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The Blog of a Trumpet Player


Tzpower Home Page

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 18 2008 · 98 views

You have to admit those hot topics are funny.



What The Bzp Forums Could Look Like

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 16 2008 · 126 views

If anyone remembers "TZPower," it was an old spoof on BZP by takuaE3. smile.gif



You Know You Aren't Getting Enough Sleep

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 16 2008 · 77 views
Real Life
... when you get home at 3:00 and sleep until 8:30.



A Blast From The Past

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 13 2008 · 102 views
Anyone who recognizes all of these graphics is officially a veteran member:

Still looking for a screenshot of Snopori Tohu.



Thank God

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 12 2008 · 77 views

That it's Friday.

Who else had a long week?



Governor Of Illinois

Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 12 2008 · 74 views
Sad stories spread across states as some shady Chicago supervisor was spotted shamelessly selling senate seats.

(I posted this just for the alliteration, don't get too political. tongue.gif)




Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 08 2008 · 70 views
Real Life
I have a feeling this coming week will be a good week. I'm going to enter school with a positive attitude tomorrow. I don't know why, I just have this feeling that I'll be on top of things.

(Wow, this is a first.)

In other news, BR turned 34 6 years old today! Let's all wish him a happy birthday.

Also, 67 years ago, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor: Dec. 7th, 1941. Remember the innocent Americans who died today.




Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 07 2008 · 74 views
I'm going to have a baby cousin!




Posted by -Sidorak- , Dec 07 2008 · 105 views

QUOTE(Smeagol4 @ Dec 5 2008, 12:59 PM) View Post
QUOTE(Republic Commando Sev @ Dec 4 2008, 09:33 PM) View Post
I am 14, and I am learning Logic.
Now tell me, can you tell me what the Four Statements of Logic are? Can you tell me what the Mental Acts are, and what there Verbal Expressions are? Do you know what Univocal Terms are, Equivocal Terms, and Analogous Terms? Do you know what the Copula is?

No, I cannot. I have never taken a logic course; I can't do what you can do. Can you do what I can do? Can you describe to me in detail the minute similarities and differences of Albert Camus' and Jean-Paul Sartre's respective philosophies of absurdism and existentialism, where and when their histories interconnected and the politicking that was involved in one's fall from the intellectual community's grace (quite unfairly, I might add)? Can you summarize and analyze their major works, such as "The Myth of Sisyphus," The Stranger, Nausea, and Being in Nothingness? Can you tell me exactly where Thoreau condensed his account in Walden, or what exactly Emerson meant by the statement "I become a transparent eyeball"? Can you pontificate upon the genre-mixing (and genre-breaking!) riddled throughout Melville's masterpiece, and why his defiance of literary norms was so important? Can you write a treatise on Fitzgerald's unavoidable ambiguity, both in his works and his life, and how the two intertwine (or about his possible links to Baum!)? Can you read The Canterbury Tales in it's original Middle English, or Beowulf in its original Old English? Can you tell me all about Brechtian theatre, and why something like The Caucasian Chalk Circle is so different than traditional Western theatre? Can you talk about Noh or Kabuki theatre and list in detail the differences between the two, and their histories of their formation? Can you describe the tenants of Zaporah's improv method, and the exercises utilized therein? Can you give pointers on proper diction, or act in the Alexander technique? What's the proscenium arch? What's a 'leg' onstage? Or a 'gel'? Can you describe how Havel's plays helped to bring about the demise of a tyrannical regime?

Can you live? Can you love?

Education is all just diffusionary absorption. Fields, focus, manner: all these things are irrelevant and personal and to bandy them about in airs of superiority is absurd and stupid, and makes one lose sight of the the important things in this world (HINT: It's not logic. It's not literature or theatre either).

I went to private school for my primary and secondary education. You are homeschooled. Sooner than it seems, we'll both be out in the workforce, living our lives, our formal education behind us.

You're not better than I. I'm not better than you. We're just people, and our schools were just schools.

...In summary, I suggest that everyone drop the arrogant nonsense and bickering, or I'll personally tell my pal Kex to close this topic. People aren't being nice in here, and we ought to either be nice or not talk at all.


Forget Bionicle

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 29 2008 · 74 views
I'm getting the new LEGO Pirate sets next year.




Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 24 2008 · 63 views

After nearly 6 years, I have reached 5,000 posts on BZPower! Here's the 5,000th one. That's quite a number considering I've never had any post boosts. (I've had a few posts set to invisible by the staff -- does that lower your post count?) I took a screenshot and will let the number sit for a little while, but then I'm off to 10,000. biggrin.gif

Anyway, including the posts I've made in COT and the Voting Booth I have a total of 5,038 posts though. I think some were deleted by the pruning.

Can anyone beat 5,000? biggrin.gif Seriously, though, that's a lot of time I could have spent doing something productive. blink.gif



You Cool Dude

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 22 2008 · 54 views

Ha! You'll never know if I complimented or insulted you!



Shakespearean Insult Generator

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 17 2008 · 55 views
Removed. Not all of those are BZP appropriate. - Kohaku




Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 15 2008 · 56 views
It's still November 2008, but I already know the names of the Summer (yes, Summer) 2009 LEGO sets. ohmy.gif


Sorry, can't tell you the names or where I found them. This is just an entry for me to gloat in.



Counting Game

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 09 2008 · 42 views


Selling Makuta Teridax

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 09 2008 · 56 views
I'm selling my Makuta Teridax set for $19.00, with free shipping. Anybody want to buy it? I might even throw a free mask or two in.



My Baby

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 06 2008 · 53 views
Click for a picture of my baby.



Secret Stomache Politics

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 05 2008 · 48 views
I would never post an entry combining those two topics. That would just be chaos. laugh.gif



Oh My Gosh

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 05 2008 · 50 views
It's a blog entry that's not about Obama's victory!

... wait, now it is.




Who Plays A Musical Instrument?

Posted by -Sidorak- , Nov 04 2008 · 49 views

Republished to add a few things.

If you play the recorder, give yourself 1 point.

If you play the piano, give yourself 3 points.

If you play a woodwind instrument, give yourself 4 points.

If you play a brass instrument, give yourself 5 points.

If you play the trumpet, give yourself 10 points.

If you play a string instrument, subtract 20 points.

If you play a pit instrument, give yourself over 9000 points.

If you have ever tried out for American Idol, you have negative infinity points.


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