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Fantasy Costco


Random Things

Posted by Noxryn , May 14 2007 · 195 views

I saw Spider-man 3 yesterday and I liked it. I don't think that much was wrong with it. Stanfords have been over and I like that. I am making a Makuta MOC and I made three fully poseable fingers that can't turn around but can grab and choke. Thats it.



Posted by Noxryn , Apr 30 2007 · 161 views

I have Stanfords tomorrow and for the rest of the week ugh...thats it for today and this is a super short entry isn't it? Bye for now.


Story Telling

Posted by Noxryn , Apr 29 2007 · 279 views

I finished the Intro to a book I've been working on for a while now. I can't tell about it because people may steal my idea and I don't want that. I have three editors , A friend of mine who's name I shall omit, another friend, and me. This has been hard to write and I'm about to start another draft over the Intro again to make sure that everything is okay. I had gone to the store and purchased four magic card packs ( I know it was a small waste of money but oh well...) I'm going to camp for the summer so I will be gone for four weeks. ( I figured out a way to get 70 dollars Yay!) I have been writing stories since the third grade technically (my teacher loved my poems and stories.) They weren't full stories then but later in fifth grade I wrote my first true story but I had to trash it when I read it it sounded so random and horrible. Then in the beginning of sixth grade I started Tale of Shadow which still is not finished (sorry to any faithful readers!) people mistake me for being 14 or 16 so I have more of a responsibility. Ah. that reminds me of a time in third grade when we (all of third grade) was supposed to stand and I did but the teacher said "sit down. You can't be in third you look like a fifth grader>" it took two friends and me to convince her that I was a third grader good times...good times. Oh is that the time? I better go!



Posted by Noxryn , Apr 23 2007 · 168 views

I bought a Planar Chaos Unraveling mind theme deck and I got $10 dollars. I had opened up a Trade topic In the B/S/T forum so go check it out! I found the official MGTG topic to find out that no one posts in it anymore. sad.gif
Oh well life goes on.



Posted by Noxryn , Apr 05 2007 · 245 views

If I make $200 I might be able to get a sword that has a red wine blade 57" overall with stainless steel metal. I got a long way to go until I make that money. My birthday is coming up In two months and 14 days. I don't have all that much to say about today so goodbye.



Posted by Noxryn , Mar 29 2007 · 223 views

i got a Dragon guide book yesterday and finished it this morning it was quite interesting... Well I for one love dragons but don't think that they are real although it would be awesome if they were! I drew a Dragon in art and people walked by and asked did you trace that I said no and they kept saying how good at drawing I am but it wasn't really that great of a picture. Lady K could of made my drawing look like it was done in Kindergarten...same with a few other artists here on Bzp. I am made fun of for liking Bionicle and some (not all) make fun of me for liking dragons when all they do is use their stupid electronics all day and get in trouble every two seconds.



Posted by Noxryn , Mar 25 2007 · 211 views

Hi I just ate a cookie. biggrin.gif I...Um... say go and read my epic and my Short Story I'm getting no replies in it sad.gif I have been cleaning my room and my gosh I had no idea how much garbage was in there it filled a whole bag! Then I started to make a list of items that I'm going to sell in BST but I can't start up the store for some time. sad.gif

I like chocolate how about you? I like blue chocolate white chocolate Dark chocolate and milk chocolate I was bored so I drew a bar of chocolate since I didn't want to draw Bionicles. Milk is good for you so drink it. Soda is bad for you but I drink it on occasion I rammed my head into a wall and it hurt wacko.gif If you want to know something about smarties is that the red ones are made from beetles or so NNH said (which is in fact correct).
I have two faithful friends here on Bzp but I don't know if they would like me to say their names so I won't.

I like explosions. Explosions are cool to watch especially when you make them. Explosions have many shapes and sizes but most are fun to watch.

I like putting spaces in between paragraphs.
Bzpower is an awesome site I love this place back in the day when Bzp was young I was a guest to join 4 years later if I counted right I knew this site ever since August 1st the day when my friends showed me the wondrous site of bionicle forums. I miss those days A while ago I bought a lot of 20 Bionicles from a guy for 50 dollars all of the olda Norik and Iruini sealed as Toa a few Bohrok and Bohrok Va I got a lot of Krana too but I'm missing about 101 Krana from all of the Bohrok. I got two new books! City of the lost ( an awesome book ) and Dragonlance I saw it on the shelf and I read a bit and I learned that I liked it so I bought the first to the Lost Chronicles. Now I'm done


Another Day

Posted by Noxryn , Mar 22 2007 · 315 views

I went back to school to be shoved into that Bionicle drawing contest and no I don't want to do it because chances are is that I'm going to lose badly. I put together some of my old Matoran and my ghost rider MOC that I finished not that long ago on a Saturday. I'm typing up another Chapter for my epic please could someone review it? beg1a.gif I only have two faithful readers. I got a haircut only a day ago and I got really bored when I got home so I went outside and threw a tennis ball around until I got bored again and the second time I went to bed but I forgot to do my history homework annoyed2.gif My history teacher was not pleased with me. Luckily I did my science for a different teacher. Later that day I found out that we have a project due on Monday its a fairly easy project though. Then (name removed) started to bug me about the Bionicle drawing that he made me do ( I owed him for a while and since this is free I'm going to go with this) I kept telling him that I didn't finish but then a little while later I started drawing Metru matoran instead of the contest drawing. He saw and got a little mad but then let it go by. All he wants is the 100$ Lego set and when I win it I have to give iot to him for certain issues. I'm thinking about making a Mecha for Metru Matoran which I'm going to make out of my own pieces and put into another story which is not going on Bzp for some language. i got bored once more at home so I googled Rakaru just to see if anything came up. Well my epic popped up and a few companies called RAKARU but other than that I didn't do much except for finishing the piece of cake I was eating.it was chocolate I like the chocolaty goodness.The link above is a link to this site I just don't know why it looks like that and this is the only forum site that I'm a member on if you actually look for the topic in epics the same people posted with the same words.


Sundae And Sunday

Posted by Noxryn , Mar 19 2007 · 210 views

Why is a sundae called a sundae? It reminds me of Sundays but it is spelt a different but pernounce it the same way as you would Sunday. Is it called a sundae merely because people eat it on Sundays? and is that why its not called a Mondae or Tuesdae? Well thats one question of mine. I just became a premier member and this is my first blog so...I don't know what to say after that. EDIT: I made this one yesterday and the other entry that I made today is at the bottom.

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