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the door


11 years

Posted by Kitania , Mar 15 2017 · 97 views

i turn 22 in june so not really half my life yet but

remember when the topic things were little envelopes i liked those


old moc stuff

Posted by Kitania , Mar 10 2017 · 47 views

i found pictures of my old moc i made during a panic attack a few years ago and i kinda wanna find where i put her so i can finish her



Posted by Kitania , Mar 09 2017 · 81 views

my girlfriend found a spongebob corset costume thing from party city and i said id wear it if she found it

if someone told me ten years ago i'd one day put that on id have laughed at them

yet here we are


a how to

Posted by Kitania , Feb 20 2017 · 91 views
For Honor
when ur gettin hit by the pizza combo dash backwards



Posted by Kitania , Feb 11 2017 · 134 views

Look what my absolutely incredible, wonderful, beautiful girlfriend sent me

Posted Image

The card was super sweet and everything too and I'm blushing so much and so flattered/flustered and I've never been sent flowers before but omg she's incredible

(love you Serein <3 )



Posted by Kitania , Feb 09 2017 · 67 views

up to 50 pages now (which in Zenwriter seems to translate to 154 minutes read time)

still it's like one thirdish of the way, but hey, 8k words in two days feels pretty nice


i posted my face cmon

Posted by Kitania , Jan 29 2017 · 312 views

i took a picture of myself and i like how this one came out ok (im wearin an Overwatch League shirt ok)

granted this is how i look after being pretty sick all week

Posted Image


Oh Look

Posted by Kitania , Jan 24 2017 · 147 views

I have a phone interview tomorrow for the school I settled on, and I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous since, based on the text message, I'm going to have to explain I'm transgender and I go by "Kit" nowadays (it's not legally changed yet, I haven't had the ability to put together the time, funds and scheduling for the next steps I need to take -- Court hearing/Publication of the change -- and I'm trying to work my gender markers on my forms of legal ID to female).

Granted, I haven't been called by my birth name in years so it's always a bit disorienting to me when it's used to refer to myself.


hm 2016

Posted by Kitania , Dec 31 2016 · 210 views

2016... a lot of negative stuff went down, a lot of sad things happened, a lot of bad things in general occurred and surfaced.

But in 2016 I made... 30,000 word progress on my book, so I'm nearly halfway done with it so far. I slowed down a lot due to falling into some potent periods of depression (I vanished off tumblr too for a good part of that time), I lost a lot of momentum I had due to that and the last couple months sorta felt like scraping buy to design some semblance of self worth. I quit my Starbucks job earlier in the year, too (I was going on HRT and everything, so I felt like with the drive, with the stress, physical and mental, it'd be healthier for me and to continue my therapy I was having trouble keeping due to my schedule that couldn't be changed).

The middle of the year was a haze really. I had a birthday, turned 21, annnnnd... yeah.

And everything else was pretty monotonous for me, it's all like just grey smudges if I had to think of a color for it. All blends in together and is kinda just the same.

But then in December like... I fell into a relationship with Serein and I've honestly like... I can't remember being this happy in... the last... six? Years? I actually cry from being extremely happy, or I blush and giggle, and just been in a fantastic mood and it's so new and refreshing and I just... lose my words and sound like a nerd a lot, BUT I MEAN

(plus she's super cute omg )

So it ended like incredibly, amazingly, happily and... just.. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Kit at a Glance

- Kit
- 21
- giant Nerd/Dork
- Gettin in on the stream game kinda sorta
- <3 Serein (the adorable nerd)

Kit's Profile

Posted Image

pretend i wasnt lazy and my avatar is here

pretty pretty princess

Group: Premier Retired Staff
Posts: 8600+
Joined: 15-March 06
Member No.: 39854

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March, 15, 2006
Site Position: Retired Staff

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her/Herself
Occupation: Writer/Art & Design Student
Shortened form of interests;

I play games! I read books! I write sometimes! I love my girlfriend!

21 Years of Age.
Lego Conventions Visited:
BrickFair 2009.
BrickFair 2010.
BrickFair 2011.

BrickFair 2012.
Formerly Assisted: Fan Created Games, Collectibles, Comedies, Lego General Discussion, Completely Off Topic, LEGO Sets, Voting Booth, LEGO RPG.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Transgender chick
Religious Views: Hi I'm a Pagan

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