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silly strings, faerie wings


writing with kit more like call ups amirite

Posted by Kitania , Jul 27 2014 · 32 views
shipping, get it, like boxes
i shouldnt be allowed to ship my own characters but i do and i wrote basically 4k words of the story they're in where they're pretty much lovingly picking fun at each other complete with "accident"-suggestive jokes (it might also be the opening shh)

i dont want to edit it later b/c i know im gonna have to like, nix a lot of the dialogue and change it so it's not practically bleeding all over the pages that "kit ships these two and so should you and i will shove it down your face hole"


Kit's Bandwagoned AMA

Posted by Kitania , Jul 24 2014 · 56 views
kit rips off, the entire forum and 1 more...
may or may not answer intelligently or with style

but it'll be something and isn't something just the greatest


Writing and Programs

Posted by Kitania , Jul 23 2014 · 31 views

i got zenwriter again and i'm so happy i have it once more, i missed it so so much

(my old PC's that had the free software died since then, harddrive one my desktop ended up getting shot somehow but i honestly dont mind the $10 price tag on it since MS Word is like $75 - 100~ ish).

i just really love the music, how it saves and organizes work, switching the backgrounds and stuff (it makes me feel more creative which helps with creative writing)


Kit Attempts Online Clothes Shopping

Posted by Kitania , Jul 22 2014 · 96 views
ze may need to, keep it irl
i dont think i can make any sense of skirt sizes online

will it fit, will it not

who knows, buy it to find out

will it flow in the wind like an oversized flag, or will it try to crush your internal organs

only one way to find out

(that guess will be seventy dollars pls)

edit: also yes i will rant about this on all my blogs


Kit Found Guilty After Stealing Multiple Trees

Posted by Kitania , Jul 21 2014 · 56 views
its a game, not the real life and 1 more...
i was messing around in this not-that-new game named Archeage, it's in Closed Beta/Alpha, and basically i committed a lot of in-game crimes and got sent to jail (i had a trial too) i spent my 36 minute jail sentence basically dancing the tango in front of other cells that housed other players.

made me wish a lot that there was a game out there that would let male characters wear the female outfits and vice-versa

dancing woulda been enhanced by a ballgown

(i made a male elf with pink hair so)

anyway that's all kit's been up to these last few days, ze's a really boring person i know

also my hamburglar outfit:

Posted Image


some random blog-level changeadoo

Posted by Kitania , Jul 10 2014 · 111 views
kit alters hir blog, cuz ze can and 1 more...
i updated this here blog a bit, removed content blocks i deemed pointless or silly (well besides the rpg one though it's incomplete, old and every link is outdated since the old forums are gone but it's kinda too nostalgic or me to delete)

also the pink's on purpose; pink is a pretty color and i will deck my online self (and offline self, though it's not a particularly flattering color on me -- purple is a bit more, i think) in it.

almost removed the splash art thing (it's ancient... well, maybe three years??? four?? i lost those dog tags forever ago, but i got them more as a little bit of morale support for myself at the time so i kept the splash thing there)

was tempted to put a selfie somewhere 'cuz it's a blog 'n junk and that's how i usually mark my blogs, but eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh

if i ever get the confidence to properly do myself up in makeup and find a flattering outfit (specifically like, a skirt i really like and a cute hoodie or something since idk, i tried such a combination of clothes once in Macy's while i was bored and i thought i looked quite pretty -- still kinda shocked they had things i could wear even if it fit somewhat oddly which was reason numero uno i didn't get them) then i will likely use it there (and prolly promptly update all my other ones haha)

(usually the standard t-shirt/jeans combo is boring to wear, but i dont like wearing shorts since i can't wear leggings or stockings with them [kinda self conscious about my legs for some reason... like, how pale they are, i think? i dunno, it's weird])


look at all these parentheses

(so many)

also 701st entry yay pretty


this, the year of 2014

Posted by Kitania , Jul 06 2014 · 134 views
kit rambles, on and on and 1 more...
i havent made an entry since last year whoops

but uh comparatively to last year this year's better (like, moving back to civilization) and i'm going back to college (kinda debatable if a week in one counts as being there in the first place haha) but at this college my old AP credits and stuff actually count so it's not wasted effort and money anymore (like i think i have half of my freshman year's worth of credits done on those alone? which is like i attended the full semester at the college here that i left due to anxiety, feeling unsafe/uncomfortable/isolated and without the resources they said they had, etc...)

it's also downtown in denver which is a lot nicer than the last place (where it was in green bay, but it felt extremely... closed off and isolated from everything) and i'll be commuting from home since i don't do that well in dorms and because the dorms cost like twice the tuition (well more than twice since we get in-state still somehow).

i'm completely uncertain about my major and will probably change it, probably to something in counseling or just English education or something (idk, lately i've been interested in teaching? like i really like and enjoy English, i just shied away from the degree since i kept getting told it's useless and i won't find a job etc... and that caused a lot more anxiety [i mean a lot more, like the "i'm having trouble breathing and need to hide somewhere" level] but it's what i'm really, actually interested in and thinking about it i wouldn't really be against being a high school teacher or something... like, i have social anxiety disorder, but i know i'm able to speak in front of classes most of the time and the biggest hurdle there would just be getting myself to... er, improve? in that respect). but i mean, teachers also get a lot of time off compared to some other jobs i was looking at, and that helps with the other thing i want to do and that's to write a fiction book (i actually have a lot of it planned out and i adore my characters and wrote the first line i'm gonna keep)

and i mean if professors can write books upon books of stuff related to what they teach then surely, in a high school setting, it'd be easier to find the time to do that than if i like... worked in business, or finances, or law or something.

