bara Magna. [source]
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• Takua was the first Matoran ever to be created. [source]
• Greg would say a Matoran's gender is based on its AI programming. [source]
• Like the inhabitants of the Matoran universe, Mata Nui was an AI which exceeded the aims and visions of its creators. [source]
• The coloration for the element of Gravity is purple and black. [source]
• On the purpose of the southern islands in the Matoran universe: "I see all the land masses as basically being the same as organs in our bodies are." [source]

• Greg would say that the Spear of Fusion would be able to meld Kanohi together. [source]
• Greg would guess that the Bahrag could possibly create new Bohrok-Kal with different powers. [source]
• Like Roodaka's mutation power, the Mask of Mutation can alter a being's powers. [source]
• On why the Makuta did not simply use Masks of Mutation to create new Rahi: "Well, for one thing, they don't all have Masks of Mutation. And I sort of see it as the difference between making beef stew from scratch or buying it pre-made and putting it in a microwave. The Makuta are artists and they like putting in the time it takes to do it with viruses as opposed to just zipping things into being with the mask." [source]
• The organic birds seen on the island of Mata Nui were birds from Spherus Magna which fed on fish and nested on the water and therefore did not need land to survive. [source]
• Pridak was never actually able to reform the League of Six Kingdom's before Makuta's defeat. [source]
• Brutaka probably had his Olmak even before he joined the Order of Mata Nui. [source]
• All the Toa Hagah teams probably had six members, although the teams were not all made up of Toa of the six classic elements. [source]
• The Exo-Toa that the Toa Mata found in the Bohrok nests were placed there by the Brotherhood of Makuta as a failsafe in case the Bohrok were ever released prematurely and the Bahrag needed to be suppressed. [source]

• The reason Mata Nui would be able to give elemental powers to a Glatorian but not to an Agori is that Glatorian are physically stronger and more durable as a species than Agori are, and therefore able to handle the increased power where Agori cannot. [source]

• On how energized protodermis is related to protodermis: "We don't know that it is, simply that the GBs named the substance energized protodermis. It is possible they detected some similar properties to liquid protodermis." [source]
• Energized protodermis is not a necessary element for making protodermis. [source]
• The Great Beings named protodermis before they named energized protodermis. [source]
• The prototype robot was never designed for Mata Nui's use. [source]
• When the Great Beings had no other use for the prototype's power source, they placed it in the protection of the Valley of the Maze to keep the Element Lords from getting their hands on it. [source]
• The prototype power source did not feed into the Great Volcano's power plant. [source]
• On why the Great Beings did not try to evacuate the people of Spherus Magna before the Shattering: "The Shattering was a very abrupt event, although they knew there was a definite potential for it to happen. But if they could not get the war to stop, how would they convince everyone to board rockets and escape the planet because of a disaster that hadn't happened yet and that they probably would not believe ever would happen? And once it had happened, you more than likely would have had another war as people fought to be the first in the rockets and to keep opposing tribes out. So it wouldn't have ended well." [source]

• On why Denmark has still forbidden Greg to discuss the Great Beings: "If I knew, I would tell you [...] All I can say is I wanted to show a GB (at least the hand of one) in the graphic novels and was told no. Who knows, if someone in Denmark wants to keep BIONICLE in their back pocket in case they need it again, maybe they are thinking a future story would be built around the GBs. I really don't know." [source]
• Greg has no plans to bring Toa Ignika back. [source]
• Greg plans to write one more chapter of Reign of Shadows; it ends this month. [source] [source]
• Sahmad's Tale will run longer than Reign of Shadows, and new serials will start in April once the others end. [source] [source]

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On the manner of Teridax's death: "Actually, wasn't my idea. It came from others on the story team. My idea was that Mata Nui fells him then uses his power to cut the robot body open, freeing all the Matoran, etc. Got rejected as being too violent."

So tearing him open is too violent, but giving him an agonizing death from a moon crushing his skull isn't? Strange.

On what Mata Nui learned on his mission through space: "Mata Nui studied other cultures, and one of the things he learned was that wars were often caused by blind obedience to a being perceived as more powerful (same as what happened with the ELs on Spherus Magna, or in our history, dictators like Hitler). This is why Mata Nui chose to absent himself from the rebuilding of the society -- so that the people of SM won't be dependent on him, or become split between people who follow him and people who don't, etc."

Reminiscent of Dune, awesome.
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