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Fantasy Costco



Posted by Noxryn , Aug 05 2016 · 516 views

i just realized ive been here for like ten years

i turned 21 like a month ago so there's that too

but ten years dang where'd the time go


bionicle ended (again)

Posted by Noxryn , Jul 31 2016 · 315 views

I dunno, but Bionicle being discontinued again doesn’t really bother me one way or the other. mostly because I kinda fell out of it ten years ago. It’s still a nostalgic thing for me yeah, but to be honest, I wasn’t surprised when they cut it again; not a lot of themes last terribly long to begin with and it’s kinda hard to recapture the Bionicle series/personality from when it launched in ‘01.
I have a feeling it might come back in some shape or form a few years into the future, or maybe there’ll be a different theme to completely replace it like with how Bionicle kinda replaced Slizers.
However, I got into the ‘01 series because I was really young, it was unique and had a different atmosphere (back then it was basically “robots living on a tropical island, using stone tablets to write, legends/stories/myths etc…”)

I never really got into the “Metru-Nui” arc, or the stuff thereafter. The series kinda lost the thing that drew me in with its unique setting and after everything was explained/canonized and we all learn our big bad guy who was before supposedly on par with the world’s God is really a janitorial scientist named Terry… it kinda lost all sense of mystery and wonder that kept its engine going. I dunno, for me at least. Not to mention how they tried to make it darker/more violent because of an aging consumer base, which really sits opposite of how the series first started.

Not gunna lie, I woulda been pretty cool with it if the series ended after Mata-Nui was reawakened. (yeah I woulda been sad for no more sets, but the next arcs in the story were just so drastically different it felt like a different story altogether, anyway).

but that’s just like, my opinion, man.


force of will

Posted by Noxryn , Jan 13 2016 · 396 views

looks like an interesting tcg kinda wish it had more popularity since the idea of playing it's near impossible with how niche it is lol


ok (spoilers)

Posted by Noxryn , Jan 09 2016 · 435 views

peridot's a precious homeworld traitor


do i do productive things or do i play highly rated video games

Posted by Noxryn , Jan 04 2016 · 683 views

i should play undertale

i mean i have it

the icon's on my laptop

but i dont want to click it and realize its been fifteen hours and ive lost all sense of time and that my body has slowly begun to rot away


This Keeps Coming to My Attention and I'm Tired of It.

Posted by Noxryn , Dec 20 2015 · 711 views

I feel more prompted to post this as BZPower, as a whole, seems to fall into this pit fairly often with a variety of people.

Religious discussion is not allowed. The rule goes further to nix religious statements, quotations and so forth. (Even though, these days, that does seem more lax although I am fairly certain no official alteration to that rule has occurred).

It's not a rule designed to slight people who are religious. It exists because religion is one of those things everyone argues over to the point of near tearing out someone's throat, verbally. Absolutely no eye opening, wonderful, well developed discussion will occur over the subject on a forum dedicated to Lego. By and large, discussions about it belong where there's a large base with a vested interest in the topic who actually studied the subject (Even then, odds are most contributors never took a class on any religion anyway, so the value there is questionable at best). If someone really holds a burning desire for religious discussion, they can speak to a religious leader, other members of their community, or find a platform more suitable for it. Easy as that.

A lot of people seem to think LGBT related talk is comparable to religion and should be banned because it offends some individuals of some religions. Straight up, it's not. Being a person is different than believing in something. If LGBT content was 100 percent banned, like it used to be, an entire section of this community wouldn't be able to open up about themselves or talk about important details of their life that other individuals can freely discuss with no consequence: that's not fair and it's not equal treatment of members. LGBT individuals can't post bible quotes, or statements, just as non-LGBT members cannot. But LGBT members can talk about significant others, post romantic stories, art, etc... just as any non-LGBT member can.

The two situations aren't comparable and trying to force them to be just because you don't like some people is irritating at best. Hopefully people can understand that.


ha i get to keep my blog

Posted by Noxryn , Jul 28 2015 · 491 views



Then and Now

Posted by Noxryn , Jul 24 2015 · 502 views

So, less than a year ago I looked something more like this:

Posted Image

Now I look more like:

Posted Image

Course the second pic is of me at work, so it's not like incredibly.



Posted by Noxryn , Jul 20 2015 · 498 views

It's weird actually becoming busy with life and stuff.

But yeah, I've been a Barista for about... three months now? Almost? Still working on some other side projects, some just for me, some are a collaboration with my housemate who moved in with us.

Kinda getting sucked into things like Destiny and FFXIV, but eh, it's a bit more fun since my friend's been really into Destiny and currently dropped League of Legends in favor of it. But of course she looks up everything, every stat, every build and video and outknowledged me pretty quickly, lol.

But yeah, happy birthday to BZPower and all! It's pretty cool to see the site celebrating its fourteenth year, even though I'm not terribly active in this community anymore, haha.


it's my birthday

Posted by Noxryn , Jun 19 2015 · 418 views

fight me

Kit at a Glance

- Kit
- Bi/Trans Woman
- Likes video games

Kit's Profile

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pretend i wasnt lazy and my avatar is here

pretty pretty princess

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March, 15, 2006
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I play games! I read books! I write sometimes!

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