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Been a While!

Posted by Noxryn , Dec 02 2012 · 328 views

Sort of, anyways. 
But... well, I was off doing things that had to deal with more serious matters in life. (Nothing so serious as life and death, luckily, but simply matters that affect my personal future and some issues relating to how some things were treating me [in which I won't go into detail on]). 
As a result, I ended up spending a lot less time on here. Honestly, I ended up spending a lot less time anyplace that I had to invest a lot of time and stress over in some cases. What I ended up doing with the time I had with the internet was going back to some games like World of Warcraft (why? Because it's, honestly, a nice light-hearted escape from things) and writing poetry and spending time figuring out short stories to sort of vent things out in. (Which I wrote by hand, in a notebook, so the likelihood of any being shared is practically nill... though some of it was just roleplaying, anyway). I also began working out more, because that has a history of bringing my mood up. 
But, there's some things I now want to do.
* Finish up college applications (I've really dropped the ball on this one)
* Start catching up with more of what is expected of me, be it posts on one site, or working and helping on the forums here.  (Real life things already factored in). 
* Write Nightingale, Guardian Angel and put work towards a currently untitled story. 
After tonight, I feel tons better. Walking around Mainstreet and stopping into a small little shop that sells neat little trinkets really got me out of my rut, that and some guy downtown hit on me so that made me feel pretty good (Actually, about three different guys did; 16th street mall was a nice way to spend some time today... wasn't like creepy, either). 
I have a new wallet now, it's one of those small, compact steel case thingies (mine's pink <3) and I also got a new Hello Kitty phone case (As a side note, I also got a LGBT related car magnet I love~ it's sorta political, so I shan't post an image of it). 
There's still some things I really need to do, personal things I don't want to talk about here, but after I get myself to do it... things will just be so much better. 
**Note: I've begun to notice that in games I play, like MMO's or FPS games, I'm always apparently mistaken as a girl... ? I really don't get this, though I mean... I suppose playing a female panda in WoW could lead people to assume this (I just thought the male ones were too chubbywubby and wanted a panda badly), but... man, some of the messages I get. 
That's my ramble for the night.

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[/**Note: I've begun to notice that in games I play, like MMO's or FPS games, I'm always apparently mistaken as a girl...


You too, eh? :P

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Saw your post in general discussion and thought "Huh, there's someone I haven't seen in a while." Always a pleasure to see established members return to BZP!

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