plus like,i could make a meaningful impact on people, i'd hope, and hopefully be a positive and supportive person (since gods know i needed that). like, thinking about it makes me feel happier and like i'd be more fulfilled, rather than thinking about a future in marketing which just makes my stomach turn in knots since i'm not really the most creative person in the world and it feels like there'd be too much pressure behind it.

whoops i rambled a lot there, but idk, never wrote it out before or talked about it so i guess it just sorta wrote itself

but um yeah, right now a lot of goals are basically just to get all moved back, think of what i want to do with the rest of my life, and probably go back to full fledged therapy for social anxiety (and prolly go back on medication for it since i'm pretty sure it got worse, granted i went a week without any real meals back in college because i was too scared to talk to the cashiers... like i made two apples last 9 days, which wasn't really good on the health side since i feel like part of that contributed to my near breakdown in the art building which just unnerved me for existing).

(oh and as for the whole "Bionicle's coming back" thing i keep hearing about: cool if it does an' all, i just hope the company would take some of the criticisms of the original series to heart and create a much more balanced cast of interesting characters. but idk if it is or what, but yeah, i just tacked this on 'cuz it's the hot buzz of junk)



Posted by Kitania , Dec 31 2013 · 67 views

2013 was a miserable year. 
2014 be better kk


Games! And things! Oh my.

Posted by Kitania , Dec 20 2013 · 56 views

Kinda bored so I'm choosing to write an entry (though none of you read it anyway so this is purely for my pleasure, ;D)
SO, okay, here's a short list of some online games I'm taking part in along with some info on characters and junk within them... mostly for my own reference and organization, but hey, if you play one of these games and want to friend me or something, feel free! I don't bite. I promise. 

Guild Wars 2:





I play... too many characters and have used too much money on gems (okay, maybe sixty dollars over my year+ish of playing, so not too bad)... but, I have:
- Leliel Thorgeirkin (Norn female warrior, I seriously can't play norn males... those shoulders... man, those shoulders. Although, people have made some amazing ones... I just... don't identify with hyper-masculine men, lol). She's also basically my like, super-independent-I-can-take-down-giants-on-my-own lady person because, like, it's fun to punch sexist characters in the face and break their jaws (with permission, but hey, it feels good). 
- Kitvael (Might name change him, since he's my sylvari mesmer and could possibly go Nightmare Court RPly... because, they're cool even if they're somewhat like angsty teens... but I mean, who could deny the name Kit the Dreamflayer?). He is the pinkest sylvari alive. With a glowing purple focus. With a rapier. With faerie wings. And a dress. Because... he's amazing and beautiful and butterflies everywhere.
- Cein Ravenhart (Male sylvari, green and a necromancer who I use in WvW usually... namely in zerg fights because I use staff and three wells [Yes, all my utility skills are ground targeted large AoE's that I use to help and slowly kill people who stand in the fire]). I haven't really RPed with him, so his personality is up in the air.
- Kastis Nightrose (Male sylvari guardian, super purple, was supposed to be Nightmare originally... but who knows anymore). 
- Vincent Escalier ( Elementalist: He's basically the best human I made, looks-wise, and like... he so pretty, omg)
I have other characters, but these ones are the highest levels (all 80, aside from Leliel who is at 68... though I've been cheating and using the Tomes of Knowledge you can get in structured PvP games for her... because, let's face it, as a mesmer or a warrior... PvP is so easy and deliciously fun).

League of Legends

Total and utter newbie. But I've been playing with Morgana (Solo-Mid generally, but like, I do suck so... yeah, eh, whatevs). I've also been using Ashe a lot as she's free (same with Morgana this week), and I've been using Master Yi a little bit because slashing things. Like I said, I'm terrible and my friends totally carry me in this game (but they get to watch me die, so they ultimately win <3). Never solo-queued for anything because... well, hesitant since I hear so many things about the community at large and I know very little of the game itself (I play for fun, not really to win... honestly). 

Final Fantasy XIV


I love this game, even if it has a number of flaws. I currently play:
R'yndae Tia (Sun seeker miqo'te male, right now he's been leveling PLD because I wanted to try tanking and, so far, I find it pretty fun... much more fun and engaging than being a damage dealer). 
Kit Azrael (Essentially my main character, also miqo'te male [moon keeper] and I heal, generally, on him and... like with tanking, I find healing a more engaging and fun aspect of the game... currently I haven't been leveling with him so much since I level him with a friend). 
I'm not in a FC in FFXIV as of now, due to some disagreements with the leadership (Like, the overall community leadership of the FC, all of whom are focused in a different game for the most part). I'll likely end up part of a LGBTQA+ Friendly guild, and possibly some RPing LS's pending how well and comfortable I feel to do so. 






Posted by Kitania , Nov 24 2013 · 74 views

i want to write the undercover masquerade scene
but to get there i need to write the other five billion scenes orz
(and my laptop is messed up and i hate typing in my room because it's so secluded from the world... and zenwriter doesn't exist for surface tablets)
and also cuz i wanna stick cein in a ball gown he'd be adorbs.
(though i kinda like how it's starting the whole chain of events beginning with an injured human-appearing dragon floundering into cein's place of work b/c when that happens you know life just got interesting)

Splash Image, Away!

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