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silly strings, faerie wings


ha i get to keep my blog

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Jul 28 2015 · 102 views



Then and Now

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Jul 24 2015 · 121 views

So, less than a year ago I looked something more like this:

Posted Image

Now I look more like:

Posted Image

Course the second pic is of me at work, so it's not like incredibly.



Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Jul 20 2015 · 72 views

It's weird actually becoming busy with life and stuff.

But yeah, I've been a Barista for about... three months now? Almost? Still working on some other side projects, some just for me, some are a collaboration with my housemate who moved in with us.

Kinda getting sucked into things like Destiny and FFXIV, but eh, it's a bit more fun since my friend's been really into Destiny and currently dropped League of Legends in favor of it. But of course she looks up everything, every stat, every build and video and outknowledged me pretty quickly, lol.

But yeah, happy birthday to BZPower and all! It's pretty cool to see the site celebrating its fourteenth year, even though I'm not terribly active in this community anymore, haha.


it's my birthday

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Jun 19 2015 · 24 views

fight me


Missing Doses xnx

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Jun 03 2015 · 17 views

i forgot to fill in my prescriptions the other day so now i have to go with 2 1/2 less doses of estrogen and let me tell you just missing one made me the most emotionally unstable sack of human on this planet.

watching boy meets girl that particular day DID NOT HELP

(great movie btw but as forewarning there's nudity in it SO)



Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , May 09 2015 · 127 views

ok so

- i've been out as a trans girl (yeah i started identifying as a girl back in... November/December, since it felt the best) for about two? months now -- not online, but like to real life people. of course some people don't know yet, but that's because i need to find a more delicate way to inform them of everything.

- been on HRT which oh my god, the differences in just two months??? incredible. i feel so much better, so much more confident, so much more comfortable with who i am, god i've been incredibly happy lately and i've been going out (like, for example, i spent all week with a new friend and we went to a night club together -- something i would never have done last month).

- my therapists/counselors keep swapping around, but each one has been lovely and i respect them all a ton. they work(ed) for UCD and the GIC so i'm not going to like Kaiser therapists (because haha who has that kind of money i sure dont), but they've been amazing and i'm making incredible progress. i still have some stuff to work out and work through, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

- my new friend helped me figure out makeup a little better, she also gave me a lot of new resources and videos to use to help learn how to do it better on my own after her initial teaching. (she's also who took me out to the club, but god the boots i wore -- amazingly cute okay, but eight inch heels are murder on feet).

- i've been more... outgoing? not incredibly outgoing, but saying hi, joking with people, actually becoming part of the conversation that's going on, explaining stuff to people (like my necklace, which a lot of people liked).

- heck, i even posted up some selfies i took on the Tarnished Coast WvW website and everyone there were incredibly kind, supportive and posted plenty of compliments that boosted my self esteem

- now i have some more shirts (more like casual shirts) i got from mod cloth, i do need proper flats but the ones i received were slightly too large so i need to return them and get a slightly smaller size.

it's really great, everyone in my life are all "holy wow you're so much happier and outgoing now than you used to be" especially people i knew in high school who get all "... Kit... is... that... you?" (they use my birth name but i'm not posting that ok).


look upon my first time makeup'd fully visage

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , May 06 2015 · 201 views


it big im sorry do the thing


Shady Drivin'

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Apr 28 2015 · 140 views

So, I ordered a "new" Nintendo 3DS XL (To be fair I was in a spot where I'd need to upgrade my 3DS either way, since the normal size is too small for my hands and causes them to cramp up really fast) and that'll arrive tomorrow, which I'm pretty excited for. I also picked up Majora's Mask at the store (while also having a Link Between Worlds and Ocarina of Time for the same platform~), so my future's gonna be pretty Zelda filled.

Also had an eye appointment yesterday and they dilated my pupils, so I had to wear Garnet-esque shades for when I drove home: Linked 'cuz kinda large

But yeah, everyone at the eye place were incredibly kind to me and helped me with picking out some new frames when my eyes were dilated and I couldn't read the prices and stuff, and they complimented my outfit and necklace. c:



Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Apr 24 2015 · 166 views

WELL maybe i'll play this again ~may have half a profile ready to go and waiting on an answer or two on some questions about technical thingies~

it's 3am im really bored ok


nine years and a month

Posted by Goddess of the Dark Sun , Apr 20 2015 · 89 views

oh yeah i've been here for like nine years

nearly half my life lol


If you have an issue or problem with me or one of my posts, feel free to send me a personal message about the matter if you wish to discuss it. This doesn't end at BZPower, either. If you genuinely want to talk about something I have said here, offsite, or wherever, feel free to message me.

Of course if you have issues with my gender identity, pronouns and stuff of that nature you can kindly leave me alone.

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